Bonfire of the Vanities: Chapter 19 and another fixin`!

Next chapter for Bonfire of the Vanities is up. See the description below to refresh on what happened there last time. Next installment of the Fixin’s epilogue is up too. Special thanks to MsBuffy on her wonderful betaing skills on both of these chapters and you have her to thank for the appearance of this character:
Yes it’s crossover territory but you need know nothing of Spike to get the gist of his personality that this gif won’t tell you…
Previously on Bonfire of the Vanities:  

Pam found a kindred spirit in Logan the wolf while Russell tried to dissuade himself from thoughts that Talbot is not finally dead.


-Cecily was pushing Godric to his limit to get some sort of reaction from him, and continues to do so in this chapter.


Tara found herself in a precarious situation, which despite your guesses only Kleannhouse picked up on. She promised to share the cookies and clean up the crumbs…


-Lorena had a good torture session for letting the telepath escape her grasp courtesy of Niccolò


-The fairy sponge bath Eric refers to in this chapter is from way back when in preparation for defeating the Maenad, Sookie bathed Godric in her fairy light as a sort of placebo pill where she preyed on his belief to gain the best outcome. Eric wanted one too after, but of a different variety and he’s been holding out for it for a while now...




Chapter 19 – True Filth




 Thanksgiving Fixin’s Outtake #33


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