New one shot: Merry Christmas Mr Northman


This little ditty emerged when I was supposed to be working on the Thanksgiving Fixin’s: Everything and More Family Christmas outtake which will be up later this week and the muse wouldn’t leave me alone.


Technically it takes place just before Christmas so I guess I’m safe in releasing it earlier, and yes it takes place around Christmas but it’s not a cliche Christmas tale (at least I hope)… and yes it’s all human so to you predisposed discriminators of the genre I plead with you to give it a shot because I’m completely enamored with this little tale and apparently I’m allowed to be boastful about my own work around Christmas… or something… just go with it 😀


MsBuffy was kind enough to edit once more and her comment that this little story was reminiscent of an Old Hollywood movie inspired the banner… and we both agreed that this is the possibly the best incarnation of Bill… ever… it’s worth reading just for that 😉






Merry Christmas Mr Northman


By all appearances the boss from hell, Eric Northman, has been making Sookie Stackhouse’s job a trying journey. A last minute task moments before the office Christmas party suddenly makes every single thing spoken and asked of her by the enigmatic Mr Northman stand in a completely different light…. 



6 thoughts on “New one shot: Merry Christmas Mr Northman

    1. Yep, he was a gonner from day one and typically male that he is he lost the word to express himself… Luckily they’ll both have a great Christmas now 😉


    1. You had me scratching my head a bit who this laslo was for a bit… LOL… I figured you were two and the same but wasn’t quite sure! Thanks for leaving double reviews!


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