on amnesiac Eric…



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 A/N: Thought I forgot about Beehl? Well it would be nice but the annoying thing seems to want to stick around. You like?

Special thanks to my soundboards aka Meridian and Charity. here it comes… *cringes so much you’d think she was constipated herself* ahem… I hate repeating this but I have to in order to protect that annoyed face from abuse inflicted from anyone else that is not me… Beehl’s all mine. *gag*

28 thoughts on “on amnesiac Eric…

    1. Snorting wine? Is that what all the cool kids in Cali are all doing now?

      Yeah well you know Beehl tries really hard and no one seems to notice… he’s going to have to up his game soon 😉

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  1. Eric sent me to tell you that this is the best one so far!
    Apparently it had Sookie holding her sides and crying from laughing so hard. And Pam? She went and hid somewhere but could still be heard cackling out in the main bar.
    Me? I snorted. No wine, just a snort.
    The boyfriend said, “Niiiiiiice.” I haven’t shared the others with him though, and he doesn’t read the fandom so is really kinda lost when I share with him any way.

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  2. I have tears running down my face! OMG! I needed this laughter, hubby’s upstairs laughing his off too! You know I love it whenever I read your disclaimer “Beehl is mine.” So twisted, it’s fabulous. I think this is my favorite ever. “This is right, this is best.” 🙂 Great job, Favored Ingrate!

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    1. Well good if everyone is going to be a blubbering fool it better be from a deep belly laugh than anything else 😀

      You realise BtCC makes such a rare appearance on this blog because I’m sick for days having to declare the little fucker as my dependent… Yeah it’s got me twisted all right… hurling over a toilet bowl 😦

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          1. Oh. Sorry, I forgot you’re up already starting the day! Everyone around here is still sleeping! I had to do it though! My fingers couldn’t resist… 10 little minds working in evil sync… 🙂
            Aw! It was funny! Ya know I love ya! 🙂

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            1. *snickers* Well it’s nearly midday but technically still morning. Sure blame it on the fingers… If you keep at it you might find yourself in possession of said cat. I might just leave him behind whenever I need to hide out in your basement again 😘

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              1. No problem! We’ll just leave him at the neighbors. They have a great big dog who might like him, and a little tiny one who might eat him! That would give me a really good reason to dropkick the little bastard like I’ve been wanting to for 10 years! Course he’d probably cough Beehl back up again… He just might be happy joining all the creatures foraging in Snow White’s forest! You’re always welcome to hide out in the basement! Or hang out with me in Bat Cave where all the work gets done! 🙂

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                1. Who in their right mind would want to eat Beehl? I don’t even want to contemplate what that musty old cat with shit for sideburns tastes like… Yes release him to the Snow White’s forest, that hunter must be in need of a body while we hang in the Bat Cave 😉

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                  1. This dog would. If he went into our little forest with the other creatures, we’d never get rid of him either… Could we have a “Constipated Cat Culling?” They’d screw that one up too. Bat Cave’s open & ready for summer! 🙂

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