Better late than never… At First Sight – Chapter 20!

So my temporary hiatus lasted a little longer than I expected, but hopefully I’ll be able to pick this story up where it left off in the same spirit. Saying that the next chapter is slightly different than what went before it, but I’m pretty sure no one will mind the turn this story is taking. Click on the banner or link below. If you want to refresh a bit first; Chapter 19.

In case it has somehow escaped your notice, the Fanatic Fanfiction Awards are now taking votes and the You Want Blood Awards are asking you to submit your nominations by the 22nd of April. You certainly don’t need to do it on my account but if you are going to fill in the nomination form and you’re unsure whether a story qualifies due to the dates I’d like to direct you to the Fangbangers Anonymous’ Recently Completed Stories Archive to help you out. With the exception of  my current and only WIP “At First Sight” all my active works of the past year are listed there by date of completion along with the (completed) works of many other writers in this fandom you might want to nominate.





Chapter 20 – Off

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