New story fever… At First Sight – The Prologue

musesRight… despite having this sign up on my blog for quite a while now it doesn’t seem to help… Hi, my name is hisviks and I have new story fever…

I tend to wait a bit before posting a new story till I have a substantial number of chapters banked so this has been sitting and percolating for awhile and while working on a new chapter or two of this yesterday I decided, what the hell let’s start posting… so without further ado click the banner or link below:



Take one ill fit bride and add one clueless groom and watch experts arrange what they deem the ‘perfect’ marriage that proves to be inconvenient to everyone involved but the happy couple. Mix in a healthy dose of scepticism, resentment, and rivalry along with some disturbing ‘senior’ moments and you might come close to getting what this story is about.

This is me needing to write something fun and light while the angst continues elsewhere… E/S and any other disturbing coupling you can think of (nothing graphic I swear! I need to retain some sanity through it all…)

E/S – Wildly AU and OOC – Rated M

Prologue – I do


PS: Despite the cheesy title this in no way resembles a Nicholas Sparks novel (though never having read one I can’t assure this, but I’m pretty damn sure) or a Kylie Minogue song for that matter, unfortunately I have heard those…

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