on (Fifty Shades of) Grey…




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 A/N: Beehl is still amusing me so I hope you too… 

Special thanks to my soundboards aka Meridian and Charity. As much as I loathe having to state this outright for the entire interweb world to see… Beehl’s all mine. *finds a nice dark cupboard and hides in shame*

29 thoughts on “on (Fifty Shades of) Grey…

  1. Dear Beehl, I “find” several of those a month; try to be original next time. On a more positive note, this proves that your-um-neutering/reassignment went “better” than you’d thought it had–I think. And GO YOU! I support transgender cats! If that’s what you are. It’s hard–I meant difficult (no offense, kitty cat)–to tell. Anyway–JUST BE YOU, BEEHL!

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          1. Beehl has asked me to remind you that you are SUPPOSED to be on vacation. Meanwhile he is trying a new “detox” treatment he saw on a late-night info-mercial. It was endorsed by Chuck Norris and C. Thomas Howell, so Beehl fans are all confident that it will work like a charm!

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  2. You know you love saying “Beehl is MINE!” Admit it, you’re a closeted Bill fan. The first step is admitting you are powerless… Oh, ya know I love ya, my favored Ingrate!


  3. By the way, I forgot to mention that I love the new look! Oh, and it’s OK that Beehl not’s sure what he wants. He has plenty of time. As for that copy & paste thing, it seems to be quite the habit. Oh well. Good to know that people know how to properly use Word commands.

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  4. Andre snorted at this BtCC…then asked me what the cat was holding. Yeah…imagine having “that” conversation with Andre. And…at the end of it all, you wanna know what he asked? Do ya? DO YA? Imma tell ya anyway. He wanted to know why women didn’t put “the used ones” in the refrigerator for “a nice, refreshing midnight snack” for their vampires.


    Then he made a face, smirked, and left. Note to self: Andre has a weird sense of humor.

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