6 Months to Live: Chapter 15 and a fixin’ that never seems to end continues…

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As many may have noticed and have been harassing me about (very kindly might I add) this little fixin’ is growing into its own right as a short story. I anticipate a few more installments and I had planned to sequester it all off when it was done but it’s becoming an organizational mess on my blog so I’ve gone ahead and done it already.


I’m still working on a title and the artwork so it’s called a very original Thanksgiving Fixin’ Outtake for now… just like the future baby is now known as Baby Northman in my currently unimaginative brain… *sigh*… luxury problems.


The original fixin’s on page 14-16 have been separated into three so if you care about those things you can move your comments from one page to the next and I’ll remove the original. Next fixin’ is below or here which is the continuation of #17 and in case you haven’t been around for a while they are to be read in sequence from #14 onwards.


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Chapter 15 – Kismet






“You don’t fucking deserve her love,” she croaked. “Everything that I’ve given to you and you still run away. She deserves better.”


“Eric!” Fairy Sookie shrieked in anger as she only just managed to hold up her other startled half when her support system was ripped away in milliseconds.


Her upset with the situation and loud yell managed to cut through the thick haze of Eric’s anger as he turned his venomous eyes from the brown ones of his youngest child to look at his two Sookies sharing the worry of their unborn child who Eric had just unintentionally endangered with rash actions. Willa was dropped in an instant, Pam and Niall instantly retaking his position while he grabbed hold of one of the comfortable lounge chairs from the porch allowing Pregnant Sookie to sit securely while instantly summoning the doctor to look her over.


“That is our child in there Eric Northman!” Fairy Sookie screamed at him like a ferocious lioness protecting her cubs. “You better start remembering that from now on. She comes first, you can take care of Willa’s betrayal later.”


“I’m sorry,” he offered with a face laced with shame. His hand rested atop the Pregnant Sookie’s knee as he looked up towards her offering the same apology, though little of it was processed as she merely stared dumbfounded at the extremely attractive vampire from the TV and what appeared to be her mirror image claiming the child she was carrying was theirs. There was little in her mind stopping her from thinking, so she simply took it as truth and she smiled appreciatively at Eric which he returned in kind causing Fairy Sookie to growl a little with jealousy.


“I’m ok,” she offered as Ludwig was about to proclaim the same. “Who are you again?” Pregnant Sookie asked turning towards her other half.


“Her brain has more holes than Swiss cheese,” Fairy Sookie whispered in misery wondering if she would be condemned to live such a damaged existence for the rest of her life, granting her the memory and instincts of a goldfish. “This can’t all be the work of one vampire.”


“It was Tara, Jessica and I,” Willa offered from her tightly held confinements, hoping that a quick confession would send her to a merciful death. With that information Pam sped over to the redheaded vampire only to be surpassed by Fairy Sookie who blasted her with the force of her light before punching her squarely on the nose while screaming an un-curated choice of profanities.

In a repeat of moves Eric’s arms came to surround Fairy Sookie fighting fists as he whispered to her ears, “You’re upsetting the other Sookie and the baby.” She calmed instantly with those words, though she couldn’t help but dole out another hard kick to Bill’s progeny. Hoyt tried to come to his wife’s defence but one menacing look from Fairy Sookie had him instantly slumping back in the uncomfortable rental chair. Pam was instantly beside the two blondes picking up the hissing redhead baby vampire by the back of her neck before depositing her beside Willa and a menacing Niall.


Still vibrating with anger Fairy Sookie’s eyes suddenly rested on the nervous looking Hoyt, who like much of the table sat eerily silent with the events taking place, that for the unknowing were difficult to follow. James had to assure Lafayette multiple times that he was not seeing a ghost, that there were in fact two Sookie Stackhouses. Fairy Sookie walked with determination to her brother’s former best friend and without thought rested her hand on his head. Too scared to respond he meekly sat there as she examined every cavern of his brain. “You too?” she whispered with tears in her eyes.


“I don’t understand,” Hoyt confessed with a tremble to his voice.


“You’re glamoured to the hilt,” Fairy Sookie explained before turning to Eric asking in a hushed whisper, “Can that even be fixed?”


Eric shook his head regretfully with the first-hand knowledge that Ginger was never able to recover her lost memories, between Pam and him they had experimented enough to know that the woman’s mind could endure very little. It was in that moment that Jason decided he could no longer stand by to the confusion that was surrounding him.


“Can someone just tell me what the fuck is going on?” he demanded.


“May I?” Pam enquired of the aggrieved parties that all simply gave a perfunctory nod as they were far too wrapped up in emotions to give a proper explanation anyhow. Pam managed to retell the events that led everyone here tonight as if she were addressing a group of kindergartener’s to bridge the in her mind conceived intelligence gap, her dealings with Ginger had given her plenty of experience after all.


Jason didn’t hesitate a second as he moved over to the two female vampires and cuffed them painfully in two sets of silver handcuffs. “Get in,” he growled nudging them forcefully into the house before announcing to the rest, “Party’s over get on home!”


Pregnant Sookie reverted back to Stupid Sookie as she got up to follow the rest of the departing parties before the other Sookie and Eric caught up with her diverting her back into the main house. Brigette handed over temporary care of her children to Lafayette and James intent on looking after the pregnant half of her sister in law, having noted her distress. Jason’s wife never knew Sookie in her old carnation but it had always struck her as odd how the woman behaved and it never quite seemed to match up to the stories people always spoke of her.


Fairy Sookie looked grateful as Brigette helped set up Pregnant Sookie on her bed elevating the feet of the flustered woman before leaving the room to get her some drinks and snacks.


“What did Jessica and Willa do?” Pregnant Sookie asked of her other half.


“I don’t know honey, I’ll be sure to find out soon,” she answered while running a wet cloth to her cheek. “I’m sorry I hit you.”


“I would have hit you too if he was mine,” she returned shyly while looking past the other Sookie towards Eric who seemed to be observing them both from the doorway.


“Promise to hang on to those instincts,” Fairy Sookie pleaded mentally. “Eric Northman is not one you simply let go of.”


“I don’t understand. He was never mine.”


“We made a commitment to him, one that can’t be broken,” Fairy Sookie explained. “Remember Bill? He tried to break that connection, instead it broke us apart. The proof of that commitment is the baby you carry.”


“We will be one,” Pregnant Sookie suddenly remembered looking from her other half over to Eric.


“Yes,” Fairy Sookie and Eric spoke in unison as he moved beside the two halves taking a hand from each as they both Eric and Fairy Sookie took a different interpretation from her statement.


“What about Preston?” she asked suddenly becoming aware of the man that lived with her. “He’s not the father is he?”


“No,” Eric returned with bright eyes as he started to recognise glimmers of a Sookie that had stolen his heart. Fairy Sookie had always reeled him in but this was the one that kept him there, coming back for more. This was the woman that wore her heart on her sleeve, cared more for those around her than herself, understood the unspoken through mere perception unrelated to her telepathic gift. She was the one that opened up her home to him when he was afforded little forgiveness. The one that was too kind for this harsh world she suddenly found herself in, her eyes remaining bright and open through it all. Holding compassion for those who seemed otherwise undeserving by everyone else, even though little of that had ever been afforded to her.


“I may not understand much but I couldn’t figure out how Preston had impregnated me when he refused to sleep with me,” she sighed with relief that her mental conundrum was somehow solved though she asked for little further explanation. “And I’ve been so horny since becoming pregnant.”


A jealous scowl grew across Fairy Sookie’s face as Eric indulgently chuckled with her last sentence. “All in good time girls,” he smiled emphasizing the plural, before kissing Pregnant Sookie’s forehead and squeezing the other’s hand encouragingly. Brigette had returned to the room with refreshments, her heart warming with the tender yet unusual sight. Upon recognising her presence it gave Fairy Sookie and Eric excuse to leave Pregnant Sookie in her sister in law’s capable hands.


“You’re not leaving me again are you?” Pregnant Sookie pleaded to her other half not daring to speak the insecure words aloud. Fairy Sookie shook her head, “Never. We’ll be back as soon as we figure out what to do with Jessica and Willa.”


“Please don’t hurt them, I’m sure they meant well.”


“I’m not so sure,” Eric said regretfully. “I fear my rearing of Willa has left much to be desired. Perhaps I’m not ready to be a father after all.”


“Don’t you dare!” both Sookies screamed in perfect synchronisation.


Pregnant Sookie pulled his hand to her heart and spoke softly and sincerely, “I may not know you Eric Northman but there isn’t a doubt in my heart that you belong here with this baby.”


“Her pregnancy has been quite restless,” Brigette offered in comfort remembering Jason’s nerves about becoming a father. “I have never seen her so calm since your presence, despite the dramatic events of the evening.”


“May I?” Eric asked tentatively gesturing to the large protruding bump that separated him from the other Sookie. With a beaming smile Pregnant Sookie nodded enthusiastically moving his hand down for him to where the baby kicked with excitement at the prospect of meeting its father’s hand.


“You too,” she urged her Fairy half who threatened to become withdrawn with the tender site that unfurled in front of her. Smiles graced all their faces as the baby greeted its parents. “It really is ours isn’t it?”


“Yeah,” Fairy Sookie spoke softly. “Thank you for loving it for us in our absence.”


“Don’t cry,” Eric spoke with concern at the sight of tears on Pregnant Sookie’s rounded face, paralysing him as it did each and every time.


“You haven’t been around pregnant woman a lot have you?” Brigette laughed softly as she handed Pregnant Sookie a tissue.


“Happy tears,” Pregnant Sookie confirmed with a wet smile.


“Happy tears,” Eric returned in understanding as ones just like it ran down his own face.





Chapter 15 – Kismet



8 thoughts on “6 Months to Live: Chapter 15 and a fixin’ that never seems to end continues…

    1. Yes there’s still a makeover of Niall that needs to happen, I need to get over nasty Niall and Pam sex and I definitely need Baby Northman to get a better name… and since Pam had so much fun with a diaper Eric can’t be left behind 😀


  1. Lovely chapter and I’m curious about why Willa, Tara and Jessica messed around with Pregnant Sookies head?? Looking forward to the Niall makeover. Hehe! Of course, I’m looking forward to baby Northman too 👶


    1. As what a sweet little Angel on the end there, although by Eric’s current track no child of his will ever be that sweet and innocent 😈 They all had their own motivations so poor pregnant Sookie ended up as a Ginger Renfield… More explanations in the next chapter…


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