Chapter 26 – More




“Eric,” she exclaimed with childlike excitement. “Where did you come from?”


“You’re back at the mansion,” he informed gently. “I’m helping you undress so you can sleep properly.”


“Oh,” she replied, brows furrowed. “Are you gonna take off my underwear again? I really liked it when you did that.”


“Not tonight, my sweet,” he said while he helped her into her nightgown.


“Why not?” she whined. “I want you to.”


“I will another time,” he promised with an excited glint to his eyes.


“Is it cause I drank a little? I promise I didn’t kiss anyone this time,” she mumbled. “I told… I told Raven not to take advantage.”


“That’s good to hear,” he chuckled while tucking her in under the covers. “Next time get her to promise you that.”


“Eric, I didn’t bring you back anything nice,” she suddenly realised with a protruded bottom lip as if contemplating deep thought.


“That’s okay, you’ll think of it next time,” he replied.


“No, it’s not okay,” Sookie whispered. He watched her while she remained silent and her breathing calmed somewhat. When Eric made to move thinking she had fallen asleep again, she stirred and started wiggling her body under the covers. 


“Here,” she announced triumphantly upon placing her underwear in his hands, her eyes half lidded, laden with mischief and fabricated lust. “I brought you something nice.”


Eric looked down at the pink lacy piece of fabric with amusement and chuckled with anticipation to the reaction his possession of it would cause in the morning. “It’s very nice,” he said holding it up for scrutiny. “I don’t think it’s my size though.”


“Meh,” she giggled. “It’ll stretch.”


“We’ll see,” he replied. “Try to get some sleep and drink the water I put here.”


“Ok, Prince Charming,” she said before nodding off. 


He placed a soft kiss on her forehead while chuckling, “Goodnight, my little Fairy Princess.”




“ERIC!” Sookie shrieked moments after she awoke with a throbbing scalp and a missing barrier between her thighs.


He peeked his head through the bathroom door with an evil grin.


“What the hell did you do to me last night?” she fumed.


“I assume you are talking about the lovely present you brought me,” he smirked. “You were right they are quite stretchy.” He opened the door and beamed with pride displaying the lacy boy shorts stretched out over his own boxer briefs. “Quite becoming don’t you think?” he deadpanned while preening in front of the full-length mirror.


“I’m not talking to you till I get a mountain of grease settled in my stomach,” she scowled.


“Adonia is already preparing you her infamous hangover cure,” he said. “Prepare yourself accordingly.”


“Ugh,” she groaned while pulling the covers back over her head.


“Here, you big baby,” he teased while putting a glass of water down with two aspirins. She moaned a little as he rubbed her back through the duvet.


She whispered a word of thanks before taking him in carefully and falling to giggles after swallowing down the proffered cure. “I can’t believe you’re wearing that.”


“It’s quite comfy,” he grinned. “Nice and snug.”


“Is there something you’d like to confess to me?” she teased as the worst of the throbbing of her scalp ceased. “Should I be worried you want to share clothes?”


“Perhaps if you grow a foot or two,” he winked before kissing her softly. “Thank you älskling,” he murmured as soon as his lips departed from hers.


“For what?”


“Being here, being you.”


She smiled contentedly before arching her mouth up to seek his again. “Eric?” He hummed a little in response before her voice fell a little softer than usual. “Eric, does this mean I get to take your panties off?”


He hovered above her momentarily seeking out the mischief in her eyes before questioning her meaning, “Sookie?”


“Eric,” she answered with a poorly held smile as she came to sit up. His brow only raised further in question to her intent. “Stand up,” she gestured while moving out of the warmth of the bed herself, the t-shirt that masqueraded as a nightgown barely covering her naked behind as she moved. He eyed her sceptically, unsure whether he dared to get excited or not with her teasing. She moved coyly beyond him as he stood rather helpless in the middle of the room by the bed. She flicked the lock on the door with purpose before turning around and leaning her weight against it, gathering her courage. A small snort escaped her as she eyed him bare but for the weird assembly of ‘his and hers’ underwear. She took in a deep inhale before sauntering towards him while he looked on in wonder.


A finger traced over his nipple in a concentric movement tentatively, briefly looking up where she found him looking down with cautious anticipation. She placed a soft peck to his chest, tracing the spot of his increasingly rapid beating heart with her fingertips. Her mouth moved with trailing fingers down till she stilled on just below the elastic waistline, kissing the soft concentration of hairs she found there. Despite all their time together, his body had certainly not gone unnoticed by her, she had never taken it in with such detail as every little freckle and scar came to attention. She stared momentarily at a more prominent line of thickened skin before following its path with her finger. When she looked up he answered her unspoken question, “Biking accident when I was nine.”


She kissed against it softly, and a small tear escaped him as the memory of his mother doing exactly the same surfaced, that first traumatic loss seemed more apparent in him since the death of Russell. A fact that had not gone unnoticed by either of them, he was fragile, hers to take care of for now. Sookie’s downward movements stilled with the evidence of grief, coming up to surround his neck with her arms. “You okay?”


“Yeah,” he whispered, resting his forehead against hers. “Just a memory.”


“Good memory?”


He answered with a small affirming nod, and she kissed him chastely once more before releasing her grip on him and returning where she was last.  “Sookie you don’t have to,” he interjected for reasons he was unsure.


She eyed him curiously from her lowered position, “Don’t you want to?”


“More than anything,” he panted while her fingers trailed the backs of his legs.


“Then stop complaining,” she admonished before her teeth took hold of the top of the lacy panties and dragged down the stretched item, her nose and chin bumping delicately over the evidence of his arousal with a hot breath. Once the tensile strength withered she couldn’t help but giggle at the bright pink fabric as it hung limply around his knees. With a little encouragement and a raised foot or two she retrieved the item. Expectantly he waited for her to continue, but instead she came to stand, ignoring him momentarily while inspecting the pair of panties as if she were to put it on again, measuring it to her body for size. A small sigh escaped him, frustration reared its ugly head again, a brief thought ran through him to just throw her on the bed and take her before she could object.


An evil laugh escaped, hers, as she observed him with what could possibly be a pout. “Did you think we were done?” she taunted before shoving him against the bed aided by his centre of gravity where it hit the back of his calves and he fell onto it with a thud from the momentary loss of balance. He looked upon her with a startle as her body came to cage him as she crawled onto the bed on all fours above him, her t-shirt no longer affording her the modesty she once needed.


“I guess I need to be clearer,” she whispered against his face while his hands instantly reached for the bared flesh of her behind. She kissed him briefly, just a taste to leave him wanting and worried this was all she was offering. She settled herself on his thighs, sitting upright while he held his breath and watched her before she crossed her arms low and pulled up the hem of the oversized sleep shirt to reveal her body inch by inch, when it was just about to release above her head she dropped it down again. Expecting a shy and bashful face of regret, Eric tried to dampen down the overwhelming feelings of lust until he caught her face of mischief and the giggles of earlier returned instead, before, much to his relief, she made quick work of the shirt.


“You minx,” he growled before pulling her towards him, reaching his lips for hers.


“You love it,” she tittered back with a beaming smile.


He ginned in return while his nimble fingers made quick work of the bra that covered the last of her. “Love you,” he spoke more seriously while his thumbs came to caress the underside of her breasts as the bra loosened around her. “Fuck, you make me happy even when I feel like shit. You know that right?”


“Yeah,” she whispered with a content smile, before moving away from his close reach, discarding her bra in the process. He regarded her with deep appreciation and her bravado suddenly fell shy again with it, he moved quickly to catch the hands that sought to cover up what she had so daringly revealed to him.


“Don’t,” he admonished with a harsh tone that had him fear her slipping away again. “Don’t dare cover up the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”


“Eric,” she returned incredulously, failing to believe the truth in that.


“Don’t,” he repeated, coming to sit up with her in his lap so he could keep her near with his encompassing arms around her waist. “I promised I wouldn’t lie to you, especially about this.” She nodded briefly, staring at the space between them where beyond the grey cotton the physical evidence matched his words. Her eyes moved up again to find his, where the kernel of truth shone more earnestly than anywhere else.


“I know,” she returned before moving off him. He wanted to reach for her but she had already moved over him from her standing position taking the worst fear from him again. She shoved his chest gently while biting down the bottom of her lip, and with ease he moved back on the bed while her fingers danced briefly over his elasticated waistband before she unceremoniously ripped them down in quick succession, a small snort escaping her when the fabric was momentarily stuck between his body and the mattress, mid-thigh, and with a hard and determined yank they were off.


“Tease,” he grinned when she swirled around the briefs as if they were a captured flag before it spun off course. She barely had a moment to contemplate where they had gone to when he pulled her on top of him.  Her laughter remained poorly contained as he nipped bluntly with his teeth against her neck while tickling her sides. She gasped for breath, and in the wane morning light, he watched eagerly as her chest moved up and down to control the erratic pants. His mouth moved over her nipples, teasing them as she had him while a hand came to explore the soft curls that guarded her slick folds before his fingers sought out a wetness that was already there. Despite desperately wanting to bury himself inside her, he held off. A pained expression on his face settled while he waited for a final signal from her.


“More,” she whispered before her lids fell closed tightly when his fingers entered her.


“Sookie,” he pleaded while his fingers expertly probed for her most sensitive spots. “Look at me, älskling.”


Her eyes pried open carefully to find him suddenly above her, far closer than she had expected. A clench holding every muscle in his body tightly as if he was still unsure if this was what she wanted. Catching him by surprise she pushed down onto his ass with her ankles and shoved him down above her, his cock easily finding her entrance. “Fucking hell, Sookie!” he growled into the crook of her neck as the practiced restraint threatened to become untethered with the sudden plunge into her. She couldn’t help but laugh, her whole body shuddering along at the sight of his deeply serious face.


“You think this is funny?” he said with a slight strain which only made her laugh even more while shaking her head no, doing little to persuade him of her innocence. “I’ll show you funny,” Eric spoke lowly while pulling up one of her legs under his arm before resting it against his shoulder, kissing the arch of her foot softly while sheathing him deeper inside causing the whites of her eyes to expand with the sudden sensation. A deep chuckle reverberated through his chest with his first and sure thrust into her as a sound that could only be described as a squawk was expelled from her.


“Not so funny now, is it?” he taunted while moving assuredly inside her, his hands gripping her body tightly to him while her own desperately searched for something to hold on to in the surrounding sheets, her chest heaving high with the arch in which her body responded to his sure movements, as hips bucked eagerly. “Love the way your tits bounce,” he complimented while his eyes drew back and forth between them and the slightly stunned stance of her eyes. Her already flushed face from the exertion turned even brighter red with embarrassment causing him to smile dopily at the sight. He increased the momentum of his pace, causing her whimpers to turn to moans while her hands came to play with her breasts.


“Fuck,” he groaned at the sight before him, that look of mischief sending out a dare from her eyes while obstructing the display of her breasts from view. The leg he had anchored himself to was shoved aside, her legs instantly wrapping around his waist in response. “No, you don’t,” he warned,  moving her hands from her breasts, a single hand holding them loosely above her while his tongue darted out to lick at her hardened nipples. He sucked one in while his free hand squeezed at the other causing her to rub up against him while he continued to slide in and out at a more languid pace.


“More?” he grinned against her breast while stilling inside her and placing a thumb just above her clit.


A frustrated scream escaped her before he moved to swallow it with his lips, his previous pace resumed while he started to draw wet circles over the sensitised gland.


“You asshole,” she growled before managing to flip them both over, grinding herself down onto him while seeking out the impending release he had disturbed not once, but twice already.


“You mean this old thing,” he mocked while moving the wetted thumb towards the divide of her butt cheeks.


“Oh no, you don’t!” she warned, shoving his arms away while continuing to ride him, placing them securely on her breasts instead. With little warning it was suddenly there, she exhaled a whimper, a moan, and something incoherent that was meant to be a curse. She held onto his forearms while she started to tumble and fall.


“That’s it, älskling,” he encouraged while continuing moving below her as she rode out the wave. Sookie suddenly found herself on her back, her legs bent firmly over his biceps that were taut with the effort. “Gonna make you see stars,” he promised when she only just seemed to recover.


“Ah,” she cried out as he made to move with more force from his kneeling position. “Eric, I can’t again-,” she spluttered.


“Yeah, you can,” he whispered softly against her sweaty forehead. “Just hold on, put your arms round my neck.”


She gave a brave nod, and pulled her upper body to his and to started to move with him tentatively before catching his rhythm, she would have laughed at the intense stance on his face before, but now all she could do was carry the same expression while he pumped in and out of her in a speedy thrust, his balls slapping against her with a resounding sound every time while his pelvis directly collided with her clit. She gasped with the sudden realisation that he was right as always; a fluttering of muscles announcing more was to come, more intense than before. She squeezed around him harshly wanting to share this with him, no longer able to hold back he held her tightly to him, increased the already frantic pace as soon as she started crying out. The pent up frustration releasing right along with him as he started to swell, managing another hard and determined thrust or two before he started to spill with a cry of her name, repeating it as if it were a mantra. He held his hands around her shoulders, his entire body shuddering with the deposit, while pumping wildly in the aftermath till there was nothing left to give.


“More?” he questioned with a chuckle when he fell beside her, completely spent.


She shook her head while her fingers traced the strong features of his brow. Her face moved to his for a kiss, messy but tender in its lack of direction, her voice, that had become slightly hoarse in the process, whispered, “Couldn’t ask for anything more.”




It was a miracle Sookie kept down Adonia’s miracle cure. Pam and she sat with identical grimaces poking at the plate where no one was willing to give explanation to exactly what they were presented with. It was only through sheer determination of will that she kept down the plate of eggs and sheep lungs after she was told what it was. It was bad enough she had eaten it, but the thought of having to relive it coming up kept it inside. Pam wasn’t so determined, instead expelling the few pieces she did manage to ingest down the kitchen sink instantly.


Despite everyone telling Adonia that Sookie’s morning state was Ouzo-induced, she took it as a sign of morning sickness. She had moved her knitting activities from socks to tiny little sweaters. Sookie worried if they didn’t leave soon a full wardrobe would be ready for a child that wasn’t going to appear.


“With the size of my family another baby will come along soon enough,” Talbot assured Sookie when she voiced her concern.


“Maybe Thalia is next,” Eric joked before kissing the crown of Sookie’s head.


Despite her groggy state, Pam momentarily lifted her head from the cool stone countertop to snort, “Only through divine intervention.” With that Thalia’s ingrained scowl only managed to set further than anyone had thought possible. Angrily she tossed a damp rag at Pam that Eric quickly caught. With a bristle and a hard shove against the table, she grumbled at his treachery before leaving the room in a huff.


Adonia waved her off while patting Sookie’s cheek softly. “Stress, no good for baby,” she spoke in her first words of English. Sookie could only smile brightly for the effort placed in the poorly pronounced words before a look of sadness fell on Sookie’s face. She looked up to Eric and he heaved a deep sigh before explaining in his limited Greek they would be leaving soon.


“No, no, Sookie and baby stay,” Adonia insisted with a look that dared to defy her.


“Yeah, Sookie, stay,” Pam grinned with squinted eyes, which earned her a loving pat on the head from Adonia.


Sookie looked towards Talbot for help who, despite the tire in his eyes, rattled off to his mother to let the couple be; which quickly escalated into a full blown tantrum. It had surprised everyone that a ninety-three year old was capable of such. Adonia had somehow assumed that everyone would continue to live just as they were. Most worrisome to her was the care of the baby. The word oikogéneia, Greek for family, was heard repeatedly as well as the name she had picked for the unborn baby boy, Asterion.


After a few stern words by her son, Adonia finally relented with a scowl not dissimilar to Thalia’s. The matriarch didn’t leave her little twinkling star out of her sight after that. She had taken it upon herself to teach Sookie everything there was to know about Greek domestics with strict instructions.


“I’m not ready to be the perfect Greek housewife,” Sookie groaned when at the end of the exhaustive day she collapsed beside Eric.


“Lucky for you that’s not what I’m looking for,” he said as he kissed the tip of her nose.


She whimpered in pain from his attention. “Sorry,” she whispered. “Ouzo and sheep lungs make for sickly Sookie.” She happily nuzzled against Eric’s side with her head resting on the soft grey t-shirt on his chest. He softly ran his fingers through her hair while he held the book he was reading with the other.


“I missed you,” she sighed contentedly at his attentions.


“It wasn’t by choice,” he grumbled. “Adonia is quite the formidable opponent.”


She snickered a little. “As fearless as y’all are, you seem awful frightened of little old ladies.”


“Easy for you to say. You have yet to be on Adonia’s bad side,” Eric chuckled.




“I should try and contact Claudine,” Sookie said. They were basking in the sunshine on the pool loungers. It had been unseasonably warm and Sookie happily dragged anyone out with her as she honoured the sun in her flowery dresses.


“Who?” Eric asked absent-mindedly.


“Claudine Crane, she’s a cousin from the Brigant side. She’s the one who came to my Gran’s funeral asking Jason and I to meet our great-grandfather.”


“That’s how you found out about your new heritage?” he asked, turning his body towards her.


“No, Gran told us when she was in the hospital a few years before. It was before a hip replacement surgery, I was a little nervous at the time I may have triggered it. I’m not sure. It’s out of loyalty to Gran that Jason never wanted to meet them.”


“And you?” he asked trailing a finger over her bare arm.


“I was curious. Though I agreed with Jason that if they didn’t treat my Gran right, why would they treat us any different?”


“You don’t have to seek them out on my account, I’ll find the motivations soon enough I’m sure of it.”


“I want to,” Sookie replied. “For you,” she clarified before chastely kissing his lips.


“What else do you want to do for me?” he asked as he pulled her body over on to his to intensify the kiss before being interrupted by Adonia and a giant tray of food. Having resigned to the fact that Sookie was indeed leaving had made her all the more determined to fatten Sookie up before she did.


“Better get out of here soon,” Pam said as she joined them picking up a bunch of dark grapes. “My brother is going to turn blue all over without some relief,” she teased as she dangled the grapes back and forth, picking away at them with her teeth like an ancient Roman.


“You test my control, Pam,” Eric grumbled.


“I thought Sookie was the cause of that,” she said innocently before throwing a grape at him with perfect aim.


“You’re not helping, Raven,” Sookie sighed as she removed herself off of Eric to pick at the offered food. He moved his body behind hers so she could rest against his chest, not willing to lose an inch of contact.


“Sookie doesn’t know where she wants to stay yet,” Eric explained, before clarifying, “In Paris.”


“What does it matter?” Pam said. “It’s not like Eric is going to let you out of the hotel room.”


Sookie blushed a little as Eric admonished his sister.  In an offering of respite, Pam decided to help Sookie along by describing the pros and cons of possible hotels in the City of Light. It was of little use since Pam’s pros and cons were related to how attractive and willing the female staff were as well as the general annoyance of their male counterparts. In the middle of her sharing of expertise Eric moved to answer his phone.


“What’s wrong?” Sookie asked when she observed Eric’s troubled face when he joined them again.


“I’m afraid your procrastination has turned against you,” he sighed. “We’ll be heading back to Stockholm. My apartment has been broken into.”


“Eric, I’m so sorry,” Sookie said while she caressed his cheek. “When can we leave?”


“I’ll have to figure it out, either tonight or tomorrow morning.”


“Well, at the least the women in Stockholm are very willing,” Pam offered as consolation.


“Not helping, Raven,” Sookie returned through clenched teeth.




A/N: Much gratitude to msbuffy for her editing on this.

So we got a little more between these two and all seemed calm till that lovely phone call… more on the break in to Eric’s apartment next time. Have a lovely Easter or what’s left of it everyone! …Oh yeah you liked? Let me know… I’m out of chocolate 😦





27 thoughts on “Chapter 26 – More

  1. The fluffy bunny suit cracked me up!
    So glad Sookie and Eric reconnected but all this baby talk needs to stop, they don’t need that pressure while dealing with everything else. Hope the break in was just a coincidence but I’m feeling it’s not….

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  2. i love Adonia she is a determined woman and i am sure if Sookie ever called her for help she would be there is an instant, and whose to say our Sook didn’t get pregnant when they made love in this chapter, you never know., looking forward to more. KY

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    1. Yeah Adonia fell hard for the blonde DIL…. although just because she’s ancient and Greek she is most definitely not the AP nor is she psychic there will be no sudden babies… honestly I wouldn’t know where to fit it in…

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  3. I Always Crave More From This Story So ? Can I Have More Please ……….Great Chapter, So Happy She Finally Give It Up To The Man…..

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  4. I love your bunny 🙂 but that poor fluffy pink fuzz had to be marred by the visage of constipated Bill. I also laughed when Sookie seen Eric modeling her boy-shorts. Then you gave a very sexy play time for the couple. So I will tune in for the break-in — who did it — was what they wanted there — and why now right after Russell death and will it change things between Sookie and Eric. Mysteries abound 🙂

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    1. Haha so do most men but it’s a rare thing in fanfic land, well at least with Sookie. Yeah those undies of hers are getting a workout, she owed him some…


  5. I love Adonia. She is too cute, knitting booties and cooing at Sookie’s tummy. However I believe Eric is right in not wanting to see her bad side. After the Bill incident I imagine she is as terrifying and ruthless as she is little old lady adorable.

    So Eric’s apartment. The Brignant’s are involved? Perhaps they found out he is alive and now want him as dead as his parents? Or could it be Bill? Have we really seen the last of him? So many other questions. Can’t wait for the next chapter!

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  6. i really feel bad about Adonia and her imagined (blonde) babies…
    Something smells rotten about a burglary in Eric’s secret apartment… I thought nobody knew he owned it?

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