Galatea’s Descent: Chapter 13 is up and the next fixin’!

So Pamelus Interruptus was clearing off the mantle of her fireplace in order to house her cockblocker of the year award but let’s just see how thankful she’ll be for that in chapter 13

Speaking of thanks, below is the next Thanksgiving Fixin’ which was inspired by Denis O’Hare’s (who played Russell) suggested ending, which was a bad disco ending. I loved the concept although my initial inception of a campy glampy and vampy ending sort of morphed into something else.Find the article here and rest assured I will not be exploring Steve Newlin’s preferred ending.

Little warning I followed canon quite closely on this so I had to be nice about certain people… just remember I’m not so nice about them in other fics so stop accusing me of being kind and forgiving to certain characters. 😉



The last of Sookie’s guests had departed into the night while she cleared away the remnants of the gathering that had taken place. Her kitchen was a bomb site and as nice as it was for her new neighbour to deep fry the turkey she shuddered with the thought of having to clean the spilled grease all over her porch. Brett was a tough friend to sell to the rest of Bon Temps but it couldn’t be helped that he had been the one to buy the repossessed Compton estate. Bill apparently forgot to mention that he was living off of advances of his next books that he never wrote and within weeks of his death Jessica was evicted without pardon. So Sookie always made sure to be extra nice and affectionate to the newcomer but the rest of the community had yet to warm to the softly spoken man.


A gust of wind swept at her thighs billowing the skirt of her dress, her mood instantly lifted with the sensation. “You’re here!” she exclaimed with glee not expecting the sight of him this early.


Without words and an admonishing look he removed the stack of plates from her arms as she shyly looked away with the guilt over breaking the promise that she would not exert herself too much tonight. Eric pulled her into his arms wrapping his body round the two most important beating hearts in his life humming contentedly. “I made it out as fast as I could. I know tonight is important to you, it’s not every year you celebrate Thanksgiving on Halloween night.”


“Thank you,” she smiled before demanding a hello kiss which she quickly received as did her bulging belly. “Remind me next time I’m pregnant to stop trying to rearrange holidays because the actual day is your scheduled C-section.”


“I think I already told you this before,” he smirked smugly. “Sorry I missed the dinner here but Halloween without vampires is like Christmas without Santa.”


“I know,” Sookie said with a small sigh as she followed him into their home. “But at least you made it for the party at Bellefleur’s. Did you bring your costume?”


“I’m a vampire,” Eric responded dryly. “This is my costume.”


“Things are just that easy for you aren’t they?”


“As long as they’re easy with you,” he smiled and placed a soft kiss to her forehead. “Ready to go?”



“Something’s off,” Sookie said as Eric helped her out of their car outside of Bellefleur’s.


“Magic,” Eric acknowledged while directing her to the entrance.


“Holly always says the veil between the living and the dead is the thinnest on Halloween.”


Sookie grabbed onto Eric tightly when they entered in the smoky and dimly lit room. The reflections of the disco ball scattered around the room along to the sounds of the seventies. “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore,” Eric grinned as they took in the people around them in full disco regalia. Mysteriously they too had changed into such costume once they had crossed the threshold.


“Eric look!” Sookie said with great excitement as she spotted a couple doing the hustle. The woman was breath-taking in her prime where Sookie had only ever seen the mature beauty of it. “It’s Gran and…”


“Godric,” Eric supplied in equal shock. In the excitement of their shared dance neither one noticed the blonde couple staring with the jaws hanging low at the sight before them but before neither one could utter a word before an ancient vampire had sidled in and stolen Sookie away for a dance.


“My my Ms Stackhouse I see you finally found your way to your Viking,” Russell grinned with delight. “Little cardamom bun in the oven and all. Took you long enough.”


“Well there were always these old and insane vampires trying to kill us all the time,” she quipped back. “I see you have your Talbot back.”


“Yes,” he grinned following her gaze to the corner of the room where his progeny blew them both a kiss which Russell returned before dropping his voice to a whisper, “Please just don’t tell him about Steve, such a tender heart my Talbot. We only just made up.”


Sookie nodded in agreement and soon felt a strong hand resting on her shoulder, “Mind if I cut in?” a familiar husky voice spoke.


“Alcide,” Sookie sighed as she turned around immediately falling into his familiar embrace. His bare chest was just as warm and comforting as she remembered but the body glitter was new. As was what could only be described as a pornstache. “I’m so sorry.”


“Don’t cry honeybun,” he soothed. “It’s all good. You got what you wanted. I’m happy you are where you are now. Even with Eric.”


“But you died,” she sobbed softly. “Because of me.”


“Don’t get me wrong,” Alcide offered. “It was a shock to the system at first but I’m in a better place. I’m not worried about what I am anymore. I just am…”


“You’re an angel,” Sookie said with sudden realisation only taking in the white wings protruding from his back in that moment. She had vaguely taken in the feather halo over his head as a costume but now she saw he was the real deal.


“We prefer Guardians,” he smirked. “Little more manly don’t you think? I already put in the paperwork for the little one in there.” In response to his declaration the baby inside her happily kicked through her stomach lining against the strong muscle of his hand.


“You were always too good for this world,” Sookie sighed as her eyes travelled to a corner of the bar where she saw Eric happily reunite with his maker and vampire sister. By the looks of it the teasing of the soon to be father had already begun. Her eyes finally rested on a radiant brunette carrying similar, yet daintier, versions of the white feathered wings behind the slowly dancing shapes of Terry and Arlene. “Ava,” Alcide informed with the face of a man who was clearly smitten. Sookie could only smile wide with recognition of what that meant for him before she was carried away by the persistent hand of her Gran.


They passed a table where Bill Compton sat with his wife and children eating a family meal. He sat at the head engaging the children into telling him a story. A brief look of recognition passed between Sookie and her first love and in that moment Sookie understood the man who sat there was one she had never got to meet. As much as he had tried he had never been this human with her. This was the man he had always sought and she had only ever seen glimpses off. Understanding resided between them as he gave her a small nod as his hand clasped over that of his wife’s while Jessica, Hoyt and Maxine Fortenberry joined in at their table. Sookie smiled brightly at the sight and with a small wave disappeared from his view.


“Come on child,” Gran encouraged when Sookie’s eyes seemed to linger a little long on the small crowd that were living it up on the pool table. Lafayette, Jesus and Tara were surrounded by a writhing crowd grooving to ‘Le Freak’ as they were joined by Pam and Franklin Mott. Within seconds the latter was staked by the former. Her best friend gave her a wink and mouthed ‘love you’ before Gran carried her away through the heavy smoke to her final destination. Past the beaded curtains they descended into a sunken sofa where a tear stained Eric sat with a blonde couple and a young girl whose family resemblance could not be missed. “I thought it time we all met each other’s family,” Adele encouraged.


On the opposite couch sat her parents and grandfather Earl catching up with Jason, Bridgette and their kids. Eric reached for her hand pulling her into his lap as he introduced her to his parents.


“So this is the woman who managed to convince my son there was more to life than spending it between a women’s thighs,” Ulfrik jested.


“I fear there is little distracting him from that with this one,” Godric said with a wink to Sookie as he joined them causing her to blush profusely in front of her parents in law.


“Don’t listen to them,” Astrid spoke kindly. “There is nothing more pleasing than to see my Eric so happy with a woman he can love. It is to our great pride that you carry forth our name as will this child. We never thought we would see the day that he would be happily hitched.”


“Only took him a thousand years,” Eric’s father grumbled that was soon followed by a hearty laugh as he slapped his son’s back good naturedly. “But I see why he waited so long, truly no other woman would ever be able to tame our boy like you have. Now he knows what it is to share your heart.” With his last sentence a look travelled between him and his wife that spoke volumes to that testament.


Eric softly kissed Sookie’s temple while rubbing his hand over the life that bound the people in this room together in acknowledgement of that statement. Much of the night was spent talking, remembering their shared pasts as an assortment of people came and went till the sun started calling to attention. Tears marred faces with the necessary goodbyes before they made their way through the emptied bar. Sookie squeezed Eric’s hand as they looked upon the loved ones one last time in the space that spoke of the remnants of the party that had taken place. A few bodies rested their heavy heads in uncomfortable positions, near comatose with the intensity of the night. White powder sprinkled the floor among the scattered Polaroids portraying bright happy faces. The disco ball slowed to a halt as the last of the music died down. With the onset of silence Sookie and Eric reverted to the appearances they carried when they came in and the people waving them goodbye disappeared from view.


The ride home was silent as they tried to take in the unexpected experience. They hardly had a minute to spare before Eric had to speed down into the lower light tight level of their home. A quick kiss was shared before Sookie remembered she forgot her purse in the car. She found him ready and waiting for her in bed uploading all the pictures they had taken that night, thankful that the magic that had made the night possible could be registered in this manner. After freshening up and pulling on a nightgown she edged in beside him. He was staring at a photograph of his younger sister, a girl he only knew for mere months. Sookie closed the laptop and set it aside. She looked up at him as a look of understanding travelled between them both solving months of arguments as his hand rested atop the child that was restless inside her.


“Eyja,” she offered.


A small tear travelled down his eye upon hearing the name of his sister spoken with such warmth for the first time in a thousand years. A name whose memory had haunted him for so long. He nodded and confirmed, “Eyja.”








Chapter 13 – Need



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    1. Well I’m continually trying to reign in the word count but they are fun to write, but I’ve stopped playing favourites because I just wrote one and that might be my new favourite…


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