and here’s where I shoot myself in the foot… the one-shot continues…

Note to self : New Year’s resolution #1 : learn to understand the meaning of the word ‘one’ in one-shot…

I’d like to be able to say this…


but I haven’t drunk a drop yet so I shall have to do this Dutch courage thing alcohol free and on account of only being the Dutch part.

Merry Christmas Mr Northman got its companion piece and I’m slightly nervous about it since you all loved that one.

I wrote it within twenty four hours of posting MCMN, it itched and scratched at me as did your lovely and considerate comments and a flattering number of follows on on a one-shot that I made scream  -COMPLETE- anywhere possible. Apparently you all knew better than me… There may have been a certain amount of pestering and plying of the muse on Facebook so the companion piece was born…

MsBuffy threatened to go on strike because we had both agreed the original piece was so strong for ending where it did. I sent her the new piece and thankfully she isn’t going on strike anytime soon as she agreed it was a worthy follow up that stood just as strong as the original. Bill the Constipated Cat is back and if everything goes well there will be more solo adventures for him in the new year too…

…but first Ms Stackhouse gets herself a Happy New Year! Of course the same wishes extend to you all too for those who it is still to come and for those who are already ringing or have rung in the New Year. See you all in 2015!




Happy New Year Ms Stackhouse


and in case you missed it…




Merry Christmas Mr Northman



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