on plagiarism…




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 A/N: When life gives you lemons I make Beehl Pheel shove other people’s shit up his ass 😀

Special thanks to Meridian from whom I stole the name of Beehl’s French cousin Pheel without permission. It felt highly appropriate 😉  and for getting this just poopy pawed enough…

*clears throat pathetically* Not only is Beehl fucking mine for fuck’s sake now Pheel is too…

42 thoughts on “on plagiarism…

  1. *snicker* Heh, that’s riiiiiiiiiiiiiight – now you have a Beehl *and* a Pheel… You might should have that checked out, ya know…it seems they’re breeding. At least they’re funny, though. 😀

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    1. Fucking pussies popping up out of nowhere… no wonder I’m such a Smut Queen… please tell me they’re not breeding that would indicate a yeast infection or something… I don’t think there’s such a thing as a funny yeast infection…

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      1. Heh, I know, right? And guess what: apparently in some universe I’m also considered a smut queen! Me…right… (*hurriedly hides Anticipating and Godric Wakes…and some parts of Andre…practices innocent look*)
        Hey, we can rule side by side and create peace accords and musicals and our own version of Olympic events… This could take on a life of its own.

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          1. Exactly. Our armies can meet every spring and exchange recipes and shit. Ok, maybe not shit since B/Pheel went around stealing it all, but it’ll all come out in the wash in the end assuming there’s no shortage of bleach. And we already know Beehl will win the PO…he always does. At least he finally gave up knitting.

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            1. Don’t forget the obligatory yearly mating ritual which is there for reasons no one understands, this could mean Beehl could finally get laid and find a new use for those knitting needles…

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              1. That’s where being Smut Queens cums in really, um, handy. Our art would surely help that occasion along. And, as that will most definitely be a one-time event, he’d probably want it immortalized in various and ass…sorted odes and tributes, too. Magnifying glasses would cost extra, though.

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          1. Hey gorgeous! Thank you kindly and you are so right – sawdust rendering requires much finer attention to those flannel details (and better shop-vacs)!


  2. Since WordPress is being mean and I wasn’t receiving your updates, I hadn’t seen this before. That’s probably for the best. How can one grade papers and snicker/snort/guffaw at once. The poo on poor Pheel’s hand is–just–epic.

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  3. Pheel & Beehl… Such stinkers… Love them…. I am re-reading Ooshka’s long Homestay + sequels story and it has a completely regular house cat named Bob who, according to Homestay’s Eric, is quite the menace… I always now visualise that Bob as Beehl…

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          1. She does…has a rather vast collection that she cycles through semi-annually, but she’s looking for something to “spruce up” her (humans’) kitchen. She figures that’s where more Pheel and phiber might come in handy. Poor Pam, she has such a thing against constipated meals.

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            1. Well if she’s looking for business oppurtunities that result in better meals perhaps she’d be interested in hiring Pheel and hid liberal distribution of phiber to be placed on cereal boxes 😀


  4. Ohhh…I can just see it now: Pam’s Perniciously Precious Preventative Phibrous Products…(for human consumption only)… That would be a great side-line to her Kitschy Kitchen Korner – Vampire Kitchen Remodeling Services business.


          1. …and adore you anyway… *sigh, friendship* Pam would pretend to wipe a tear at this point then throw food at us. It might not be, you know, EDIBLE food, but it would be food. Sort of.

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