Bonfire of the Vanities: Chapter 8 is ready

Apologies, but I can’t be my cheery self with flashy pictures and all the likes in the announcement of this chapter. The editing on this chapter is probably less thorough than it should be, but my thoughts have been wondering elsewhere since events unfolding yesterday.




Despite it being a beautiful and sunny day, a dark cloud is hanging over our moods here today. The flags are all hanging at half mast in memory of the victims who were off to do good for the sick of the world or simply enjoy some time in the sun with their young families.


A family member was supposed to be on that flight, as thankful that I am that he changed his plans last week, my mind is with the people who weren’t that lucky and those they left behind. I have lost a lot of good people these past few years, when they were at ages that should have kept them here. Events like these make me stop and pause at that.


I don’t believe in a higher power that orchestrates every moment of our lives but I do believe in the good of people. I have witnessed it on the news today, as the people of Kiev came out in droves to our Dutch embassy bringing a sea of flowers and condolences. They share our grief, not because they are losing precious lives everyday but that we innocently got caught up in their war. With this I hope, however small it may be, that this can bring some peace to the war torn lands of the Ukraine.


That these people didn’t die for nothing.



– Hisviks




Chapter 8 –Kings and Queen

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