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 A/N: So still liking Beehl? Well not Beehl per se but the cartoons about Beehl.. why isn’t it surprising that he’s a creeper on Facebook…

Special thanks to Meridian and Charity for being my behind the scenes test panel and advisers on all things Beehl. *takes humongous gracious plenty sized deep breath* ahem… I hate saying this but I have to in order to protect that annoyed face from abuse inflicted from anyone else that is not me… Beehl’s all mine. *gags and for once wishes it was on account of a ball gag*

So thoughts?

20 thoughts on “on Facebook…

    1. Careful cat person, Beehl’s evil don’t fall for him since he’s all feline…. he hates the jammies by the way… Pam’s the one who hoisted him in, she’s still laughing about it 😀


    1. Nah, he’s been keeping that hairball a secret under the bed where he is painstakingly piecing it together with others in order to enshrine his ‘Bottle of Sunshine’ so she will truly be all his….

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  1. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! And people wonder why I hate Facebook. If perchance you happen to ‘see’ me on there, it’s not me, it’s my technophobe husband who refuses to make his own page. That was fabulous! Just like a conversation between them would go!

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