Galatea’s Descent: Chapter 8 is up!

So this has nothing to do with the upcoming chapter but I think you’ll appreciate it anyhow…

Anyone following It’s Already Gone knows I boast of my psychic abilities in the comment section… now I wasn’t far off with the timing but unfortunately Bill’s death doesn’t seem to be coming at little Mikey’s hands with a toothpick, but beggars can’t be choosers…




while on the subject of the *gag* loveable Bill *gag* can I please note that it’s highly annoying that whenever I search for a Bill Compton picture (ick) for a character banner Google suggests I meant ‘Bill Compton’s chest’ instead (double ick)


anyways back to this story that is decidedly a Bill free zone for now…


Sookie needs to learn a bit about her light….




don’t ask me why but there’s stormtroopers of the non gay kind….




but mostly it’s this…




and Pam throws in her two cents…







Chapter 8 – Recalibrate

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