What are we five? Get your asses in here… From Time Immemorial: Chapter 21!


Right I’m not going to bother discussing this clique business because I have a big question mark hanging over my head what is the cause of all this like everybody else, maybe I’m the cause of it who knows (let me know if I am because I don’t make a hobby of unintentionally hurting people’s feelings)… let’s just try to move past this and look forward to something positive and cherish what great variation we have in our little fandom.

Saying that if you want in on the clique of the century feel free to join in on the new SVM/TB directory site venture, everyone is welcome!!! People have been extremely responsive, encouraging and excited by this idea. I have a long list of writers who have given their commitment to it already and reblogged the cause or I have simply taken your ‘like’ as an agreement. So there are still some to go and let’s be realistic not everyone is going to want to join and that’s perfectly fine but if you haven’t expressed your commitment yet or I have not identified you properly on Facebook with a reply let me know you’re on board so I have a way to contact you. Want to wait it out till it’s actually there, also perfectly fine. Sakshi and I have decided to give the go ahead with the test phase with the number of responses received so far. In the meantime I’ll be branching out and assembling a team of willing volunteers, an update on that will follow soon.


Yes there’s more to this than mindless rambling… the next chapter of From Time Immemorial is up I believe I left you all dangling from a nasty little cliff, so this time you’ll find out what actually happened that made Godric see red….



From Time Immemorial Chapter 21 – Royalty

9 thoughts on “What are we five? Get your asses in here… From Time Immemorial: Chapter 21!

    1. You’re totally welcome I enjoy the writing and the sharing and I’m always happy to hear people enjoy reading it. Are you a writer or just a reader? I’ll be putting out a volunteer post with different jobs soon with a dedicated signup.


      1. Thank you! I read a lot and write a little. Am working on a story, but have run into a bit of a hitch with it. My Eric muse ran for the hills during the holidays and I’m having difficulty in locating him again- Argh! My beta suggested a break and I’m taking her advise. Anyway, looking forward to your post. Thanks again!

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        1. Well even those with little writing are welcome, I’ll add you to the writers list. Eric’s a bit of a shithead like that when he hides. Time away is good although I always think too long isn’t good either. For me sometimes writing something completely different works best. Who’s your beta? We’re hoping to compile a list of vetted and recommended ones to the directory too.


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