‘Tis the end in more ways than one… At First Sight – Chapter 27!


The final chapter of At First Sight is up and makes this story now complete. Click below for the link and leave the following text for what it is, or later, if you’re the impatient sort.

As you will notice all stories on my site are now marked as complete, which can only mean…

Yes, I’m sorry but this will be my final story. It’s a decision I made a long time ago, I wrote this story knowing it would be the last thing to finish even though it was only ever intended to be a short side project. There’s no real special reason why I’ve chosen to stop, I’ve simply found the limits of what is possible with fan fiction and it’s no longer as exciting and new as it once was, and I don’t see that changing. It’s not a case of a waning muse or anything specific, inspiration might strike at some point and demand itself to be written, but I sincerely doubt it. I know an ending when I see it, and it’s now. It really is as simple as that.

I ‘ll still be around, working behind the scenes for the FA blog so I’m not completely gone and Beehl and his constipated feline woes might still rear his ugly head now and then. Writing, it’s been fun and never something I really considered doing until I just started typing away at something and I’d like to think I’ll continue doing it somehow but I might just as easily be distracted by something completely different, we’ll see, it’s the fun bit about the unknown.

Thank you all for your wonderful interaction, support, and encouragement all this time. It feels like yesterday that I entered Sephrenia’s contest as a complete unknown and I’m still taken aback that I ended up winning. It didn’t take long for msbuffy to enter my life and assist me with the insane workload I’d taken on trying to get my stories out that I’d previously quietly been penning away at. I will forever be grateful for the work she put in right alongside me but I’m more in awe of her wonderful personality, her giving spirit, and listening ear throughout this journey.

Much thanks to you all.




*I have yet to decide whether to take this site down or not but there might be a possibility of it and I will give advanced warning of this if this is the case. I will be removing my stories from story hosting sites by the end of the month.




Chapter 27 – Love is All You Need



66 thoughts on “‘Tis the end in more ways than one… At First Sight – Chapter 27!

  1. I’m saddened to read that this will be your last story. Thank you for all of the laughter and tears you’ve provided us with your fantastic stories. It was a pleasure reading them and you will be sorely missed. I can’t think of a better way to finish than with this gem!

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    1. Thanks for the kind words 🙂 I’m glad you were able to laugh and cry (don’t really know if that’s a good thing… but okay). Thanks for being there to read it all!


  2. I had to click ‘like’ only because there’s not a “I don’t like this at all!” button to click. My dearest Favored Ingrate, I will miss you and all the fun we have working together. I will miss your beautiful prose, the ever-intelligent way you have of spinning a tale, and even your fragments and run-on sentences. It has been my greatest pleasure to work with you, and though we’ll continue to do so with the FBA Blog, it won’t be quite the same as the times we spent talking back & forth, trying to determine what else we could with spaghetti, or a pregnant Eric… It’s been so much fun! You should see the smile on my face right now… We had a great time, didn’t we?
    I’ll keep you posted on #Towers. Thanks for everything; the education on European writing, the stories, the listening, and all the laughter! 🙂

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    1. *sniff* <— You know how much I don't like that. Thank you for the words of praise. You also know how highly I value your opinion so I don't take it lightly.

      I guess we'll always have spaghetti 😉


  3. I’m stomping my foot and pouting like TB Sookie right now. 😦 Your stories have been a source of great entertainment. Will miss seeing those new post notifications in my inbox. Success in everything you do!!! Thanks for the wild ride

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    1. Thank you! And for always being ‘there’with the lovely and insightful comments you always left behind that often brought a smile to my face, not to mention the hilarious repartee that sometimes inspired my writing with furry cock cozies! My stories would lack the odd ball humour were it not for your occasional input in the comment section, thanks! 🙂

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  4. So sad but I wish you all the best and thank you for your great stories. I love your stories. You are one of the few writers for whom I would read anything you wrote. I’m glad you will still be around for the FA Guide but…. You will be missed.

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    1. That’s so sweet of you, never knew my odd collection of stories had inspired others to write. Hmm, I’m sure I can think of something really odd you wouldn’t want to read… don’t tempt me 😉

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      1. Bring it! Whatever it is – I’m sure I could take it, read it and probably enjoy it… Hell, I used to read the dictionary for fun as a kid. And you did inspire me to write, so there! Sweet? Me? Are you sure??? I will miss reading your stories.

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        1. *Snort* comparing my work to reading a dictionary isn’t all that confidence inspiring 😉 Let’s see what do I have littering the place, a very dry and boring thesis, some uncompleted fanfics that never saw the light of day, I might still have a phone book from eons ago but I didn’t write that, it seems like the type of thing you might like though considering the dictionary…

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          1. Hey I was a lonely, bored nerd-child and… Yeah reading dictionaries probably didn’t help. I’m sure your stuff is far more scintillating than the dictionary, though I do have this one that’s illustrated and super-cool… Wait, did I just admit to owning multiple dictionaries? Well, it’s totally for professional purposes since I am an English teacher… Oh, grammar books – now they are even better than dictionaries! Probably beats the phone book too. That’s some seriously mind-bleedingly boring shit… I’m sure even your shopping lists beat them!

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            1. Eh, I have several dictionaries including an illustrated Tintin one in French… I have no teaching qualifications so I think that sinks me to the bottom of the pile 😐

              Actually my shopping lists are wildly interesting… I like lists, okay! Leave it alone…

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                  1. Pfft- Lol! I completely understand why! Sitting in a high-backed chair with wings like a super-villain, spinning around with said dictionary on lap in place of cat, stroking it and smiling, always smiling…

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                    1. Beehl the constipated cat blinked his one remaining eye as he licked his badly broken and shoddily reset paw before running it over the torn stump of his ear. He’d been lying in a ditch for the six weeks since he’d been run over – twice- by a nondescript mini-van, living off pond scum and mosquito larvae. But now – at last- he’d managed to crawl his way out using the stumps of his teeth and the bloodied remains of his claws.
                      Who the hell’s apartment was this anyway? Beehl sniffed suspiciously at the high-backed winged chair in hot pink velour, eyeing the collection of dictionaries on the shelf beside it. Hmm, the chair looked soft and comfy, the perfect place for him to lay his mangy, flea-bitten ass.
                      Beehl hurled himself at the chair, realising too late that his chosen resting place was already occupied by of all things a fucking dictionary. He tore out his last remaining bloody claw trying to stop himself from flying off the edge and onto the cold floor below.
                      A dictionary? An illustrated Tintin dictionary, in French nonetheless? His rectum quivered with excitement, puckering itself up even tighter and cinching his face together as though the two were somehow connected by a marionette string. If only – could it be? He positioned his ass directly over Snowy’s yappy face. Bet that fucking dog never had trouble taking a shit. Gently, Beehl the constipated cat began to squeeze his puckery ass, his face contorting with delight.
                      But just as he felt a poop begin to slowly work its way through his constricted gut muscles, he heard a car door slam and footsteps. Shit, had he been sprung trying to have a shit on Snowy’s face?
                      “You have got to be fucking kidding me! Is that – is that cat hair on my chair?” demanded the tall blonde woman with fangs that made Beehl feel very, very small. If he had hands, he would have covered his non-existent balls. She grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and carried him to the bathroom.
                      Several buzzing minutes later, pink and gleaming in the hall light, Beehl emerged, stepping daintily past the piles of cat-hair adorning the tiles.
                      Just who the fuck was Bubba and why was she threatening to send him there if she ever saw his wrinkly ass again?
                      Beehl tiptoed past the chair and Snowy’s smug, smiling face.

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                    2. Why thank you – that is so very kind of you! Why do I feel dirty when you tell me to ‘use’ Beehl? Ugh. *shudders* I shall dedicate it to you…. And all lovers of Tintin, dictionaries and shaved cats. 😀

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  5. I know I already commented but hey… I just wanted to thank you for your amazing stories which helped inspire me to write my own. If it’s not fun anymore then I completely understand your decision to stop writing but I would urge you to consider keeping your site up because it is such a wonderful treasure- trove of stories.

    Liked by 1 person

          1. Eh, too late…sorry/not sorry. He’ll be bombarding you with “But gimme mah Sookeh” pleas, rants, diatribes, whines, pics of his sideburns and/or whiskers, latest turd releases… *MWAHAHAHA*

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    1. It’s nice to know I’ll be missed but that never was the reason for writing. I don’t think I’d write with the same enthusiasm as I once did and I doubt that would make anyone happy.


  6. I read this last night and decided to mull it over before commenting. The selfish thing to say is that I wish you would change your mind. But your decision had to come with a great deal of thought and for good reasons, so it has to be respected. You have a wonderful talent and have written very unique and captivating stories. Your writer’s voice will be missed by everyone who had the pleasure to read your creations. I do hope you don’t decide to take your blog down, for both new readers of our fandom who would never have a chance to experience these stories, and for those like me who enjoy re-reading favorites over and over.
    And if it will help your decision, I’ll join Meridian and sic Pam and Eric and Beehl on you…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I’ll take the blog thing in consideration but no promises. I understand your arguments but I have my own reservations and they’re hard to override currently. And like I mentioned to Mer, maybe I want you all to sic those lovely (and one stinky) vampires on me 😀


  7. What? Nooooooo! But, but… Who will write crazy-funny stories about cat-babies and pregnant Erics now?

    Damn it. 😦

    All the best for wherever your curiosity and joie de vivre leads you next, Hisviks. Thanks for the laughs and the feels along the way, and for all the work you put in to FA. If you ever wander back to fanfiction, let me know so I can say hi and read along. Even if it’s not TB/SVM that brings you back — I’ll read just about anything 🙂

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    1. Well there’s this writer, skivsih, on ff.net who writes about Kitty Eric and Sookie who birth human babies! 😉

      Hmm, I don’t think I’ll ever do fanfiction again and if I do write something else it would be something very different but I have your email address so I can always bother you with it then and test how true that statement is 😀


  8. How I really feel: Howling at the moon! I can understand that you no longer feel the burn to write, but for the love of the Viking God, don’t take your stories down! You don’t know how much we depend on them for laughs and deep feelings, maybe not at the same time. I mean we don’t laugh at feelings, unless they’re Beehl’s.

    Whatever is in your future, I hope you are happy. At least, if you this blog up, you can keep in touch.
    Wishing you the best of the best~

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    1. Ooh I have a Were as a reader? Your username suggest otherwise… hmmm… I feel I’m being had 😉

      Won’t someone care about Beehl’s feelings? All the things I put that cat through… meh… he smells *wrinkles nose*

      Yeah, yeah, complaints noted, I’m yet to be fully convinced but I’m letting my thoughts on it marinate in the meanwhile. Thanks for reading, enjoying, and the laughter.


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