An update on In Memorium and a new story!

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I have received many a gentle prods after Sephrenia’s writing challenge to continue the In Memorium series. It took me a bit to get it going as the story I wanted to write had come to a natural close for me. Originally I had intended to finish it off with a third one shot from Godric’s point of view but it has ended up being the starting point. It will be called From Time Immemorial and I’m a good couple of chapters in but won’t start posting for at least a week. In the meantime I am looking for people who are willing to read the first few chapters. Not necessarily betas, as long as I get no complaints on my grammar and language skills (English is not my first language so I take no offense) I’ll keep the editing close at hand for now. I just have some concerns with pacing etc. So if you’re interested please send me a PM on


so on to something new…




I didn’t intend to write anything for the upcoming season of True Blood but my face looked remarkably like this one ↑ whenever another rumour trickled through. I may or may not have thrown up a little in my mouth when I read this. Sorry if you’re really excited about that but singing vampires are probably my personal version of hell.


I knew I needed some resolution before the onslaught because I have been here before. I was still left unsatisfied months after Dead Ever After and it’s how I ended up on It seems to be the only positive thing that came out of it. I didn’t end up writing this for my own piece of mind or the E/S shippers, we’re probably far too disillusioned already to even hope a little. Here’s the truth I don’t need an E/S HEA for a satisfying end, even though this story does have that, but I do need resolution.


My mind started whirring a bit when I read idream3223’s post on the lack of Bill fans and stories. Yes they’re a minority and I don’t really care for them much but they pop up here and there on comment sections of articles. They worry me, not because they’re petty and selective with the truth ( I will fully admit I happily overlook Eric and Pam’s apparent flaws here and there). They worry me because they are young. I can tell a lot from the way a person writes. I have stumbled upon a B/S story often enough because I read through an app that only displays descriptions. They are young as in ‘I don’t think they should be watching True Blood’ young. That’s what worries me most if the show does end up ‘redeeming’ Bill so there can be a B/S ever after. I don’t like the message the show is proposing with that, their relationship was an unhealthy one not an epic love story. He may love her but it doesn’t excuse the damage done.


“Know what you sound like? One of those country songs about dumb bitches that let their men beat on them and cheat on them, all in the name of true love.” -Tara Thornton s03e08


I never liked Bill in season 1 and I hadn’t read any of the books yet. He’s the type of man you should steer well clear off, not only because he’s manipulative and overbearing. The reason why is because he’s not at peace with himself and what he’s done. He externalises everything by blaming his maker, Eric, the Authority, Lilith… take your pick. There’s never been an accounting of self with Bill. That will never make a good partner, he wants to be human when he never will be. Just like Sookie sought a version of normal in season one. In the last season she decided she didn’t want to lose her ability when the possibility arose.  She grew into herself whilst Bill has only managed to turn into alternate versions of himself. They make for a poor match.


So I ended up writing this for those girls. It was never meant to be a Bill bashing piece. I’m not the type of person who stands cheering every time Bill gets another pineapple shoved up his ass in an especially vengeful piece of fanfic. The evidence stacked up and even without the pivotal rape scene from the books it was damning. The girls who make moon eyes at Bill will probably never bother to read this or agree with me but at least I know I tried.


The title is in reference to the last line of another Alan Ball show that did actually manage to get it right till the end. I will also fully admit that I took inspiration from the closing sequence of that season finale.





For those of you who never watched it, Six Feet Under was about a family that ran a funeral parlor. It wasn’t very supernatural apart from the fact they spoke with the dead. In the last moments of the show the youngest daughter Claire wants to take one last photo of her family to capture that moment before she moves on to New York. By the time she has her camera at the ready her recently dead older brother Nate says “You can’t take a picture of this. It’s already gone.”


It was one of my favourite lines of the show and it reminds me that True Blood has always been good at that, these small lines of dialogue that resonated beyond the screen. Yet it also expresses my ambivalence to the upcoming season. That moment that caught me and had me glued to my TV  in the earlier seasons, yeah that’s already gone. I hope it returns but my expectations are low. That line from SFU is then accompanied by a flash forward where one by one we see all the remaining members of the cast die. It was a fitting end to a show that was about death. My story isn’t much different, each week will be a reflective send off to a beloved character. Despite that it still has a HEA for Eric and Sookie in mind even if it isn’t a very traditional one. Please keep an open mind.




I’ll drop these every Sunday in accordance with the show’s schedule and I’ll post the upcoming character death in a banner on the story home page. Alcide’s the first to go and even though he always felt like a piece of decor to me, I’ll miss him.


Week 1- Alcide Herveaux





3 thoughts on “An update on In Memorium and a new story!

  1. Very excited about your From Time Immemorial – I loved the one-shot and companion piece and so happy you are continuing it.

    I tend to agree with you that Bill is a total douchebag of a character although TB has cleaned and sanitised his misdemeanours in relation to the books as Allan Ball’s vision was always to redeem him as he saw him as ‘Sookie’s soulmate’. TB has also made Bill more present (eg in Dallas vs. Peru in the books) and more interesting (King vs. the maker of a boring database). So I think most of the pro-Bill camp has seen TB’s Bill and probably not read about SVM Bill (not that in the books he was ever made to atone for his sins). Personally I despise both Bills but I do think the TB one has been made more palatable in line with Allan Ball’s vision. Now the fact that Ball could read the SVM books and find Bill the unrepentant rapist and self-hating hypocrite a character worth redeeming, is an entirely other story, not a happy one in my opinion but he’s the boss and so we’re stuck with TB as is… With a Sookie character that frankly is a sad reflection of the heroine I thought we had in the early books.


    1. Thanks for your thoughts.

      I get that TB Bill may send me running the other direction but still holds a certain appeal to some people without the misdeeds. What I don’t understand why a lot of people from the pro Bill camp hate Pam simply because she’s attached to Eric. She’s one of my faves even when she’s being a right bitch.

      As for the whole redemption angle… I don’t see how Bill’s storyline will ever top the one they created with Godric. That was all about redemption and it was done so well. I’d happily watch a spin off show showing how Godric got to that point.


      1. Agreed on Godric – he was on the show for like 5 minutes and yet, one of the most compelling characters in the whole show… For all its faults, TB really improved the books when it came to Eric’s maker…


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