Here have a cookie… and a chapter for 6 Months to Live!

In the last post I was rather remiss in double checking the links, I caught the wrong link on the banner pretty quick but not on the written link. Thank you again to Jfozz for pointing this out to me. So in case you ended up in the wrong place and read Bonfire of the Vanities Chapter 20 by accident instead, the correct link for Galatea’s Descent Chapter 20 is here. Apologies again, I’ve checked this link far too many times now and it should work. So here are my apologetic cookies, I wish I could send them to you all around the world but I fear you’ll have to settle for virtual ones for now.


While I was baking these cookies I actually did attempt to make those Eric shaped cookies I always offer for correct guesses in the a/n… It’s a bit of an epic fail, for one he broke in many places… which I feel really bad about but he looks more like Dawson’s Creek’s James van der Beek than Eric so I didn’t feel too bad about it then 😉 I think the only thing I managed to get right was the underwear…



Anyhow this isn’t turning into a baking blog let me assure you, the next chapter of 6MTL is up; in which Eric finalises his decision on ‘helping’ Russell while a surprise visitor appears.


Enjoy this and your virtual cookies while I return to my dilemma whether or not to eat Cookie Eric 😀



 Chapter 20 – Mind Games




7 thoughts on “Here have a cookie… and a chapter for 6 Months to Live!

    1. You’re welcome 🙂 Happy Holidays (you’re European too right? We can just say Merry Christmas without repercussions instead 😉 ) to you and your loved ones too. I’ll be posting one more chapter for From Time Immemorial tonight so I’m not completely MIA yet 😀

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        1. Lucky you for landing an Italian can’t blame you for leaving my cool climates, I hope his mother is friendly 😉 I consider the Canadians as pseudo Europeans anyhow, especially the French-Canadians, do they have the Holiday/Christmas politically correct debate in Canada too? I’m to used to just wishing everyone a Merry Christmas… it’s been an adjustment…

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  1. Yep that’s so true…In Canada there so many religions that you don’t know if to wish Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas or nothing at all…
    I didn’t mind the cool climates of Holland (I’m from the freezing north after all).. . Unfortunately I didn’t stay long in Holland I really enjoyed the people…
    Recently my hubby and I are talking about moving back to Canada due to the economic crisis here in Italy….Unfortunately my hubby isn’t working anymore and with my paycheck we can’t manage to pay the mortage anymore…Let’s see what the new year will bring..some good news I hope Fingers crossed!

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    1. There’s tons of religions here too but because the bulks is atheist we just say Merry Christmas and no one is offended, it’s much simpler this way… I like the cold but in general people get more congenial down south. We Dutch always keep a bit of emotional distance in the end. Sorry to hear that about your mortgage, I know it’s been especially tough in Italy and the rest of Southern Europe but things do seem to slowly pick up. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you too, I wouldn’t want something like that to chase you out of living in such a wonderful country.

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