A little update on the TB/SVM Directory: We’ve been steadily working on getting the Directory up and running and it’s nearing completion. I’ve been truly humbled by the excitement and anticipation for this project and many of you have indicated you’d like to help out in some way so I’m putting those commitments to the test and putting out this notice for the jobs up for grabs. If any of this sounds interesting please leave a comment below or contact me through the facebook PM sytem.


Writers first: we have attempted to contact all of you that we are aware are active on WordPress, for a last few we’re still trying to find a way to reach you. Before posting this an email was sent out to all writers that we have taken to understand had committed to this. To avoid confusion check your spam/junk/trash in case you didn’t get an email from me (hisviks). If you’ve received no email please contact me (leave a comment on the blog or PM me on FB) I can then put you on the list as a confirmed participant so that we know you want to be listed and will have access to your own profile page in the directory or feel free to reach out if you have questions about the venture and/or are unsure about participation.


Testers wanted: We’re making this site for the readers and it has to work for you so we’d love a couple of you (and especially those that struggle with all things internet and technology) to give feedback in our test phase, it’ll be answering some specific questions, asking input for discussion and such to make sure the site works at its best and makes sense to you and is easy to use. When leaving a comment below indicating your interest in this please specify the type(s) of operating systems (windows, mac, ubuntu, iphone, android, windows phone, android tablet, windows tablet, ipad, etc.) you would be able to test drive the site on.


In the long term we’re looking for content contributors, I’d love for the notifications/blog side of this site to feel like a curated magazine rather than something simply regurgitating updates. So we’re looking for specific genre readers for example; angst babies, the all human crowd, fantasy, one-shot wonders, the angst-a-holics, adorers of all things Godric and apparently highly controversial these days… smut lovers! Or any other specific flavour which you feel warrants representation, our fandom has many and we’d like to see them all represented equally. Think of it like the video store employee recommends type deal for those of you who can still remember such establishments… It doesn’t matter that you’re not a writer (but if you are feel free to apply too), we’re specifically looking for readers to fulfill these spots. If you can leave a coherent review you can do this and we can always polish it up if necessary, it’s more about championing stories than anything else and sending the right people in the right direction.


So if you feel you’re up for any of these jobs leave a reply below and specify a particular genre/flavour/whatever you feel you could represent and/or operating systems you could test the site on. If there are more applicants than we can handle we’ll have to pick and choose but I doubt it’ll come to that. These contributor spots you’ll be applying for is what will keep the site current and easy to use and where the readers really make the difference, it’s word of mouth after all that generates the most traffic for beloved stories. Haven’t figured out a specific genre yet but would still like to be part of this? That’s also fine we’re hoping to get as many people filled up in different spots so it doesn’t all hinge on the effort of one person. The more the merrier 🙂


Don’t be scared dear readers that someone might approach you directly for jobs like these, we have a couple of you in mind that would fit with some ideas if you’re willing and you are under no obligation to participate, it’s up to you and the time you have available. However, if you get to us first it’ll save us a bit of hassle 😉


Now for some advanced apologies to those that follow several blogs… please reblog this if you can so it reaches to the widest audience possible… and I really am sorry for those that keep seeing the same message pop up in their inbox or WP reader… you know what? Maybe it’s a sign that you should apply for one of the help wanted positions or just a reminder of how annoying a reblog is…. you know, either/or…


  1. I can help with testing on PC/Mac. I’m a computer programmer so I know I can do that and since I’m addicted to Sookie/Eric maybe I could contribute or whatever I just need to understand the job more.


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  2. I’d be happy to help as a tester, especially if you are looking for those who are semi-technologically challenged. I have a laptop with Windows and an Android phone, both of which I use extensively for reading fan fiction. 🙂

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  3. I would be happy to be a tester, I read in three formats, PC, iPad, and iPhone (when I am desperate in a waiting room…lol) I have often noticed that what works on one venue does not work on another.

    I would also be happy to contribute in content for any of the categories, as I tend to be pretty eclectic in my tastes. I would love to help in this amazing contribution to the fandom.

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    1. Great! You were actually on my list to contact as a contributor so you saved me asking :D. I’ll put you on both lists and contact you when we’re in need of you, your reviews are always so helpful and insightful and despite eclectic tastes I think you represent an interesting niche which I have yet to find a proper name for…


        1. All right, although the technology challenged make for great testers since they represent the extremes… put I’m putting you down as contributor for the blog 🙂 Thanks for responding!


  4. Hi… I’m a writer and I meant to put myself on the list the last time I saw a post about this and real life got in the way… so can you please put me on the list for writers….. thank you.


    1. Great I’m putting you on the list and will contact you when we get that ball rolling 🙂 (I removed your email from your comment, don’t want you getting spammed)


  5. I’ll be happy to help out in any way I can. I have a surface, nook, PC , and a android phone. I might be able to help out with content aspect as well; godric , crossovers, E/S HEA, not pro-bill are just some of the genres that I read.

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    1. LOL I don’t think there will be any takers for Pro-Bill… I might just have to make up the category for shits and giggles… I’m putting you on both lists and will contact you when we’re getting started 🙂

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  6. I’d be happy to help out. Use a PC. Currently writing first story.
    Big fan of any Godric fics. Vamp Sookie too. Read anything in the TB/SVM to do with Eric/Sookie. Avoid the other ‘ships at the moment.

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    1. If it’s only on ff. net than I’m afraid not since we don’t want to link to something that could potentially be removed without scrutiny by the site owners, but it can be put up for notice within the recommendations side of the blog but would need to be championed by one of those contributors.

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        1. Sorry playing catch-up, will you be adding/writing more? If not I would suggest putting you in with a minimal listing that links to your WP but without the elaborate profile page but it’s up to you.


  7. I responded to your email but don’t know if you got it. I’ve been away so now is the first chance I’ve had to really go thru my emails. Anyway, I am interested in helping if I can. I am one of those technology challenged people and can test on my android mobile and sometimes on my android tab.

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