Something old, something new… A Thanksgiving Fixin’s EAM outtake!

I have a bit of a new tale for you but it’s connected to something of old. A happy Midsommar, Summer Solstice, Midsummer, etc. to all that celebrate this longest day of the year. We tend to have long and dark winters so us Northern Europeans have a certain affinity with this day even though it’s often celebrated on different dates. It was this upcoming holiday that cross breaded with a bizarre visual find that had my muse pushing (read: an Eric who wouldn’t shut up about his Maypole) a new outtake for the Fixin’s family out from Everything and More. This follows the Christmas outtake Meet Me Under the Stars.

There’s a bit more info in the A/N (with a bit of a refresh on some details) and I hope you all enjoy the tale, it’s a few chapters long and I’ll try uploading them in quick succession to keep that bit of ‘ordinary magic’ of this extensive and extraordinary cast of characters going.



When Eric lost his memories in Season Four, that Eric ended up in the future leaving him momentarily lost as to what had happened during the years in between. Suddenly he’s confronted with a bonded mate, crazy in-laws, and a whole caboodle of kids with whom he has no idea to whom they belong… while Sookie continues to speak of a Maypole when Eric can only recognise the one that keeps rising in his pants…

E/S – P/N – Post Meet Me Under the Stars



Chapter 1 – Wrong Side of the Bed



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