I am breaking my vow of silence (also known as I’m on vacation people) but word reached me through mysterious ways that I’ve been nominated in several categories for the Fanatic Fanfic Multifandom Awardsand then I looked… you guys nominated Beehl! I don’t even know how that’s allowed hence the dying of laughter and Beehl might actually shit himself because of it… and is it wrong of me that I really, and I mean REALLY, want Meridian’s awesome fic The Revealing of Andre to beat out the Fifty Shades hussies in the Favorite Risque Fanfic category courtesy of the Master Torturer? (I mean seriously people make this happen! I’ll vow to make a special Beehl the Constipated Cat just for the occasion!).

So I’m truly humbled by the nominations, when I pointed people that way I really meant it for some other writers who may have gotten overlooked in the award frenzy to get a second chance, not for my own shameless ass fanning… but you were kind enough to do so anyhow and on some stories that are dear to my heart that I didn’t expect to find there.

Enough about me, I hate long lists and I assume you guys do to (and the list of nominations over there is epically long causing me to miss half my noms in the process) and an annoying travel laptop plus annoyed hisviks = a list that makes sense without all those other fandom fics. Fellow nominated writers who want to get your readers out to vote (May 31st – June 14th) feel free to copy, paste, and adjust the list below for your own purposes (just remember to remove the shameless plugging little asterisks next to my name). Excuse the formatting, me and the travel laptop are not getting along… As far as I can tell these are the noms writing/aiding our fandom, but I am unfortunately not an all knowing being, if I accidentally deleted someone or a story that should be there leave a comment and I’ll stick it back in.

Nominees by Category

The 2015 Fanatic Fanfic Multifandom Awards Nominees Are…

All-Time Favorite True Blood Fanfic

Addicted To Love by BonTempsBaby
All I Want by Kittyinaz
At Second Glance by sawyersmine
Bombshell by California Kat
Come Back to Me by California Kat
Crave You by SweetSouthernSass
Eric Northman: After the Show by Meridian
In The Shadow Of The Oak by Royal Ember
Keep Me by dream7me7to7sleep
Lifting the veil by Queen of Area 5
Lover’s Amnesia by gyllene
The Moon by Meridian
The Sheriff and the Detective by Randompenname101
The Un-iverse Trilogy: Uncharted by California Kat
The Un-iverse Trilogy: Uninvited by California Kat
The Un-iverse Trilogy: United by California Kat
Twisted and Turned by ElfChef
Twisted and Turned II: Future Undone by ElfChef
Twisted and Turned III: Edge of Forever by ElfChef
Valentine’s Night by Meridian

Favorite Action Fanfic

Birds of a Feather by chicpea

Favorite Angst Fanfic

Amnesia by jc52185
At Last by Meridian
Everything by jc52185
Love and Memories by jc52185
Twisted and Turned by ElfChef
Twisted and Turned II: Future Undone by ElfChef
Twisted and Turned III: Edge of Forever by ElfChef

Favorite Comedy Fanfic

*Beehl the Constipated Cat by hisviks
Mistaken Identity by plaguemysoul
*Thanksgiving Fixin’s by hisviks

Favorite Complete Fanfic

Anticipating by Meridian

Back and Forth Universe by CaliforniaKat1564
Valentine’s Night by Meridian

Favorite Crime Fanfic

*6 Months to Live by hisviks
The Stackhouse File by Morggy

Favorite Crossover Fanfic

Light Up The Path by Kittynaz (Mummy/Twilight)

Such a Heavenly View by kittyinaz ( Harry Potter, Twilight)

You’re All I Am Asking For by Kittyinaz (Twilight/Vampire Diaries)

Favorite One-shot Fanfic

At Last by Meridian

Daylight by gyllene76
He Had Your Eyes by Meridian
*In Memoriam by hisviks
Last Christmas by Meridian
Shall We Dance by Meridian
The Atrium by Meridian

Favorite Otherworld Fanfic

All I Want by Kittyinaz
*From Time Immemorial by hisviks
Night Eternal by Morggy

The Huntsman’s Quarry by ElfChef

Favorite Risqué Fanfic

Decisions by Meridian
The Moon by Meridian
The Revealing of Andre by Meridian

Favorite Romance Fanfic

All I Want by Kittyinaz
Beholden by ElfChef
Decisions by Meridian
*Galatea’s Descent by hisviks
Lover’s Amnesia by gyllene76
Sookie Takes Charge by Meridian
The Moon by Meridian
The Revealing of Andre by Meridian

Favorite Undiscovered Fanfic

Decisions by Meridiean
*It’s Already Gone by hisviks

Favorite Work-In-Progress Fanfic

In The Shadow Of The Oak by Royal Ember

Black Friday by gyllene76
Decisions by Meridian
Recollector by J.R. Watkins
Sookie Takes Charge by Meridian
The Moon by Meridian
The Revealing of Andre by Meridian

Favorite Beta Reader


Favorite Newbie Author


Favorite Veteran Author




Favorite Banner Artist


Favorite Creative Artist


Favorite Versatile Artist


38 thoughts on “I’M DYING OF LAUGHTER!!!!!!!

  1. Reblogged this on California Kat and commented:
    hisviks has just “enabled” my laziness! She’s compiled a list of nominations that our fanbase received in the Multi-fandom awards! A lot of wonderful writers are included. And I want to say thanks to those that included my work among their nominations too. Y’all are the best to me!


    1. *snickers* I’m glad my issues with technology are able to reap laziness rewards… just don’t become so lethargic you forget to vote! Congrats on the nominations, you totally deserve them!


  2. Well, when you consider that each depiction of BtCC tells an entire story complete with angst, drama, redemption and, oh, sorry, I can’t take it that far but you get the idea, it makes perfect sense…or, um, something. I just know that BtCC *must* win – he must…MUST! We’ll find a way to re-constipate him if we have to, but he needs to win! 😀
    Andre said to thank you for the love, then he added the strangest message, something about how he wants you to put on that “sweet little pale green number for tonight”, whatever that means. He said you’d know… ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You forgot that Beehl takes potshots at the twi-faint-of-hearters and adorers of Grey Matter so he’s like totally a MultiFandom shoe in! *snort* Yes, Beehl and Andre must win it’s all part of CH and AB’s secret plans for world domination, they’ve been distracting us all this time with that blonde Viking with the jumbotron in his pants, but no more! And tell Andre I know exactly of what he speaks of 😉

      Liked by 2 people

  3. holy moly!! thanks for this post, I’m sooo voting beeeehl (that makes me cringe when I see it but it’s the context that counts!). awesome if you to make this list, still some hard choices but at least I can see the choices without my eyes bleeding. ❤

    Liked by 2 people

      1. damm… now I want some stickers, there’s HUGE use for them …. all those idiots who park so close to my van that I have to crawl through to get in, when ppl park in front if my mail box so I don’t get my mail, the shitty DVDs I rented cause it got good reviews (I’m looking at YOU twilight).

        Liked by 2 people

            1. LOL, I think in that case Eric might totally loose his *shiz and go on a murderous killing spree!
              Long live the TRUE vampires ❤ – the Viking and the Gaul!!!!

              Liked by 1 person

            2. I rented that DVD (vampire academy) and it definitely needed a beeeehl sticker! I did read the books, which weren’t *too* terribly bad, but damm the movie was painful. **waiting for Eric to kick my ass

              Liked by 2 people

        1. Thanks msbuffy, be sure to let the other children know, I just copy pasted the list and a lot are ff.net links and it was completely random I became aware I was nominated… And no announcements about owning Beehl, I fear I’ll wither away to nothing with the constant need to hurl…

          Liked by 1 person

  4. Reblogged this on mp5KOVA FanFiction and commented:
    Thank you hisviks for making this into a manageable list for the SVM/TB lovers out there ❤
    Ok, peeps check out the numerous nominations and Beehl the Constipated Cat in this year Fanatic Fanfic Multifandom Awards…
    Make sure you vote for your favorites on May 31st, 2015!!!!!
    I know I will. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hey hisviks, I just voted and saw a few nominations you can add in some of the categories.

    Favorite Crossover Fanfic:: Such a Heavenly View by kittyinaz ( Harry Potter, Twilight)

    Favorite One-shot Fanfic:: At Last by Meridian

    Favorite Otherworld Fanfic:: The Huntsman’s Quarry by ElfChef

    Favorite Work-In-Progress Fanfic:: In The Shadow Of The Oak
    by Royal Ember

    *Btw, I used your list as my guide and I can’t tell you how helpful it was in navigating through all those names 🙂
    Great Job and Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

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