6 Months to Live: Chapter 13 is ready and a fixin’ if you like…

I had to think really long and hard about this posting because today is just one of those days that everyone remembers exactly where they were today 13 years ago while we stood witness to unseen horrors leaving us all dazed and slightly numb in the aftermath, till we could process what had taken place and what an extraordinary effort of humanity surged in its aftermath. It left me hesitant about including the usual fixin’ that now characterises my announcement posts. Today it felt in poor taste to include one, but then I remembered there are more than one of these days in a year. Days that you remember a sad event in your personal history when the rest of the world doesn’t. Sometimes you feel like crying all day and other times you simply want a distraction or remember something great, that brought a smile to your face. Sometimes you simply want to carry on to the next day. So I leave it up to you. Fixin’ #9, was supposed to occupy this space but has simply been added to this week’s Thanksgiving’s Fixin’s page instead. Read it now or at another time; whatever suits your needs. The same goes for the next chapter of 6 Months to Live.






Chapter 13 – Safe




3 thoughts on “6 Months to Live: Chapter 13 is ready and a fixin’ if you like…

    1. #9 is right underneath #8 the title is basically #8 – till however many I write that week… I put in the final number on Sundays and close off the page then but it’s there trust me…


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