A Few Goodies!

Some people say the nicest things about my work. Thank you for the love LaLa!

What LaLa is Reading

Hey! I have a few goodies for you fine folks today!

The talented Hisviks has 4 works in progress that I’m reading, the In Memorium Series started as 2 one shots for Seph’s Writing Challenge back in May and has morphed into a multi-chapter series. It’s AU and is very different than anything that I’ve read. Eric is human in the beginning of the series and has only met Sookie a couple of times at the diner that she waitresses at. Things go from there and it’s quite a ride.

In Galatea’s Descent, another AU story, Eric is required by the Queen to be accompanied by an”other” companion at a Supernatural Summit. He meets Sookie by chance on a rainy night at Merlotte’s and decides that she will be that companion.

Bonfire of the Vanities starts at the end of Season one and goes through Season three, Godric doesn’t…

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