on crossovers…




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 A/N: So how are we liking Beehl? Feel free to spew away just know it only gives me shits and giggles… you were all warned…

Special thanks to Meridian for letting me “borrow’ EMOwad (he’s going back tomorrow I swear) and more thanks to her and Charity for being my behind the scenes soundboard.

*groans* never thought I’d have to write this let alone let it pertain to me but… Beehl’s mine… *swallows some bile and pretends it never happened*

24 thoughts on “on crossovers…

  1. LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!!! too funny…you have such a fertile and cleaver mind. AND you draw really well. Looking forward to more. It’s a lovely break from the angst going on in your stories, which is gnawing at me…particularly BOTV! Thanks for this.

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    1. I’m glad you like it! It’s been a lot of fun behind the scenes… but I’m not a great drawer just an average scribbler who makes up for lack of skill with a computer… Sorry bout the angst… I try not to but hey can’t always dictate where everyone wants to go…


  2. And subtly in the foreground the plug waits anxiously. Will it be strapped to her harness or is that for another surprise? (I’m pretty sure that question is rhetorical). Discuss amongst yourselves.

    Definitely NSFC(hildren).

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  3. OMG! I just found this! How the hell did I miss this? Gulp. Never thought I’d think or write this… I agree with Beehl. Oh dear God. It’s out there in cyberspace now forever… Shoot me.

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    1. Do you need to beta Beehl too now, so you won’t miss any? *looks for a gun but can’t find any* I guess you’ll have to live with your shame of agreeing with Beehl 😀

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