Tipping the toes in the water… 6 Months to Live Chapter 29!

Yeah, I use the word ‘thanks’ a lot below and you’re probably sick of reading it in relation to the word ‘awards’ all week now… I get it but please read on anyhow… There’s a spiffy new chapter at the end to make up for it 😉

Thanks to whomever nominated this story and me for the New Kid on the Block for the You Want Blood Awards. Voting is now open, you can vote for whatever you like for an unlimited amount of times till the 22nd or until your finger falls off, whichever comes first.

I admit I was quite saddened to see some of my favourite writers didn’t show up on the YWBA ballots so I’m hoping they at least get some acknowledgement in the Fanatic Fanfics Multifandom Awards who are accepting nominations from various fandoms till May 18th. It’s where I’m heading after posting this.

Thanks as ever to msbuffy for her work on this chapter! Speaking of, she earned herself a much deserved nomination for the beta award in the You Want Blood Awards. I know it’s hard for a reader to determine what makes a good beta but I assure you msbuffy’s the best. My rule of thumb has always been: you know a good beta when she (or he) isn’t there for whatever reason. A good beta shouldn’t be detectable in a text and that makes them all the more hard to recognise so you really only notice them when they’re gone. Msbuffy is one of those rare breeds and I’m ever thankful for her dedication to me and the many other writers she assists. She saves me oodles of time and speaking of… some personal stuff I won’t bore everyone with because it’s my stuff and you’re here for reading the stories I write and that’s perfectly fine but updates will be sporadic until the beginning of June. I need a little break and I’m taking it where I can.



Chapter 29 – Euro Ass


11 thoughts on “Tipping the toes in the water… 6 Months to Live Chapter 29!

  1. Congrats on your noms! Quite deserved! Good luck–unless are up against each other in a category. That’s when my claws come out. 🙂 LOL. Last year they had a Comedy category. I missed it this year b/c I wanted to nominate Beehl…that poor constipated cat. Course that ass tried to sniff my ass the other day. NOT COOL!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I think you’re probably in every category except the newbs so I’ll be in hiding from the claws for awhile… I think we’re in AH together but I didn’t really pay that much attention to my own stuff.


        1. Congrats to you too! The other awards aren’t on WP so I think it has more difficulty spreading the word but strangely we’re the number one fandom on that after a vote earlier this month…


            1. Meridian will probably kill me for this (but maybe because it’s Beehl I’ll be excused) but aside from missing his balls he’s also been personally declawed by Pam… he wouldn’t stand a chance against anyone… poor sod…

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