Bonfire of the Vanities: Chapter 12 is up!

So I’ve gone from ‘Meh’ about TB finale to slightly incensed today when I read that it was only through the intervention of an anonymous HBO exec that Brian Buckner’s original plan to have Sookie actually use her light was vetoed. Why was Buckner whining about this you ask? Because it would have given Bill a more heroic death. Well the good thing about getting me riled up is that it gets my fingers typing. So I give you installment 2 of what I call Thanksgiving Fixin’s that will feature in my announcement posts until I run out of inspiration. It’s unrelated to the snippet I put in the announcement post for 6MTL and I am housing them in one page as well in case you miss one. As for Bonfire of the Vanities, the next chapter is here too so enjoy that; it’s maenady but it’ll be the last you see of her 😀



It was probably the worst place to be on the night before Thanksgiving, Walmart. Sometimes schedules only afforded so much, so here she was waddling down the aisle, shopping list in one hand while her bump practically pushed the cart forward with a little bit of strength from the other arm. Her brows furrowed as she took in the sheer volume of things she would need and questioning once again what frame of mind she was in to be hosting such an elaborate dinner for so many people when she was just about to pop and not in the fairy way. It was because of her internal musings and general lack of attention that had Sookie colliding with a solid unidentified object. Without thought the list was dropped and her hands immediately fell into protection of the precious bump before she ever managed to register what she had hit.


“Sookie?” an oddly familiar voice asked.


“Eric,” she smiled. “Long time no see.”


“Indeed,” he returned with a sultry smile. “I have been mainstreaming.”


“You haven’t changed a bit,” Sookie admonished in return shaking her head along with the playfulness of his words. Whenever Eric saw her he never quite relented making fun of the ex that had introduced them to each other. It kept his memory alive without it becoming a downtrodden affair.


“You have,” the blonde Viking said pointing to the large bump. “How is the rent a womb business?”


“I do quite well,” she quipped back. “Who knew a part fairy woman is the perfect gestational womb for the two natured? It beats working for Arlene.”


“And how is scufflebeard?”


“He makes a decent deep fried turkey so I guess he gets to stay…” she returned testily. “What are you doing her anyways Mr Northman?”


“Seeing to the New Blood display,” he offered gesturing at the giant display that put the Pyramids of Giza to shame.


“Right Mr Moneybags. How could I forget I see that cheesy grin of yours everywhere these days,” Sookie said as she attempted to do the impossible by picking up her fallen grocery list but before she could even bend at the knee he had already picked it up and out of her grasp. Her protests fell on deaf ears as a weary eyed employee was set to task to fetch all her groceries in an instant.


“No dessert?” he questioned with a piqued brow as he mentally recalled her list. “Perhaps I should bring you some. I am wondering where you left my invitation to this fantastical feast that Willa won’t shut up about.”


“I figured you were too busy,” she said with a hint of embarrassment. “But if you like you’re more than welcome to come. Pam too of course.” No matter how many years passed the smallest plea that she would ever afford him in those hypnotising eyes had him weak in the knees.


“Tell you what, you get rid of scufflebeard at the end of the night and I’ll swoop in with dessert.”


Her eyes lit up with excitement, “Well his use does sort of end after the meal.”


“Excellent I will see you then, I have to get back to work.”


“Sure,” she returned before giving him a small wave and sought out the man who now navigated her cart. At his insistence she sat and waited at the cash register while her order was trussed up and bagged and her payment was waived. She sighed with a hint of annoyance at Eric’s high handed ways but in the spirit of Thanksgiving decided to let it slide this once. Thankfully she was able to man her cart to her car assuring the employees she was perfectly capable of transferring a few grocery bags into the boot without aggrieving the illustrious Mr Northman.


She wasn’t surprised to find the overbearing vampire leaning against her car sporting a mischievous grin to match. Without a word he transferred the groceries into the car as she sat down into the driver’s seat thankful to let up her feet.


With his hand still on the car he leaned in and gave her a deep kiss on the mouth as the other caressed the life inside her tummy. “How are my two favourite girls?” Eric murmured as he continued to kiss down the length of her neck before showering her swollen stomach with kisses as she gasped for air.


“Content as always,” Sookie replied. “Hey what about Pam?”


“Not a favourite girl tonight,” he explained.


“Does that mean what I think it means?” she asked excitedly.


“Yeah,” Eric answered happily. “She’ll be making you two pecan pies, a peach cobbler and the obligatory pumpkin pie.”


“With nutmeg?”


“With nutmeg,” he assured. It was a dumbfounding discovery to Sookie that Pam could bake, she was quite the domestic goddess although she killed anyone who knew that about her. Whenever her petulance broke out it proved to be quite the effective punishment to dole out and Sookie happily reaped the rewards of her baking skills. It was sacrilege for her to even to think it, never would she ever admit it aloud, but Pam’s baking repertoire was better than her Gran’s. It only made sense that the evil spawn made sinfully delicious things.


“Thank god,” Sookie said in relief. “Scufflebeard may be a professional private chef but he can’t bake a thing if his life depends on it. Can I please have my kitchen back after Thanksgiving? You know how I feel about live in staff.”


“We’ve discussed this,” Eric returned sternly as he carefully tried to avoid the pouty face that had him giving in way too easily. “He’s staying till you’re fully recovered after our baby is born. Ludwig warned you about moving about too much. You should have sent him to do the groceries instead.”


“I know,” she moaned with her bottom lip jutting out again. “I just wanted to see you. It’s been so long.”


“It’s been two days,” he corrected before softening his tone. “But it’s nice to see you too. Once the meeting is done tomorrow tonight I’ll be all yours for the next couple of months. Ok? Nothing to distract me from my two favourite girls.”


“Ok,” Sookie said with mild resignation before sticking out her lips again in demand of another kiss which he was all too happy to accommodate. “So I’ll see you after.”




“With dessert?”


“With dessert.”





Chapter 12 – A Kind Soul



5 thoughts on “Bonfire of the Vanities: Chapter 12 is up!

    1. They keep me happy too, they’re very uncomplicated and are slowly washing away the bitter aftertaste of the finale. It’s a nice changeup from the rest that I’m writing and after killing off everyone on It’s Already Gone I guess it’s a nice offer of penance on my part 😉


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