I’m back and so is At First Sight – Chapter 23!

I’m aware the absence was looooooooooong… without going into it too much there were good reasons, bad reasons, and everything in between and then suddenly it was vacation time. Good news is that after all that I managed to finish up this story over the last month and msbuffy had the new chapters back to me super quick so I’m ready to start posting and see this baby to its end <cracks hands>. I don’t have a posting schedule set out yet, will depend on response and how quickly people are keeping up with it and I don’t want to be that daily inbox spammer either…


So for those who need a refresher or are new to the story, prologue can be found here, chapters are generally short so not much of a task to catch up. Description is as follows:


Take one ill fit bride and add one clueless groom and watch experts arrange what they deem the ‘perfect’ marriage that proves to be inconvenient to everyone involved but the happy couple. Mix in a healthy dose of scepticism, resentment, and rivalry along with some disturbing ‘senior’ moments and you might come close to getting what this story is about.

This is me needing to write something fun and light while the angst continues elsewhere… E/S and any other disturbing coupling you can think of (nothing graphic I swear! I need to retain some sanity through it all…)

E/S – Wildly AU and OOC – Rated M


For those who need to refresh where this last left off, previous chapter is here.


New chapter click below ∇. Obligatory words of warning, I had left this story for a bit so there is a change in tone which in part had to do with some of the reasons for my absence (see above) but it’s also the way I roll so as ever prepare thyself accordingly 😉 It’s good to be back and I hope you’re all still out there and will embrace these two bickering fools again!





Chapter 23 – Back

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      1. *deep sigh* Ok, ok, here ya go: *commences t’stampin’ foot…* Ow, well that wasn’t fun! *hand on hip* How about I shake a finger at you? Apparently that’s supposed to mean you’re being “fussed at”, right? *checks manual* Ok, here ya go: *shakes finger but becomes immediately distracted by music from earphones and starts moving finger in time with the beat*

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