Thanksgiving Fixin’s #14-16 and what else you may have missed…

I’m caught up in a baking/writing frenzy so I figured I get this out early before I accidentally forget… The Thanksgiving Fixin’s have all been gathered together again here, this week they were all connected and there will probably be a couple of extra ‘chapters’ attached to it from next week on. When it comes to it’s natural end I’ll split it off as a story on its own as I’m really not willing to take on another multi-chapter story right now, still searching for an appropriate title in the meantime…. below are the chapters that also got updated this week in case you missed any of those, enjoy 😉




Thanksgiving Fixin’s 14-16



Here’s what else got updated this week:

Chapter 14- Daze

Chapter 15 – Curia

Chapter 13 – Later

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Fixin’s #14-16 and what else you may have missed…

  1. You said you’re looking for a title for the Fixin’s 14-16…How about The Other You?
    Reasoning: There are currently two Sookie’s. One is infatuated with the pond scum subplot which is now residing in the cemetary, the other is the one bonded to, and in love with, Eric Northman.
    The Other Sookie, Stupid Sookie, doesn’t know what’s going on…only that she’s pregnant by a Were and is happy with the way her life currently is.
    This is the short journey to reunite the two.


    1. I’ll take the title under consideration although I have plans for the goldfish that’ll switch things up a bit… basically because I can 😉


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