on oracles…



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 A/N: So still liking Beehl? I know I never liked the batty old AP for all the purpose she served…

Special thanks to my soundboards aka Meridian and Charity. *struggles to get this out once more* ahem… I hate repeating this but I have to in order to protect that annoyed face from abuse inflicted from anyone else that is not me… Beehl’s all mine. *blergh* ok… done now…

15 thoughts on “on oracles…

  1. Of course his litter box would be clean if he’s so constipated! LOL
    That would be one good thing for his owners.
    The AP always spoke in riddles and any actions could change her visions so I’m guessing someone did something to change her prophecy!

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          1. Lol not sure if I’m willing to try that since it’s the cats saliva not fur that usually causes problems! And on that thought Beehl’s saliva on me EWWWW!

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      1. You know, I’ve been reading ff for a few years and just recently started commenting now and again. I’ve really enjoyed reading and figured I should let writers know how much I appreciate their hard work. So…
        thank you!

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        1. That’s very kind, it’s not so much the likes and loves that make the difference but sometimes the outsider’s perspective a reader can provide really helps get a story that isn’t moving like you want going again, without readers there wouldn’t be much to write about so thanks for taking the time and leaving a reply 🙂

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