I’m on a Fixin’ roll… .pdf and .epub pressies!

See I fixed E/S in Galatea’s Descent but I’ve been fixing up something else in the background too. It only took me a few months but I got it done with the wonderful help of msbuffy’s editing skills so now all chapters of Everything and More and the outtakes (originally all part of the Thanksgiving Fixin’s series) are neatly bundled in .epubs and .pdfs.

I kind of forgot how outlandish and hysterical it all was with Niall and his firehose that put Eric to shame, the spaghetti, the amount of faerie babies, etc. etc. Anyhow it was fun while it lasted maybe I’ll write another outtake sometime… it sure beat the outcome of season seven as it was 😉

Follow the link below to get your own copies and if you’re new to the story I do actually like to hear your thoughts about it even long after it’s finished 🙂

completed works for download

PS. Like I mentioned in the A/N for GD because I’ve been busy working on the Directory site and regular old work I was late in getting my chapters with msbuffy so I’ll post them when I get them…

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