Ehm, yeah, shyeah, I’ll spare you all the reasons… Bonfire of the Vanities Chapter 31



I may have to take back my notions excuses that I haven’t been lazy with explanations of energy saving modes… I got delayed, let’s leave it at that shall we? I can give a shit ton of valid reasons but when it all comes down to it lethargy is my nemesis but look: an update! Since it’s been forever (even I was shocked when I checked the date of the last update on this story) find the link to the previous chapter here, or if you have a better memory than me just go right ahead and click-a-di-click the picture or link below.


A note on updating: I’ll follow the same order as before (so 6MTL is next then FTI) but I wrote a little short story that’s four chapters long that’ll be dispersed in between but I haven’t figured out exactly how and when yet so just bare with me and my semi-lethargic self. Beehl and his constipated woes will probably make an appearance at random somewhere too.


Side note: WP is being a giant pain (and I know I’m not alone in this suffering so ignore the complaining if you will), it took up far too much time to load, upload, and post than normal so there are some formatting issues in the chapter, beyond that I hope all is working as it should, otherwise let me know.




Chapter 31 – Clarity

16 thoughts on “Ehm, yeah, shyeah, I’ll spare you all the reasons… Bonfire of the Vanities Chapter 31

              1. Ohhh my…. That…that’s definitely twifuckery worthy… I can see Fuckward runnin’ to ask MamaEsme, “MamaEsme, what’s ‘throat yogurt’ and where do I get some? It might soothe the burn…”
                Imma go wash my brain with bleach now…want some?

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