The minx is back… Bonfire of the Vanities Chapter 25!

Apparently I’m a minx after the last chapter of Bonfire of the Vanities. I should apologise first, WP was looking for an invite to be kicked in the teeth when I updated From Time Immemorial Chapter 23 on Tuesday by not showing up in the WP reader and some of your inboxes (fingers crossed this gets to everyone) and this little minx forgot to link to the accompanying outtake at the end of the chapter so check that out if you missed any of it.
Speaking of apologies… yeah I’ll probably be making more of those since it’s still exciting times in the next chapter of BOTV, thanks to murgatoid98 for generating my recap with her review:
Wow! Who’s doing all the shooting? The authority? It doesn’t look like they are involved in Tara’s kidnapping. Though that could be Salome. Or Nora. Alcide may have bitten off more than he can swallow. Sarah is no loss. Neither is the rest of the Fellowship. I hope this new reveal doesn’t send Godric into a downward spiral. Hope Sookie, Jason, and company got out safely.
 So, how safe is everyone? Click to find out below:


Chapter 25 – Bare Backs



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