New Story Fever! Short Story: Sink Back into the Ocean *BLOG EXCLUSIVE*

Yep, it’s another blog exclusive because I’m too lazy to post in multiple places and I don’t think I’ll be posting this or Something about Us on at a later date either. This short is complete in six chapters and I’ll determine update frequency depending on response but most likely time in between won’t be long and it’ll be wrapped up within one or two weeks. It’s a small tale with a different take inspired by this picture as it showed up in my WP feed one day by one of the chief dealers of Skarsporn (I can’t remember who though but I’m suspecting the owner of a Squirrelly Girl) and an idea for a story was born.


Give it a go if you will even if it is AH, I don’t write the typical AH anyhow and this certainly isn’t a typical AH story. Much thanks to msbuffy for her work on this!


Eric Northman seemed an innocent sort, coming to learn the tricks of the shipping trade. He lived off charm alone, weaselling his way aboard Jason Stackhouse’s boat, into his Gran’s home for room and board, and then ultimately his sister’s bed. A storm at sea ripped apart a brightly painted future for the young lovers with only part of the crew returning, Eric assumed lost at sea forever. Despite the adversity, Sookie manages to rebuild her life, embarking on a different path until suddenly he returns and her life is once more turned upside down.


Chapter 1 – Lost and Found

*Title shamelessly stolen from the theme song to Showtime’s The Affair as performed by Fiona Apple. 

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