Chapter 2 – Mine




“Yes,” Sookie said, relieved to be of any use. “Won’t he know?” she asked still not knowing who he may be.


“No,” Eric replied. “He’s in his day rest he cannot feel me anymore.”


She came to sit beside him, “Which vein will be the easiest?”


He didn’t say anything, instead smirking, his gaze falling to the femoral artery that seemed to be beating just for him from underneath her black shorts.


“Wrist or neck is all that’s on offer on the Sookie buffet,” she said with a clipped tone.


“Neck,” he answered. “Please hurry.”


She moved herself on top of his lap, since it didn’t appear he’d be able to move, the slanted angle of his legs moved forcing her into his lap, sitting snuggle against his torso. She moved her hair to the side while he inhaled the intoxicating scent emanating from her.


“Please be gentle,” she requestly softly. He nodded and his fangs ran out, causing her to tense with the sight. His lips sought out the crook of her neck, softly kissing the sun drenched skin forcing her to relax despite the odd sensation. She never had understood the fangbangers’ desire to be bitten, it had hurt immensely whether it was Bill or any other vampire.


He proceeded with the knowledge that her skin suitably numb, with as much control as he could muster, he allowed his fangs to slide into her skin gently. His fangs receded back into their usual stance as soon as the wound started to bleed. Without tearing at the point of incision he sucked gently, the unique taste of her almost making him forget he was starved.


She whimpered with the sudden sensation, her last blood draw at the doctor’s had been more painful than this. She fell into a haze of endorphins, leaving her dopey and allowing her body to fall into his. He moaned, deeply in his throat, at her sudden closeness and the taste. Never had she anticipated that it could feel this good to give nourishment to another. Entranced she only sought to close the distance between them further.


Slightly more aware than her, Eric closed the wound with a generous soothing of his tongue. He shuddered with the sensation of fresh blood coursing through his body, his head thrown back against the wall, eyes closed while relishing the small high. Trembling with the lingering sensations, they both became aware again, of themselves and their close position, eyes locking, failing to find anywhere else to look but at the other.


She grazed her fingers over the two marks, noting they were small, barely noticeable. Following her movement, he could only look upon them with annoyance. His fangs descended again, this time the sound doing nothing to unnerve her, with a press of index finger the released blood was dotted on her neck.


“Thank you,” she whispered in awe while feeling the healed skin.


“No,” he said, his eyes still firmly locked on hers. “Thank you.”


The pull of the sun and the circumstances for their close quarters lay forgotten for a moment. The magnetism that had drawn them to each other with a mere gaze that first night at Fangtasia had overtaken them. She leaned her face into his only briefly thinking of Bill. For all she knew he was dead now and Eric would most assuredly be soon. She could do this, if just the once. No one would know.


It hit her then that any future romantic prospect would be lost on her from now on. All the vampires in her life would disappear and she would be utterly alone again. Alone with the thoughts of others to keep her company that only proved to isolate her further. She had lived that life once. Accepted it for what it was then, now she had known something else and feared having to revert to what was.


Her blood was still wet on his lips when she moved her mouth to his. His arms encircled her from behind, locking them together and leaving no doubt of what they were about to do. Middles meeting, she ground her body down against his erection.


They both recognised what this was. This moment would haunt their futures till there was no future to speak of anymore, no matter how close or far away that now seemed.  There was only now, and now this made sense. All preceding chains of events had gathered towards this moment. This final one.


Eric growled at her when she pulled her lips from him for a needed breath. The noise he emitted should have scared her but instead it warmed her in anticipation. She pulled her t-shirt from her body revealing her plain white bra with a hint of embarrassment. He nuzzled himself between the cups of and kissed his way up back to her lips, not bothered in the least by its utilitarian appearance while she fumbled with the bra clasp.


Her breasts were suddenly free and he marvelled at their beauty, unnerving her with his silent stare as he thanked his long forgotten gods to be blessed with this gift before his final death. His leather jacket was tossed in the same direction as her bra.


“Beautiful,” he murmured to her relief. Securing her legs around his waist, he moved them both to the assembly of their combined clothing, ridding her of the final pieces of clothing, taking his time to appreciate every bit of bare skin as it came to him.


He pulled his own t-shirt from his body and crumpled it into a pillow for her to lay her head upon. Sookie smiled at the considerate gesture, thanking him with a sweet kiss. She had never taken him for a gentleman, or this considerate. He gazed down at her naked form in all its glory with a consideration she had never witnessed in anyone, not even Bill. He appeared mesmerised by the sway of her curves, the brightness of her eyes making her feel as if she were the most magnificent creature in the world to him. The light that was she, was present once more.


Stunning him in her simplicity.


It may have been the hunger, it may have been the surroundings. It didn’t really matter, this he knew for certain was the single most alluring sight he had ever beheld. Whatever happened next Eric knew for sure that he would never allow this memory to be stolen from his mind.


“I should not have wasted time in your pursuit,” he spoke with regret. “I should have taken you when I saw you.” Under any other circumstances Sookie would have been disgusted at his declaration of possession but when his lips took control of her lower ones she completely understood his sentiment. His tongue was caressing her folds with an expertise her fantasies would never be able to conjure up.


A finger slipped in. Then another. They stroked in tandem bringing her to heights never before travelled. He suckled at the tiny bundle of nerves in a well-practiced harmony and tears of blood were profusely falling from his eyes. They were not a set on from the bleeds. For it was what he tasted in his mouth and felt around his fingers. This was heaven and he knew he was a man condemned to hell.


She fell hard from the extraordinary height he had brought her to. Covering her lips with his and stifling her gut wrenching cry. As she calmed down he pulled his fingers from her and sucked at the damp digits, relishing in the flavour he found there. She tried to release his belt but he was too far away from her. He chuckled softly at her apparent impatience and with her continued insistence he unbuckled for her, standing proudly.


Sookie marvelled at the sight that appeared before her. This is why she had feared him, he would ruin her for all other men and leave her behind. Alone. Again.


His erect cock was a marvel on its own. She had never considered the male organ a thing of beauty but then none had looked like this in the mind of others. She nearly forgot to breathe when he gave it a stroke in anticipation, then caging her body leaving little to guess what would happen next. He guided himself slowly in between her thighs, his eyes firmly locked on hers again.


He moved the tip of his throbbing head from her clit through her folds till he held fast by her entrance. The feel of his touch on her skin sent tremors through her body, barely contained. She moved towards him as he pushed in with the softest of touches. She gasped at the feel of him entering her for the first time.


Despite his desperation to pound away at her then and there with the exquisite feel of her around his cock, he remembered her request for gentleness and he moved himself inside of her slowly. The tenderness of his touch contrasted with the ancient callouses on his fingertips that trailed her soft skin. She caressed his back, feeling the hard planes, with the precision of a dancer urging him to increase his speed when he finally sank inside her fully.


He was tantalisingly slow in his movements, urging every skill inside him in awe of her. Not a sound was heard from them aside from the involuntary cry or groan that escaped them as gusts of pleasure interjected briefly. They had no time for lofty words all they would have was this. Their eyes remained locked upon each other as they moved together in unison.


She began to pant as the sensory overload overtook her while her skin glistened with the exertion of a promise. He took her lips again depriving her of the oxygen she sought while her walls tightened to mutual delight. She was momentarily destitute in her euphoria when her senses dissipated to a flash of darkness. When she woke she smiled the most content smile ever granted upon him. In this he saw life, future and engagement. Everything that he stood to lose.


Angry, he moved inside her with more haste as she urged him moving her legs just so. He groaned at the feel of it and kissed her desperately as his climax impended. He pumped into her once. Twice. With a roar and a final stroke he detonated both their orgasms into a moment of oblivion. They were one and then fell apart again.


Neither one dared say a word. This moment would rest on their minds forever, however short or long that may be. They held on to each other tight not willing to move a fraction of an inch. Neither one willing to accept the finality of it.


Mine, she heard from a rare insight into his mind. It didn’t instil the unease when she heard Bill claim her or resurface the thoughts of her great-uncle thinking that exact word. For just that moment it felt right, it was a private plea rather than a public proclamation. It was solely theirs.


“Yours,” she said with a pain in her heart. He took to her lips again as their limbs tangled in bliss.


“Mine,” he said with reverence.


She fell in a short slumber in his arms while he continued to stroke his fingers through her hair. Her blood and body had restored him beyond any state he had known in his existence, sadness seeping in with the loss of it all too soon.


“Thank you,” Sookie whispered when she stirred again.


He held his forehead against hers gazing down into her dark orbs.


“No, thank you Sookie Stackhouse,” he replied in devotion.


At the feel of her shivers he surrounded her with his leather jacket. The sight of it made his cock stir again. He was still sheathed fully inside her and she gasped at the feel of it.


“Perhaps we should talk as planned,” Sookie sighed knowing if she didn’t stop him a word wouldn’t be spoken between them till sunset. He regretfully nodded in agreement, causing her to whimper with the loss of him.


“Don’t worry,” he whispered in her ears. “I’m far from done with you yet.”


Sookie nodded shyly before she collected her thoughts about the situation at hand. She told him what she knew from Sam admitting it was mostly based on rumours. Eric nodded and amended where necessary, but despite that, failing to paint a full picture in the end.


“Tell me what’s really happened,” she asked while she leisurely traced little circles across his chest.


Eric began telling her the story of how his Queen called for his aid in dealing with a vampire only known as the Repenter. When he arrived with his assembled forces he was already too late, a great fire was blazing in the yard of the palace with her remains and belongings. He instructed his forces to retreat and regroup outside state lines, readying them to take back control.


Eric was ready to depart with Pam to Texas the moment he felt his Maker’s call. They had not seen each other in well over a century despite being situated so close to one another. Any other contact had been sparse.  The call was blindingly strong and when he appeared by his side his Maker was being crowned the new King of Louisiana. The crowd of followers was vast and he spoke to their cheers. His Maker was not the same as when he had last seen him. He had been downcast then, weary with time not as he was now.


“He has embraced a religion at the cost of our immortality,” Eric finished, sadness evident in all the fine lines of his face.


“What does that mean our immortality?”


“It is all I can tell you,” he said with a small shrug. “Know that this is the end of all vampires in Louisiana. The only way you can help is to prevent this madness from spreading further.”


“What aren’t you telling me?” she demanded. “Stop treating me like some human you can dismiss.”


“I cannot tell you more,” he said, irritated. “He has commanded me so.”


“I don’t care about his commands,” she replied equally annoyed, palming his face she demanded, “Tell me.”


“He’s going to sacrifice us all in a great big bonfire, starting with me!” he yelled, his tone soon normalising as he asked in wonder, “How did you do that?”


“Do what?” she asked with her brows furrowed.


“Release me from his command. The command from a Maker is unbreakable.”


“I did that?” she asked confused.


“Yes. This is good.”


“We can stop him? You can be saved?” she asked hopefully.


“He is my Maker, I cannot defy him. My fate is already sealed.”


“I can break the command,” she pleaded as hot tears fell down her cheek as her brief relief was crushed to pain once again. She knew this was going to be one time occurrence but now she refused to let it go. “You can run away!”


“You cannot make me immune from it,” he sighed while he kissed her tears away.


“I won’t accept this,” she cried. “Let’s try it on Pam see if I can make her immune to your command.”


“Let me go Sookie,” he pleaded. “Try for the others. I will be glad to know I am now able to release Pam with your help.”


“No,” she shook her head. “We can run somewhere with Pam. I’ll break his call like his commands.”


“He will always find me through the blood Sookie. I am his to do with as he sees fit. Please don’t cry, I wish to remember you happy.”


She sobbed at her lack of any control over the situation. What use was her telepathy if it served no purpose now, when these vampires needed it most? “What about another vampire? The lady from the AVL?” She knew she was grasping at straws now. Eric didn’t live a thousand years by not contemplating every possible scenario.


He shook his head, “They support his reign. He is human-friendly, the poster boy of mainstreaming. They are too unaware of his true intentions. He is accredited to making peace with the Fellowship of the Sun.”


“No one can stop him?” she sniffed hiding her tears in his chest.


“He is the second oldest vampire on the continent. His strength is unsurpassable. That is ignoring the fact he is my Maker and I cannot deny him anything whether I wish to or not.”


“Well who’s the oldest?” she asked with an optimism that disregarded his fatalistic tendencies.


“Russell Edgington has a thousand years on him. He has been missing for well over a decade after the death of his companion. He is rumoured to live in a cave somewhere.”


“Where?” she asked.


“What does it matter?” he sighed unnecessarily. “He is insane, it is of little use to us.”


“It’s the spark of hope I’m hanging on to. I refuse to give up!”  He smiled at her perseverance.  Her lack of fear and determination had drawn him to her from the moment they met, it only was all the stronger now.


“Northern Mississippi off the Natchez Trace,” he sighed. “Sookie I admire your persistence but this isn’t going to save us.”


“I don’t care what you think. Now give me something to hope for,” she said as she attacked his lips.  He latched on with equal vigour and they satiated themselves with several rounds that denied that this was anything but temporary, ranging from hot and heavy to slow and teasing. When dusk was approaching she reluctantly let go of him to dress. As the sun set he flew her off the roof of Fangtasia to her car which he had hidden a few blocks away.


He kissed her desperately in the brief moment of time they had left before his absence would become too apparent, without her noticing he slipped a sealed piece of paper in her pocket.


“Read it when you get home,” he said with his final kiss.


“Don’t worry,” she whispered into his ears, repeating his words she promised, “I’m far from done with you yet.”


He gave her a knowing smile placating to her hope while the weight of what he surely believed was the end of their story sank to the pit of his stomach. With a heavy heart he took off into the sky.



 There is little left of my time but for a brief moment in time you were mine. This is what I will cherish with my last breath when I go to my true death. Because of you Sookie Stackhouse I know what love could be. I will forever remember that moment in time when you were mine.





*Revised December 2015


A/N: Thanks for reading again. In response to a guest review who was worried that Godric was behind this I would like to explain that whilst Godric is somewhat of an antagonist at the beginning of this story he is by no means an evil irrational villain. Misguided at most, far from evil and malicious. For a large part this story deals with Godric’s hesitance and confusion over the situation he finds himself in and his newly found faith. Sacrifice can be interpreted in many ways and Godric is just being very literal in interpretation for now. I promise no crispy Eric, I wouldn’t break the first rule of True Blood fanfiction like that.




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