It’s Finally Here: In Memorium Continues….

 I know I made some non-committal promises but the muse decided to grace me with her presence and In Memorium and Memento Mori have finally found a multi chapter follow up. Yes, another story because having 4 active ones that are updated weekly are apparently not enough for my workaholic self, who thought it would be a great idea to spend one hour a day behind the computer doing something that wasn’t actual work… I knew I should have stuck with internet shopping.

I blame her for listening to her pre-readers too when they suggested this story warranted being updated twice a week. They had good arguments and I’m a sucker for good arguments, unfortunately me and my workaholic self have that in common so we agreed on Tuesays and Saturdays. Workaholic self can’t help but point out Thursdays are still wide open… there better be an online sale somewhere is all I’m saying.

Yeah, I’m a total shit but I own it and…

To make you feel better the flighty bitch that is my graphics muse has been noticeably absent on this fic, so I’m borrowing my winning banner from Sephrenia till that muse decides to deign me with a visit again.

1st place


From Time Immemorial Reference Page


Chapter 1 – Beginnings


To refresh your memories:

In MemoriumMemento Mori

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