DAY 22: A Gift for ciasteczko from ???

Let’s see if I can still remember how to reblog something…

You know I really did mean it when I said I’d stopped writing but it appears in an emergency the hands are still willing to type 😀 Enjoy it while it lasts!

The TB/SVM Writers Directory : Fangfuckingtastic FanFiction


So we’re going to need a little disclaimer here and ruining the surprise element somewhat. As lovely and helpful some writers may be inevitably it happens that despite committing to something they can’t deliver. Given the late notice, there were little other possibilities to arrange for an alternate writer so it fell to me, hisviks, to write something in its place to avoid someone going without a gift. So despite having announced my retirement from writing a few months back I felt it important enough to contribute (even with the possibility of misgivings about utilising the platform here for my own works unfairly) because ciasteczko is probably our most prolific contributors with the story locator queries and I didn’t want to see her go without. She regularly checks in on her own accord and having sourced the missing story often far quicker than we’ve even managed to look at the query. She’s an…

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