Miss Me?


Well I know you all missed Eric, that’s a no brainer, but you probably aren’t missing my constant spamming of your inbox with updates, yet here I am again. I’m still sick and I probably won’t be posting until early next week but I have alternate reading recommendations for you instead. I promised msbuffy a list of little gems that usually get overlooked on ff.net and elsewhere on the internet when I was not so subtly hinting she should use her blog to champion stories. A nice side effect of the Dream Team nominations were that some lesser known authors came to prominence by notification of other writers and I feel there should be more of this as ff.net is an impossible site to navigate.

I decided I may as well share it with the rest of the class seeing that it has been a rather quiet week on the update front and a couple of reviewers let me know that they are sharing my misery of bed confinement and giant stacks of tissues. I hope the quiet is down to the fact that everyone is preparing an entry for Sephrenia’s Writing Challenge and if you’re not get to it 😉 … if you continue to insist you’re a better reader than writer enjoy the list below and feel free to share your overlooked gems. My criteria was pretty much anything under 500 reviews, one peaked barely above that and since I love that story so much I allowed for it…


Wonderland by Secret Nerd Princess

Sookie meets the 10th Doctor. Set after the 4th book, Dead to the World, and the second season of Doctor Who. The Doctor takes Sookie on a trip through time and space to discover the truth about a certain Viking vampire who she might sorta kinda maybe love. Rated M for possible future scenarios. I don’t own The Doctor, Sookie, Eric, or Pam. The BBC & Charlaine Harris do.

I don’t usually read crossover fics because I know too little of the other realms but this one you can read with ease without knowing the intricacies of Dr. Who (I certainly don’t). It’s a wonderful rich story that allows Sookie to travel across time where she continually crosses Eric’s path and finally begins to understand the man as he makes his memories through time where so far she has only been able to share her heart with an amnesiac Eric. -Not yet complete-

The Arranged Marriage by lilka6666


To Sookie’s dismay, a handsome, mysterious figure she doesn’t know wants her to be his wife. There is so much to this stranger Eric, than is seen to the eye. When Sookie discovers what dark secrets he is hiding, dating back to childhood, as well the dangers about the world they live in, will she be able to fully let him in? AU- before and after revelation. A darker Eric. OOC.

 You most likely won’t like this Eric, he isn’t sweet or attentive but rather outright manipulative. It’s besides the point… I like this story because it offers something completely different in tone and style. The author mentioned somewhere she wanted the feel of the movie ‘Let the Right One in’ and it indeed has that eerie silence in it as the story preys on that shady grey area of morality between right and wrong. Eric isn’t abusive or overtly evil but he isn’t exactly good either. Sadly this story has not been updated in a while but I’m still hoping there will be more to come of this in the future as it has been a rivetting read so far. -Not yet complete-

Teeth in the Grass by let’sgetthoughtful

Eric returns Sookie’s house with designs to win her; instead, they discover each other. Warm, sensual, a little cerebral. Rated M for evocative and increasingly explicit content. (top of Season 4)

This is like high quality dark chocolate or a fine wine. It needs to be savoured in small bites, it’s mostly style and little substance in a really good way. Eventually there is a little plot but really I wouldn’t have cared if it was there or not because the prose simply made it a joy to read. -Complete-

Mistaken Identity by plaguemysoul

Best friends Sookie and Tara do something they never would have ordinarily done, in going to vampire bar Fangtasia. But what happens when Sookie is mistaken for a fangbanger by none other than vampire Eric Northman himself, man-gropes him, and meanwhile captures the grumpy and troubled vampires interest? Mostly silliness, craziness and fun. Smutty/Humour.

In all honesty based on the description I wasn’t expecting much, fearing that it would be a little infantile but this story has had me laughing out loud and in hysterics many times. Silliness is probably the best description although there is plenty of thoughtfulness too. In the first couple of chapters the story really needs to find its feet by admittance of the author herself but I love how it progresses and how unconventional the E/S dynamic is in this one although in this universe they are simply known as Grumpy and Perky to me. -Eagerly waiting on updates on this, so unfortunately still not complete but definitely worth the read-

Eric must complete one last task for the season.  EPOV, E/S,  AU, somewhat canon, somewhat human, rated MA.  In progress.

I discovered J.R. Watkins’ works off ff.net after she left it so I have no idea how well known or popular her stories are but they all rank among my favourites for being so discerningly different from the rest. It’s a little early for Christmas but my local supermarket is already selling junk for our St. Nick’s version in early December so I figured why not? I don’t want to give too much away because this story really needs to unravel itself but I enjoyed every bit of it. Officially this is not yet complete but where the final chapter stands one could easily take it as an open end.

Set in the 1950s. Buffy is a good girl. Spike is a very bad boy. She’s not supposed to like boys like him. this was written for my friend vamptastica’s birthday and is much lighter fare than my other spuffy fic. completed one-shot posted in two parts (cuz it got too damn long)

#trueconfession I have been cheating on our favourite couple with another blonde set. I don’t usually read outside of the SVM/TB realm but this past week had me bored and when someone favourited me on ff.net I took a look at what else they were favouriting and stumbled accross a Spuffy story (Spike/Buffy). It’s a lot harder to find quality stuff in that fandom due to sheer volume but also because it’s very canon loyal and I don’t remember enough of the show to read that properly which means I had the joy to find this among the remnants. It is incredibly sweet and cute, totally in tune with the 1950s era and it may be Spuffy but you could easily interchange one couple for the other if you were a lazy plagiarist. (That is not an encouragement but if you know nothing of Buffy the Vampire Slayer simply insert Eric and Sookie’s names in your mind as you read.)

Speaking of which I came across another story there that sounded exactly like an E/S story I have read but couldn’t remember by whom and I wanted to check there was no plagiarism happening there. Synopsis: Eric and Sookie hate each other but when his best friend, Alcide and her cousin Hadley die in a car accident they are forced to live together and take care of the baby they left behind. If anyone knows the title and author please let me know.

Please note: I don’t know if the direct story link will work on this one as you need to click for age consent, but the author link definitely works.

23 thoughts on “Miss Me?

  1. The story you were asking about is “Life Accidentally” by ChanelAddict. This is the only story I have read that Sookie and Eric raise Aclide and Hadleys child after they die. It is a very good story.


    1. Thanks, that was the one I meant. I compared and contrasted and though the storylines feel very similar they are two different stories in the end. I think it happens easily in the AH stories and perhaps one was inspired by the other but nothing damning.


      1. That’s entirely possible as the initial premise is based on a movie with K Heigl ‘Life as We Know It’ (which wasn’t bad if you like romcoms) so I am fairly certain this will have been done in a few fandoms or even several times within one fandom… Personally I preferred the Channel Addict story as it deviates from the movie… And it has a great sequel too

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  2. I agree it is “Life Accidentally” ChanelAddict. Two other stories I found that I really like on ff.net are “Pour Some Sugar on Me” by BonTempsBaby and “Pretty Kitty” by ficlit78. If you read them hope you enjoy them like I have:) prayers to feeling better!!!


    1. I compared and contrasted on Life Accidentally and though the storylines feel very similar they are two different stories in the end. Pour Some Sugar on Me was probably one of the first stories I read, just like Pretty Kitty but those two stories easily peak over the 500 review mark and are easy to ‘discover’. I really wanted to highlight the smaller stories that failed to take notice because they are slightly more unusual or quirky but I feel deserve a little extra attention.


    1. I like her stories too, it’s a shame that she hasn’t been feeling the E/S vibe as of late. She has a unique writing voice for those two that I particularly enjoyed.


  3. First of all I’m sorry to hear that you’re still sick! Hopefully you’re be well soon. Thanks for these stories especially the one with Buffy/Spike. It’s been a while since I read a story with them. I agree that ChanelAddict is a fine writer but I don’t blame her if she doesn’t have any E/S vibe left…after what the books and the shows did to our favourite couple one can lose all the good feelings about E/S


    1. I’ll be better soon, I’m already on the mend but I have vowed to take it easy till at least the end of the weekend. I guess it’s a different ballgame for writers who started with happy prospects in the book and the show. I basically hate-watched/read the latter seasons of the show and books and it got me riled up enough to write about it, but that’s me… it’s how the Thanksgiving Fixin’s got started. Piss me off and I’ll do something about it to make it all better again. I wouldn’t be writing if I was happy where the original authors had taken things… so there’s that…


  4. “Teeth in the Grass” was awesome. Her style is great. One of my favorite declarations of love in ff

    after opening his end of the bond in full and nearly causing her to have a seisure, she’s all wide-eyed shock
    S: YOU LOVE ME?!

    In the same vein, I was really fond of “Birds of a Feather” by chicpea. so no the usual romance, plenty intigue and mystery, a starter sookie. Great writing.

    Just about all of chanel addict, as well as seastarr08. All 3 of these ladies have officially stopped writing SVM ff, and its sad. but they left a solid body of work.


    1. I loved ‘Birds of a Feather’ too, it had great imagination and I liked that the ending didn’t follow the familiar path. I adored seastarr08’s stories too, but I assumed they all made it to the over 500 reviews as they were all really stars of the heyday of the SVM realm. CH not only broke a lot of hearts with her last books but it seems she has depleted that realm of inspiration on ff.net too after the multitude of DEA fixes. In that sense TB did a better job, it left enough potential to work with while CH really nailed the coffin shut on it.


  5. Thankyou so much for including The First Noel in your list- it’s especially kind in that I don’t know where it stands, either, but you still found it worth mentioning.I’d enjoy spending more time with this Eric, so who knows?


    1. Ah, I see you suffer from a whole hosts of Erics staring at you defiantly silent too and then for some reason they all decide to talk at once…

      I do so enjoy that Eric though and the originality of that tale, Christmas is just around the corner so maybe he does us all a favour and drops you a neatly wrapped present this year?

      You’re very welcome for being included in my list, I was really enamoured with all your stories when I first discovered what was living off of ff.net and The First Noel was one that continues to linger in the back of my head and since I’m rather evangelical about my tastes I decided everyone should be aware of it 😉


  6. Thanks so much for posting theses stories. I think “Teeth in the grass” is the only one I’ve read, so I can’t wait to read all of these! I love finding great E/S stories I’ve somehow missed!


    1. You’re welcome, I feel the same way. The ‘big’ stories are hard to miss but the little recognised ones tend to escape your attention now and then so I’m glad to point people the right way 🙂 .


  7. Hey, you feeling better? Have you been eating your vegetables? Drinking lots of water?

    OK, seriously now, Teeth in the grass is awesome. Very different writing style than most E/S fanfic but so satisfying.

    I am sure you’ll have read them but in AH universe, Ooshka’s series starting with Homestay are somehow quite different in that it is day to day life but very affecting. The kids are hilarious which surprised me as kids are not easy to write. Best of all Bill is dead from the start.

    On canon, there is a great story called Drop Dead Gorgeous which is not totally finished (likely never will) but it is huge and has 6 complete instalments so it is very satisfying and very amazingly written. Did I say very? Oh and it is E-S from the start.

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    1. Yes mommy dearest my plate has been cleared of vegetables all week 😉 I have been downing water by the liters and I am almost as good as new…

      I really appreciate a departure in conventional writing styles like ‘Teeth in the Grass’. It’s why I really enjoyed Morggy’s ‘Night Eternal’ but like Ooshka and the Drop Dead Gorgeous series those are pretty easy to find. Although I do remember Morggy making mention of leaving ff.net so perhaps that statement doesn’t apply to her anymore either.

      I enjoyed the homestay series too although I don’t think I have read every sequel, I like to space those apart a bit so perhaps I should revisit one soon. Bill being dead is always a great start, I find him a rather weak antagonist on his own, he’s more of a seedy opportunistic middle man in my mind.

      I’m generally not a fan of babyfics (I don’t even want to know how many times I have been stating this since the start of the Fixin’s so apologies) but I do love the kids. I desperately wanted Ericizmine’s younger characters to have their own spinoff series, they delighted me more than the main characters in those stories sometimes. So sad that will never come to be. In my mind Jason is an eternal big kid so I enjoy writing him like that but setting the right tone with actual kids is by no means easy and she nailed it like no other in my mind.

      Thanks for the info on the romcom inspiration, I should have figured it stemmed from that but my expertise in that area is abysmally low as the general offering of them do little to excite me. It’s funny because I have often made the observation that a lot of the AH fare do follow the romcom recipe for a storyline, some work and some like you say are better than the movie they were inspired by. Hmm sounds like a certain series of books and show…

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    2. Ooshka’s first story in the Homestay series was one of the stories I found & read on FF.net oh-so-many-years-back. I followed the entire series and loved it. It’s one of the most original AH fan fiction plots and it’s excellent. It deserves a top mention on any list.

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    1. Good to know… how are things trodding along with the author entrapment program on the dream team front? I have to check my subscription preferences on your blog though, I never receive notifications on new posts.


        1. No I’m following but when I checked the blog some things had changed, I couldn’t find the original post with all the final names as it had changed but I was never notified of a new post because I think you just modified a post instead of putting up a new one… but it could just be me and my mysterious WP issues.


          1. No, you’re correct. I modified it instead of posting a new one. I have to post the new one. That way it alerts everyone. I’m still getting used to WP!


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