Galatea’s Descent: Chapter 18 and the next fixin’!

Next chapter of Galatea’s Descent is ready where we seem to be getting even more entangled in that spun web of deceit than before… There is also a next fixin’ and I have some good news, some bad news and some more good news on that front. So prepare yourself accordingly…

I finally found a title I’m happy with, it’s the final sentence of this chapter. I have explained in the A/N how I got there so I’m keeping the reveal of it there.

So on to the bad news that final sentence is also this particular fixin’s outtake’s last sentence of the last chapter as it has found it’s natural end. I’m usually a little better about anticipating this as I write chapters far ahead but it just felt right and I could probably muddle on endlessly (Willa and Preston anyone?) falling into a trap many fanfics enter where I scramble to find an appropriate end because the plot has died down in favour of mild entertainment as the worst has passed and in that do a disservice to the story as a whole in the process by extending it unnecessarily.

Onto more good news! There will be an extensive epilogue that will span a couple of chapters and perhaps some extra outtakes for things I still had lined up for this but didn’t make it in yet. It’ll be more of the cutesy fluff; like vampires trying to be parents, inane fairies, spaghetti adventures, Spike meeting his namesake, etc. where I don’t feel guilty about a severe lack of actual storyline that’s necessary to string it together because that’s simply capturing a moment in their new lives. So the fixin’s will continue, it’s mostly terminology in the end but it allows me some creative breathing space, now if only my sore throat and sinuses could agree to offer me the same…



Chapter 18 – Pity




11 thoughts on “Galatea’s Descent: Chapter 18 and the next fixin’!

    1. I’m not really at my physical worst, my brain just seems to work at half speed because of it which annoys the hell out of me way more than physical aches ever do.

      I don’t know if the same thing goes for your bits but the fixin’s were just written without much of a plan which is fine when it’s just the one but it entraps you when it gets extended… but I’m glad to have found a solution for mine let’s hope you find your breathing space soon too 😀


  1. mine were only ever planned in the moment. And mostly planned for just the one episode…but with Shave–even though it’s continuing, it’s basically got only a loose plan and the letters make it easy to go stream of consciousness and whip out the small chapters easily. I’m having fun with it and when that stops, I’ll wrap it up. 🙂
    Hope your brain goes back to 100% soon!

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    1. My OH jokes that now I know how the rest of the world feels at their 100% but I’m still finding that hard to believe. I never really saw the merit of writing completely unplanned without a clear end. Thogh in this story it brought some great unexpected moments, I don’t think I would have ever conjured up a story with a preggers Pam but somehow it worked here. Maybe in the future I’ll give it another run.

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      1. OH is other half?

        Ive typically got only a beginning and an end with some very loosely outlined middle details but I think about the characters a lot. I have a friend who brainstorms with me-personalities, pasts, motivations etc and then I just write. With the little bits I just basically write from an inspiration of some sort. Its been the most fun!

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        1. I’m the same, the story weaves itself in between some pivotal events. I have a few concepts and themes in mind but I’m not married to them or the ending. Sometimes I go back and add and subtract here and there when there a minor changes in direction. I think even if I tried to work with a rigid outline the story would still end up completely different. It’s what works for me but won’t work for everyone.


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