Another fixin’ outtake? Yes, another fixin’ outtake…

I hope you all have recovered from your Tryptophan induced turkey coma’s… though I have it on good authority that’s a myth and your drowsiness is merely a side effect of the amount of food eaten and the turkey should not be blamed, regardless that’s not what you’re here for.

I have for you another outtake of the outtake. I had meant to get this out on Black Friday, however, I did not manage to get this done  and sent over to MsBuffy in time with the other outtake. Added to that I was in an ‘I hate everything I wrote’ mood. You all have to give extra thanks to MsBuffy because I didn’t even feel like posting it anymore when I finally sent it over. So let’s call it an early Cyber Monday gift instead because Pam really needed to get her shopping done and poor Spike got roped in along the way the day after the Fangsgiwin` outtake… oh and Pam’s kids and Eric make an appearance too. Enjoy!



Thanksgiving Fixin’s Outtake (2): Into the Black

 (from the Everything and More universe)

In case you missed it this week:


Thanksgiving Fixin’s Outtake (1): Fangsgiwin`

(from the Everything and More universe)

Chapter 19 – One in a Million


Thanksgiving Fixin #35

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