New Year, new chapter… Bonfire of the Vanities Chapter 21

So the shiniest part of the New Year seems to already have faded away and resolutions have abandoned ship… anyhow I’m back to updating after a well deserved break. I haven’t made my mind up on a set schedule yet and am mindful of MsBuffy’s workload with that but I’ll try to update on at least two chapters a week, a few stories are winding down on my end and I’m still deciding on whether to expedite those or not so bear with me in the meantime.
The order will be as before BOTV, GD, 6MTL and FTI. There is something new in the works that emerged from my Christmas/New Year fics that is now titled the Ms/Mr Series and will be something completely different but it is still in its early stages. Hopefully more news on that soon. 
Onto the story at hand in case if it’s been too long the preceding Chapter 20 is here, that left us with an upset Sookie and a completely unaware Eric, a Godric at his lowest point and a mysterious cloaked figure visiting Russell and Pam.
I’m glad to be back in the swing of things and just a note to the new followers I hadn’t anticipated the influx of readers in my absence so I’m slightly behind with some of the comments but I’ll get to them when I can.


Chapter 21 – Trust


3 thoughts on “New Year, new chapter… Bonfire of the Vanities Chapter 21

  1. I am one of those catching up on stories so I am very excited about reading the Bonfire saga (which I recently started)… I am finding interesting that Godric, who tends to be an unambiguously good guy in most fanfic stories, is a more mixed character in yours… In the bonfire in particular he is pretty messed up… At any rate very happy new year to you and here’s to a great 2015!

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    1. Happy New Year to you too!

      I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying the Bonfire Saga too. I never truly paint out the characters as black or white in my stories, those murky greys being my favoured playground… I think Sookie said it to Eric at some point when he had amnesia that Godric was the most human of all the vampires she ever met and that’s sort of the impression of him we live with (in fanfic land) but to me that always resonated as that he came from the polar opposite in order to arrive there. Godric himself alluded he had done terrible things in his past not worthy of forgiveness so that inner conflict is intriguing in his character but indeed rarely explored, it also means everyone holds their breath for the longest time in this story…


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