Thanksgiving Fixin’s #1-3

This wasn’t really supposed to be another story but a simple way to smooth over some of the frowns that the finale caused so if you haven’t caught any of my announcement posts of the past week, they have been holding little peace offerings for all the death in It’s Already Gone. Here’s the description:


Post ‘Thank You’ snippets to fix the True Blood finale into something all the more palatable. A collection of very short and sweet chasers to wash away the bitter aftertaste. Eric/Sookie endgame in mind. Bill remains decidedly dead.


Despite my earlier claims that I would not be making announcements for the announcements I will give a weekly overview of the Thanksgiving Fixin’s that have been posted each week. Click below to read #1-3. (Oh and I’m not crazy enough yet to add another Thanksgiving Fixin’ to the Thanksgiving Fixin’s announcement post 😉 )




Thanksgiving Fixin’s # 1-3


here’s what else was updated this week:

6 Months to Live: Chapter 11 Oppurtunity

Bonfire of the Vanities : Chapter 12 A Kind Soul

 From Time Immemorial: Chapter 10 Bloodlines

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