FIX IT DAMMIT!!! Galatea’s Descent Chapter 24!

Some not so subtle calls to fix things were made in response to the previous chapter and since I did have a whole series dedicated to fixing some wrongs, who was I to refuse in the next chapter of Galatea’s Descent, it’s not called Damage Control for nothing…

There was a bit of confusion last time despite all that was revealed, I just wanted to note that when Sookie mentioned Eric didn’t love her she wasn’t questioning the love part as many assumed but the her part of that equation. Her footing was taken away from her and she no longer understood who she was anymore with all the deception that signified her life, at that point she couldn’t understand what version of her Eric loved and though he is relatively innocent in this he did know longer of her Royal heritage before her and of the Guild but Godric instructed him not to tell her. It ended with a harsh tone on Sookie’s part but don’t think Eric won’t have his say… here it is…




Chapter 24 – Damage Control





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