Anybody out there??? Here fixin’, fixin’…


First things first, since Eric seems so excited to express his gratitude. Thank you all for continuing to read my stories, put up with the annoying amount of notifications and tolerate my general silliness… now onwards.

Hello you fellow non-Americans and those few whimpering ones who have locked themselves in their pantry pulling their hair out over annoying in-laws, overbearing family members and ruined dinners. Thank you for taking your refuge in the fanfic world. Take a breath and…

download (1)

Better now? No? Sorry thought it would totally make up for the burnt cranberry saucy. How about now…


Thought so… anyhow I promised a little outtake or two this week especially for Thanksgiving from the Everything and More verse. Unorthodox since we’re still in the end of the epilogue on that but I couldn’t leave Thanksgiving and Black Friday unacknowledged as Thanksgiving is Sookie and Eric’s special day in EAM universe. The kids are a couple years older and have prepared a special surprise orchestrated by Pam… think of that what you will 😉

Enjoy your day and this little outtake of the outtake.




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