Chapter 11 – Oppurtunity




“Eric are you asleep?” Sookie whispered into the darkness of his room.


“No. What are you doing here?” he asked as he heard her feet pad over the wooden boards in the darkness.


“I can’t sleep. Can I lie with you for a bit?” He pulled the covers up in response and she quickly slid in beside him as they barely managed to squeeze together on the single bed.


“I can’t believe we ended up under the roof of Sweden’s only religious nut,” Sookie huffed out in annoyance as she curled up into his chest.


“I think we can safely say Mrs Frisk is hardly frisky,” Eric noted dryly. She laughed at his terrible attempt at a joke though she could find little humour in their situation.


“Can I stay here? I mean you don’t have to. I know it’s cramped…”


“Stop rambling. I’ll never say no to you sleeping in my arms, but I can’t be held accountable for your safety. Here put your head on my arm,” he indicated by pulling her waist towards him so they were both moderately comfortable and securely held within the bed.


“Thank you Eric,” she said as she placed a soft kiss on his bicep and exhaled a contented sigh.


“You’re welcome,” he replied as he kissed the top of her head inhaling the ocean breeze that still lingered in her hair.




“Eric do you ever wonder if we just lost our window of opportunity?” Sookie asked, her voice muffled by the nearness of his chest.


“How so?”


“Well look at us, we’re cramped together in a small single bed in each other’s arms completely at ease. This is probably the most intimate relationship I’ve ever been engaged in yet the closest we’ve come is a near kiss.”


“You worry the loss of a sexual component?” he questioned, his tone was soft as he purposefully did not wish to express any pressure on that matter in their fragile relations.


“No not really,” Sookie sighed. “I mean I never really understood the big hoopla about sex. It’s more the closer we’re bound; the comfort found in that. At some point it might be too good to risk it all for the potential loss of it.”


“I think we will be good together,” he spoke with deference.


“How can you be so sure?” she asked her hesitation evident in her voice.


“Like you said this is the most intimate relationship you have ever been in. I would say the same goes for me,” he answered letting the silence in the room settle with the statement. He continued to assure her, “It is enough for me for now. I think it could even be enough if we never have sex. I enjoy being with you, I like who I am around you.”


Sookie smiled contentedly into the darkness. “I like who I am around you too,” she spoke with a soft whisper. “You would really abstain from sex to be with me?”


“Abstain? No, I might seek out a helping hand now and then.”


Sookie tried to stifle her shock unsuccessfully as she seethed, “You’d seek out other women?”


“No I would literally seek out my own hand,” Eric replied his amusement at her jealously dancing through his words.


“Oh,” she uttered trying desperately to swallow her earlier ire. “When was the last time you know, with a woman?” Sookie asked fuelled by her insecurities.


“Before I met you.”


She pondered about his dedication to her. Granted they spent almost all of their time together in close quarters. Still he could have easily gone off and sought relations but he didn’t. He chose to be by her side even if it would seem that she were never to share her body with his.


“At what point did you decide you wanted to be with me?”


“When you stole my bacon and I let you,” he said with a smile in reminiscence of those early morning hours after the scuffle that was their first time meeting and were well on their way enacting a plan to see to her safety.


“Huh?” she asked inelegantly. “Yet you draw the line at hot sauce.”


“I do have my limits,” Eric chuckled at her affinity to his self-described battery acid whose invasion of his shared breakfast he had fought admirably before continuing in a more serious tone. “I don’t share well. Never have,” he shrugged. “I share with you, I bared my soul to you and you don’t judge me for what darkness it contains.”


“Because it’s beautiful,” she interjected. “All of you; flaws and all.”


“Some would describe that as love.”


They both remained silent at his implication.


“Why are you so fearful of sex?” he probed as it became apparent neither would fall asleep after his previous statement had been unleashed into the room.


“I don’t know,” she answered honestly. “My experience with it is limited. I just don’t want our future to be hinged upon it.”


“Was your relationship with Bill defined by it?”


She furrowed her brows at the mention of the man who had deceived her heart so. “In a sense yes. I told him I was inexperienced and he never pressured me. At the time I thought it was sweet, now I know better of course. Then he proposed to me when we’d only known each other for a little over a month.”


“That message would have left little room for interpretation.”


“Yes, though I never told him I was saving myself for marriage,” she said from memory. “I thought it odd at the time but if you don’t account for my ability, that is the unspoken assumption of why a woman would still be a virgin in her mid-twenties.”


“Why did you agree to marry him then?”


“I didn’t at first, I told him I needed time to consider his proposal. It was the reaction of my friends and family that got me to accept.”


“I thought they were disapproving of Bill,” Eric stated with mild confusion.


“Yes, they were especially when he proposed,” she sighed. “My brother was insulted being passed over as the man of the family. Bill had met him once and it had hardly been cordial so he hadn’t sought out my brother’s approval. He didn’t think much of Jason and the feeling seemed mutual. I thought time would sort that out…”

The sadness in her voice had him rubbing soft circles on her upper back catching a stray strand of her soft hair now and then. She gave him a small smile and even in the limited light he caught it and returned it.


“Tara and Lafayette didn’t trust him,” Sookie recalled of her two closest friends. “Lafayette was convinced he had a secret family, that I would be a second wife on the down low. Bill told me Lafayette being the only gay man ‘out’ in a fifty mile radius made him project his own life on mine. It made sense. So I believed Bill.”


Eric kissed her softly at the crown of her head as she steeled herself to explain the events of her past that lived in such different light now that Bill’s betrayal had been revealed to her by the man that held her with more sympathy than anyone ever had.


“My relationship with Tara was already deteriorating over the fallout of her own relationship. I was convinced, mostly impressed upon by Bill, that Tara couldn’t share my happiness as she had none of her own.” A small pause stopped the tears she didn’t wish to shed over the man of her past any longer. “My boss Sam Merlotte had been harbouring unrequited feelings for me for years. He had been a great friend but he acted like the jilted lover at the news of my possible engagement.” Her own face softened again as she found the compassion that he always held for her in those bluest of eyes.


“I defended Bill to them all and I thought that that was love. So I agreed to marry him even though we had been on one date and physically seen each other nine days in total. I placated myself that my Gran would have been excited for us had she still been alive.”


She let out a deep sigh, one of many that night as heavy disappointment lamented her body with her past actions.


“You were being manipulated,” Eric soothed whilst moving the hair around her face to tuck it behind her ear.


“I was lying to myself because I was greedy for something I never thought I could have. Something I never deserved as the town freak.”


“Do you still believe that?” he asked pointedly.


“No. You tried to kill me and you didn’t. You helped me when you didn’t have to. I’m helping you and I don’t have to,” Sookie said with conviction. “We’re even; we’re not bound by obligation. We are both here at this point in time because we want to be right here. You’ve made me see my worth; I’m not a freak. I deserve whatever I desire out of life not simply what stumbles across my path.”


“I stumbled across your path,” he observed.


“Yes, yet I chose to walk along beside you on your path.”


“You’ve tied your faith to an assassin yet sex is what frightens you,” he noted dryly. If the subject matter had not been so serious this statement would surely have amused Eric.


“Sex doesn’t frighten me, the loss of this is,” she said pointing back and forth at the air between them.


“I understand,” he acknowledged as his fingers trailed through the heavy mane of her hair. “However what does hoopla mean?”


“The fuzz, the excitement,” she explained.


Eric pondered the definition. “You find no excitement in sex?”


“Well it’s nice and all, but considering the time it seems to occupy everyone. The talk about it, it just doesn’t measure up to the reality of it,” she shrugged.


“I think Bill didn’t measure up.”


“What? No it was fine, normal sex, it just wasn’t this porntastic vision everyone seems to morph it into.”


“You’ve been doing it wrong,” he said with authority.


“How would you know? You weren’t even there,” Sookie rebuked almost childlike.


“He left you wanting. Your testy defence speaks volumes. Did you ever orgasm with him, did he attend to your needs?” Eric didn’t really need to hear the answer to know. He feared that Compton had most likely broken her in like a common whore where skills were only cultivated to please the man she was servicing.


“I’m not answering that,” she said with gritted teeth.


“We have our answer then.”


She huffed in annoyance at his expert sense of uncovering her hidden truths. “It’s not a big deal, not every woman is always capable of that,” she returned lamely.


While Eric knew that was not a false truth he also knew that this did not apply to Sookie. He had smelt her release among the sheets and while it may have been accelerated by a dosage of GHB it was evident Sookie was quite capable herself where Bill was not.


“I could make you come without so much as touching you,” he whispered suggestively into her ear. Even though it sent shivers down her spine she wasn’t going to let him have the upper hand over her in that moment as it awakened her innate recalcitrance.


“Pray tell Viking Sex God how you are going to achieve this?” she said, the sarcasm dripping from her voice as she tried to deflect the charging atmosphere.


“Why should I tell you when I can show you,” he retorted evenly.


Nerves were catching up with her bravado though Sookie was unsure whether they were caused by anticipation or the thought of it not happening at all.


“Eric, I….” she trailed off unsure what she wanted to say. Unsure what she wanted from him.


“I’ll stop. I’m sorry,” he said while loosening his hold on her. “I should not have pushed you where you are uncomfortable.”


“Don’t,” she whispered so softly he almost didn’t hear it as she lifted her eyes to his to make him understand her intent. “Please, show me.”


“You are sure?” he asked as the words almost caught in his throat with the possibility.


“Yes,” she returned in the same hushed voice that had his groin needy with the strain. “But if at any point…”


“I will stop and we will never speak of it again,” he interrupted her words of concern.


“Ok. How do you want to do this?” she enquired unsure as her body was battling the nerves and heat of what was to come.


“Get undressed and lay on the bed,” Eric instructed while he removed himself from their loose embrace before positioning himself beside it.


She hesitated and before Eric could ask if Sookie wanted to stop she admitted, “I’m not comfortable with being naked… yet.” That last word encompassed so much promise to him it made it difficult to constrain his already hardening erection.


“Be as bare as you dare,” he smirked at her as the darkened room filled with the soft light from a standing lamp in the corner. Sookie could make out his form, as he could hers, but not much more than that and she found comfort in that.


She sniggered a little at his ridiculous rhyme as she shyly removed herself from under the covers. Sooki looked at him finding his penetrating gaze across the room as she dropped her pyjama pants to the floor, stepped out of them and lifted her shirt over her head. Her hair fell back down in cascading waves around her face, the ends tickling the top of her breasts. It had not been a sensual striptease she simply stood before him in her bra and panties. Black lace with satin panels that caught with a shimmer in the dimmed lighting of the room highlighting the elegant curves of her soft body.


She stood in offering to him but nothing like the sacrificial virgin she had been groomed to be by the deceiving fiancé whose intentions were only of the sinister variety. Before him stood a woman, in her own right, that sought her own pleasure with hooded eyes.


Sookie considered removing her bra but decided she wasn’t ready for that yet. It was a barrier of protection so close to her heart that needed to remain until the day she could give herself to him fully. She returned to the bed lying upon the covers. Her own increased body heat provided enough warmth in the chilly night air to lay so exposed.


“Beautiful,” he said reverently gazing at the sight before him as he stood at the end of the bed. “Open your legs for me.”


She hesitated once again but with the thought that he would not touch her she spread her legs towards the sides of the bed. He removed the soft grey t-shirt over his own head, hair flouncing back in place as he tossed it behind him. He left his sleeping pants on in effort to mask his evident excitement. This was about her pleasure and he did not want to scare her unnecessarily. She grazed the expanse of his chest appreciatively with her eyes. She had never been attracted to the bulk of muscles before but his lean physique was breath taking and he revelled in her appreciation of him.


“Close your eyes,” he requested, supplementing when she seemed to hesitate again. “It will enhance your other senses.”


At his explanation she closed the lids upon her eyes softly even though the thought of not knowing what to expect frightened her a little. The trust she held for him, however, gave her the confidence to relinquish that control to him. Her breath hitched when she felt his body weight indent the mattress in the space between her legs. His hands landed beside her as his body caged over hers, by his careful allowance nowhere did their bodies meet. Eric’s presence was clearly felt except in the truly physical as his face hovered over hers.


“It all starts with a kiss,” he spoke sensuously with his lips hovering a hair’s breadth over hers. Sookie swore she could feel them upon her but her nerve endings registered no touch only a buzzing energy that had her wetting her lips with her tongue nearly wetting him in the process.


“My lips have wanted nothing but to touch these since I first laid my eyes upon them. Crash mine upon them softly stroking them with my tongue watching them swell plump and full pulling them into my mouth.” In response she caught her bottom lip with her blunt teeth as she imagined he was doing just that.


He moved his face up, guided by the tip of his exploratory nose so close to her skin but never making contact as his hot breath travelled in companion over her heating flesh before his lips hovered over one of her closed eyes.


“My lips would kiss upon the lids of your eyes. For these beautiful brown eyes specked with an amber glow looked upon me as I was revealing my truth and all I found was mercy. These compassionate eyes warmed a cold heart that thought it would never beat with warmth again.” She remembered that moment in her old car as his hand rested on top of hers in comfort and companionship as he revealed the course of actions in his life that had her showing up on her doorstep with a gun. Never had her ability been discerned as welcome like that by anyone before.


He hovered his head to the opposite side of her face, his lips moving over the other eyelid where he took a short pause as she registered the direction of his movements before finding her ear.


“These auricles have heard more than they ever should, yet they grant anyone the kindness of your heart,” he spoke huskily into the shell of her ear. The warmth of his breath only heating them further. “I would languish for their care with soft caresses and nibbles on your lobes till they flush the colour of crimson.”


His heated words did not fail to achieve the same effect without his physical touch. He was glad to note her heart rate was increasing at his attentions as her breaths became shorter, not quite panting.


Eric ventured down tracing the path of her nervously palpating veins that thrummed with excitement. He grazed the tip of his nose over her ever heating skin contacting only the finest of hairs that stood up with excitement as he audibly inhaled the scent of peaches emanating from her neck.


“The first time I took in your scent I almost came undone. It took every ounce of restraint not to kiss you over and over again until we would pass out from lack of oxygen. You smell like peach blossoms after a spring shower and when you’re warm like this I swear I can smell the ripe peaches of summer.” Once again her breath caught as she was unable to discern where his attentions were leading to next.


He exhaled his hot breath over her pronounced clavicles while marvelling at the delicacy of those bones aching to touch. Her body was already starting to glisten as she started to transpire with the smallest beads of moisture. She whimpered as he moved his face away from her body to reposition himself further down. He sat kneeling as he placed his hands over hers cupping them without contact.


“From your first touch, all I’ve wanted is for the pads of these dainty fingers to graze all over my naked skin. Fluttering over my body digging your nails into my back in the throes of exertion not caring that they draw blood. Holding on to me for dear life as my dick finds refuge in the heat of your pussy.”


Sookie startled with the suddenness of the words in conjunction of his warm breath blowing up and down her body between her breasts and down her stomach and over her panties clad mound. The moisture that had begun pooling there and the gust of his exhalation only tantalised her further.


“So responsive,” he noted pleased as her skin broke out in goose bumps as he settled to hover over her breasts.


“Now the times I have spent contemplating these beautiful breasts is frankly, a little shameful.” She laughed at his admission, which only made her breasts bounce ever so enticingly across her chest. “See even now they taunt me. I will not rest easy tonight, I can assure you that. All I want is to caress them with my hands, hold them, cup them and squeeze them. Now I see they are even more magnificent than in my imaginings.” He grazed dangerously close over the periphery of her rounded breasts dipping in the valley between intermittently. Flushing her chest to the most magnificent pink he had ever beheld in the process. The tip of his nose incidentally picked up a growing bead of sweat only for it to drop down on her body startling her over and over again.


“I want to bathe them with my tongue. Suckle on your nipples, stain them with my cum and sweat. Tell me do those enticing buds match the colour of your lips?”


She was desperately trying to answer a question she had never contemplated herself. Yes she had looked at her breasts in a mirror once or twice, fondled them in a heated moment but for the life of her she never contemplated their colouring in relation to her other body parts. Eric seemed to be hovering unmoved until he received an answer. Desperate for him to continue her worked up state she said the first thing that came to her.


“I don’t know Eric,” she all but snapped at him. “It’s not like I ever held a paint swatch next to them.”


He chuckled at her answer and her building frustration. Eric ventured forth, his face now resting over her waist where his hands rested beside them by the indentation of her curves. In the process he contorted his body with some difficulty to remain firmly on the bed. His erection rested painfully against his own stomach but he ignored the need that was weeping it purple with the lack of action it received.


“You have the most beautiful waist, soft and pliable. Something for my fingers to latch on to as you ride my stiff cock. It is where you have invited my hands every night in bed as I bask in your sweet embrace. It is the favourite place of my hands on your body. That is until I get to dig them in your sweet bountiful ass.”


Sookie pulled her feet towards her in eagerness opening herself up wide to him, her legs bending at the knee to allow him more access. He moved himself to kneel at the foot of the bed grinding his own erection into the side of the mattress for some much needed friction as he gazed down where her underwear disappeared into the folds of her behind.


His face stood to worship by her nearly bare ass as he placed his hands through her opened legs laying millimetres from the rounded cheeks he desperately wished to grasp.


“I will mercilessly enter you from behind over and over again until your screams rub your throat raw. I will lay inside you so deep, fill you so fully you’ll never feel whole again without my cock inside of you. And you will come, over and over again. Not because I tell you to, but because I will make it so.” The commanding tone of his voice had her clenching the internal muscles of her sex involuntarily and she moaned with the promise of such release.


He took another audible sniff as he watched her pooling arousal spread further through the cloth of her panties. The scent of peach nectar wafted his nostrils which had his own erection twitching in the anticipation of it all. He took a ragged breath to sustain himself as he continued to rub himself on the edge of the bed.


“And make no mistake about it. When you let me in you will let me in everywhere. That sweet little mouth of yours will be begging to swallow down my seed. This little puckered rosebud,” he spoke as while blowing his breath onto the crease of her posterior and moving his hands back and forth in their periphery as if her were kneading the bountiful flesh. “will open up and flower with me in inside, so you will feel the extreme pleasure of every nerve ending in your body set alight while I relentlessly rub your clit as your dripping cunt coats our thighs.”


Sookie let out a strangled cry at his words as the warm feelings in her loins continued to build up a pressurized ache begging for release. She had never felt so wanton or wet before as she ached for his touch to be real. The acts he was describing had always seemed so reprehensible but as he offered it to her it stirred a need and a want to experience just that with him. She started to move her own hand towards her clit seeking release but before she managed to, he interrupted her.


“Ah, ah. No touching that goes for you too,” he admonished.


She huffed in frustration too upset to even unleash angry words upon him. He only watched in sweet victory of his effect on her body as she twitched with the pent up frustration. It was all the payback he needed for how her body had plagued his for over the past few months as far as he was concerned.


“Now for what lies beyond this delectable piece of lace,” he announced as hovered over her mound. “Tell me are you blonde all over?”


Her stomach was coiling in its expectation of a promised release and his delaying tactics were provoking her to no end. Desperate for friction she clenched and released the muscles that stimulated her internal walls. All she could manage was another strangled cry as she broke out into more sweats. Eric decided to further stall knowing it to make her release that much greater.


“I am,” he offered when she still hadn’t managed to answer. “Wouldn’t you like to feel those curly hairs as you fondle my balls in your hands as you stroke up and down my shaft ready to take me in your mouth.”


“Ah,” she sobbed. No longer able to release comprehensive speech, in lieu of a verbal answer she slowly lifted her behind and pulled down the top of her underwear slightly to show him the blonde down that nestled at the top.


“I guessed correctly then,” he hummed contentedly letting the tip of his nose graze over the protruding hairs. It only further enflamed her overly sensitized body as he rested above the entrance that held so much promise to him. Her shortened breaths started to evolve into little pants as she awaited what was next. “Now in this cornucopia is where I will perform my best work. My tongue will lapse at the juices that flow so freely with my mere words, flick at that hidden pearl, stroke your inner walls. My fingers will dance inside; opening you up, stretching you beyond,” he continued as he moved his body back up onto the bed caging her small form again. Speech was becoming difficult for him to maintain as he began to pant with equal need. Hoarsely he continued his speech beside her ears, “I am by no means small.” This was further enunciated as his whole body settled over hers just out of grasp which has her shivering in anticipation.


“I will seek out that special spot that feels like the tip of your nose with the torturous taunt of my fingers as I swallow that nub till you scream for me to stop. And I won’t stop till my face is wet with your spending’s of which I’m sure the taste is unparalleled to anything else in this world.”


His face was now resting just above hers as he enunciated every word with heat and promise, spinning them both up to unchartered heights.


“I am very hard,” he spoke lowly in his throat as he mustered the courage to stop himself from doing of what he spoke next. “My dick is straining to dig itself in to you.”


The tension inside Sookie was almost becoming too much, her tear ducts glistened her eyes with the strain. She swore she could feel the tip of his erection pouncing at her entrance. “I would build you up slowly lingering in the tightness of your slick walls. Easing myself in further down till all of me is inside of you. Inch by inch, and there are many I promise you this. I would rock back and forth taking you with me as you lift your hips in response.” With that she unconsciously started rocking her hips in accordance of the promised dance of their bodies as hers became desperate for any form of friction although direct contact was still carefully denied to her. Eric knew she was close as was he.


“Open your eyes,” he spoke softly against her lips. They slowly uncovered themselves as they locked on to his, both of theirs storming with equal lust and hunger. With the sight of him so close in combination of the mimicking of the movements and the reverberation of his words, her breath hitched as she increased the internal massage of her sex as it began to flutter on its own accord. In shock of the sensation that descended upon her she screamed out her release when she barely caught her breath again. His mission complete all rules were lost as he ground his straining cock into the stiff fabric of her panties scalding him in temporary heat. Grunting out with the last of her screams that were reignited with the shared friction of their joining as his cock gushed out stream upon stream of his semen against the strain of his pants and the soft receptacle that was her flesh. He collapsed on top of her body as she wrapped her hands around him tightly, unwilling for him to move again now that she felt all of him where it had been denied for so long.


The room filled with the cacophony of their strangled breaths, the evidence of their well spent releases. He lay atop her heavily panting, though he was quick to pull the weight of his body from her. Their shared bliss was interrupted by a poking broom handle coming from underneath them accompanied by the disapproving shouts of a Mrs Frisk.


They sniggered at their discovery like two naughty children caught with their hands in a cookie jar. When Eric tried to shush her when Sookie’s laughs were becoming increasingly loud which only further encouraged the disapproving woman downstairs with her protests he quickly retreated to the bathroom before the woman decided to knock on their door. The creaking of the floorboards seemed to do the job as the continual poking from below seized alongside the incensed words of the judgemental old crone.


With great stealth he re-joined Sookie in the bed again cleaned up in a fresh pair of boxers and carrying a damp cloth for her. Gratefully she took it from him as she carefully washed herself as much as she could under the covers. Her panties were a lost cause at this point and she had carefully exchanged them for her pyjama pants under the cover of the bedding when Eric had disappeared into the bathroom.


“Eric?” she asked softly as she snuggled her back into his chest.


“Yes, my voracious goddess.”


She couldn’t help but chuckle with his posturing. “You were right, I was doing it completely wrong.”


“Glad to be of service,” he said as he placed a soft kiss on the crook of her neck. His arm rested over her waist while fingers found each other to intertwine. Content and satiated they held each other in the intimate embrace that comforted them both to near sleep.


“Goodnight Eric.”


“Godnatt min älskling. Sov så gott dröm något sött.”[1]




[1] Good night, my darling. Sleep well, dream something sweet




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    1. No I still don’t get what the fuss is about… In all honesty I nearly scrapped it because I thought who wants to read about fucking without there being any but I guess a lot of people… and maybe that’s it’s strength… this scene is very specific to the development of these two and the reason the scene is the way it is, although that isn’t really mentioned until later chapters, but a good analytic eye would pick it up when knowing the rest of the story.


  5. Great writing of a sex scene without touching… Very effective in showing it is more about the intimacy than the mechanics and in this story for the actual ‘contact’ they may lack, Sookie and Eric share a huge amount of intimacy… Which makes Sookie’s doubts all the more tragic but it is no doubt due to her lack of experience or should I say positive experience since the Bill experience was such a farce, and a badly executed one to top the whole debacle…

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    1. I have a severe distaste of fanfics that utilise rape to bring two other people together and then commence into sexy times. Despite Sookie having consented with Bill the complete betrayal of trust is akin to rape in my view and it’s going to take her some time to learn to trust anyone in that regard for awhile so she’s allowed some room to adjust to Eric in a new situation.With Eric she has indeed found intimacy and that’s probably worth more than a momentary rush but I couldn’t have them constantly orbiting each other with longing looks either this felt right for these two…

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  6. Holy hell!! That was HOT! As great as Bonfire is I love this one even more. I can’t find the words to say how much I’m loving these two, especially Eric. He’s so different, yet so similar to TB’s version. So glad I still have many chapters left to read! On to the next 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  7. The small bed wasn’t too much of a hindrance lol.
    LMAO’D at the broom knocking. I was wondering if they’d get caught when they both got vocal! Very nice. Sexy sweet 🙂 And Sookie was definitely doing it wrong!! Luckily Eric is a good teacher 😉

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