I think I’m going to be sick… At First Sight – Chapter 19!

Right, next chapter is up now, click below on the banner or link. There won’t be an update next week, it’s Easter, terrorists have been messing around ‘next door’ and while I think laughter is a great remedy to many a thing I’m not feeling the funny that this story requires right now. I’ll try for the week after but no guarantees.




Chapter 19 – The Family Way

Did you really think I forgot… At First Sight – Chapter 18!

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A little later than usual but I’m simply running behind, it’s only down to a super speedy msbuffy that you’re getting this so quick, we’ll see what happens next week. So Jason’s in charge of two rambunctious felines this time… which can only spell trouble, right? Click on the banner or link below to find out…




Chapter 18 – Really

For those who like everything wrapped up with pretty ribbons and bows… 6 Months to Live EPILOGUE – PART I!

So there was a lot of ask for an epilogue on this while I was hesitant. If you’re curious as to why, basically it was pretty obvious where this would end up roughly, just lacking the specifics. That’s usually the point where I lose interest because there’s little surprise to be had but I did understand the necessity and desire for those pretty ribbons and bows. So I got creative and decided to approach it differently. The result is an epilogue in four parts in a drabble like fashion. It’s all done and returned to me by the wonderful msbuffy so I’ll post one a day or every other day depending on response. Let me know preferences and stuff at the end of the chapter…





Epilogue Part I – Lucky