Chapter 29 – Simple





“Russell taught me a few tricks,” she preened to which Eric could only emit a warning growl. She cackled loudly which only reverberated through the space of the hall before she lowered her voice to a more affectionate tone. “As did you, Maker mine.”


He glanced at his watch calculating just how quickly she got it all done. “Three minutes, a new record I assume?”


She pouted a little to the camera, “I had a little help.”


“Really?” he grinned, not failing to notice the Werewolf in the background co-ordinate his men like a true Alfa. All still bloodied from the not so pleasant wake up calls they had doled out during the day under his instructions and Eric couldn’t help but admire the ingenuity, vampires were always at their most careless with their safety in the aftermath of bloodlust. “Man’s best friend?”


“They really should amend that saying,” she tittered. “Loyal to the core that one. Wouldn’t have done that for Russell, he still doesn’t quite understand why he has.”


“For you, Pam,” Sookie offered taking the phone from Eric knowing he would easily overhear the conversation just as she had. “He lov-“


“Don’t you DARE say it!” Pam warned with a low hiss. “We’re just friends.”


“If you say so,” the telepath teased back.


“You!” she growled back before a hand came to rest on her shoulder and caused her to calm. A wayward eye glanced up with a clipped tone she informed, “We’ll talk later.”


“You know that really is rude,” Eric chuckled when suddenly confronted with the dial tone.


“She’s your Childe,” Sookie teased causing Eric to notice that wild glimmer in her eyes again, waking that restless energy that swung between them like a pendulum. “You should have taught her better.”


He briefly reminisced back to Pam when she had just been turned. His and Sookie’s unusual behaviour had not been unlike that feral time where something small could set them off. These were trying times, but Eric also understood the danger of ignoring that weakness that existed in them both now.


“So what do we do now?” she asked thoughtfully picking up on his silent musings.


“We restore the balance.” The statement carried the weight of what was to come even if it was only meant to allude to resolving the state between them.




“What else is there to do after a magnificant fight?” he chuckled lowly before holding a smug grin when she remained unknowing to his meaning. “We fuck.”



“Why do we have to wait till dawn?”


“Way the portal works,” he shrugged. “Time’s different between here and there, but the sun sets and rises at the same time. Someone will slip in and we’ll slip out, and they can’t do nothin’ about it. Then we can be a family.”


“You, me, and the bug,” she smiled in her best imitation of Sookie and her crazy smile. He seemed especially eager and gentle whenever she mentioned this, something that betrayed the volatility that brimmed underneath the surface.


He hummed contentedly. “It’s not right what they were doing in there. It’s not right what they were planning to do to you. Not the way it’s supposed to be.”


“Thank you,” Tara whispered while resting her hand on his forearm. He seemed particularly taken with that kind gesture, and he lifted her thin fingers to his mouth to tentatively kiss at the tips. Suddenly his body tensed, where she had tried her best not to betray that in herself, his nostrils flared with the trace of a faint scent.


“Stay here,” he commanded before speeding off into the distance.


Her name came as a whisper from the bushes, fingers beckoning her to him.


“No!” she spoke evenly backing up and away from their makeshift camp, becoming acutely aware of the newfound threat.


“Shh,” he warned. “You’re not safe with him.”


“And I am with you?” she hissed in a whisper.


“Safer,” he grit out, nearing her now, intimidating her with his large frame and limited points of escape in the dark. “You disappear and we all die.”


Tara eyed him warily, his physicality doing little to sustain his threat. “Like you care about anything but yourself. I’m taking the best chance I can get, and you’re not it!”


“I care okay!” he growled, amber flames setting fire to his eyes. “I’m not going to let you and the baby die!”


“I’m not going back,” Tara announced defiantly with her arms crossed moving within inches of his face.


“Tara, I’ll get you out when I can, but this isn’t the way.”


“It’s my way,” she shrugged. “Take it or leave it.”


“You’re going to die if you stick with him, a psychotic vampire is not your friend.”


“I’d rather die on my own terms than on yours.”


“Tara, love, step away from the dog,” Franklin warned with his sudden re-appearance.


“No, darling,” she replied with a fluttering of her eyelashes, a gleaming row of white teeth responding to disarm his offensive stance. “We’re keeping him,” Tara informed with a quick side-glance to Alcide, leaving him little choice but to submit. “One big happy family remember; you, me, the bug and… a dog.”



“I’m sorry, Sookie, I know this isn’t what you wanted.”


“No,” she spoke with a clarity that seemed in opposition to the tremble that possessed her body in that moment. Demurely she wiped away the remnants of mingled blood from the corners of her mouth. “I wanted this, Eric. The thought of not having this bond anymore, it broke something inside of me. I didn’t want to let you go, I had to act. Did you want…”


“Yes,” he answered with a cocky assurance that seemed so intrinsically tied with the man, only for his face to soften within seconds. He moved the limp wet hairs from her face to speak more earnestly. “Yes, this what I wanted.”


“I shouldn’t have bitten you,” she offered apologetically when her eyes settled back from the wild stance where they had previously run untethered.


The cockiness surfaced back just as smoothly along with the single brow that lifted with ease. “Which time?”


“Both,” she confessed with a lone tear escaping her. She swallowed momentarily as the bond came alive, now stronger than ever between them, before amending to his great relief with a shake of her head, “No, just the first time. I don’t know what came over me.”


“I do,” he spoke softly, pulling her beside him on the floor where they had ended up, his back still slightly sore from where the carpet had burned into it during her enthusiastic ride. “You’re transforming.”


“I’m scared, Eric,” she whispered, trembling in his arms with the repercussions. To spare her the humiliation he sensed in her, the duvet from the bed was pulled down and over them while he encouraged her closer.


“Don’t be,” he responded with authority. “Transforming is what we do best, Godric has been through it, I have been through it, and I saw Pam through it.”


“I’m not a vampire,” she scoffed against his chest.


“The impact is the same,” A kiss was deposited to the crown of her head where the warmth of that gesture travelled to her toes and she couldn’t help but smile. “I understand.”


Suddenly her head came up to scrutinise his, truth of self-satisfaction coursing through the bond, “You did this on purpose!” she accused with expressive hands that gestured wildly at the path of destruction that was the aftermath of their coupling.


“As much as I’d like to take the credit for all of that, I will remind you most of this was you.”


“You swallow that smug grin right now!” she warned. “You started this!”


The grin on his face only grew bigger as he happily reminisced, he feigned innocence momentarily, but as ever with Eric Northman that concept had hardly come into play his entire existence and explained much of his attraction to her seeing as she seemed to possess it in abundance. It had come out so gloriously in the small gasp when he had suggested they fuck it out. Before a single word of indignation and objection was emitted from her soft lips, his tongue had already intervened and invaded that space of protest.


Impressively, considering her human-like strength, she had shoved him off her, eyes full of warning, announcing, “You’re playing with fire, vampire.”


He had grinned then, with great satisfaction, utterly content in his ability to pull this extreme from her. His taunt continued, “Maybe I want to get burned.”


“Be careful what you wish for,” she had tossed over her shoulder before shimmying out of her clothes to enter their shared bedroom in the lingerie he had bought her after a mere glimpse of her in his darkened bar.


He was behind her in less than a second, now wearing far less than she, arm wrapped firmly around her waist, emphasizing their differences in size and strength. Once more Sookie extracted herself with ease from the possessive hold to turn around, rising high on her knees above him on the bed while he tumbled after her. “Going to burn you to ashes,” she warned while dragging her forefinger over his forehead and down his nose.


“What a way to go,” he countered before grabbing the errant finger and sucking it into his mouth, causing her to lose focus and soften the hard glare on her face with the ministration of a promising tongue. With his distraction in place he neared, up and over, closer and closer, till the finger fell out of his mouth  in favour of his lips on hers, tilting her head backwards to take more of him inside.


Her limp hand was taken by his, and the lubricated finger was guided alongside his beneath the bounding elastic of the delicate lace of her panties. Side by side they slipped in without resistance, tracing every part of her to parts unknown. “You can’t hide from me,” he had whispered into her ear while his thumb rubbed against her clit, pulling a small wave of promising release from her. “Never could, and you never will.”


Her lidded eyes had flashed open at that, she inhaled sharply, and he found himself with his hands out of her warmth and suddenly locked above his head, her knees effectively pinning down his thighs when she next exhaled. Her free hand once more traced the strong features of his face till it settled itself on his lips. “My vampire,” she warned in a heated whisper, daring him to defy that statement with reciprocity while leaning the full weight of her body on him. He didn’t know how she managed it, but it felt as if he were weighed down by lead rather than the small woman above.


He laughed instead of giving into the words she demanded, bringing her to the exact space of desperation where he wanted her. Sookie leaned in further closely to his ear, demanding harshly, “Say it!”


Not a noise was emitted, and in reprimand she bit into the soft skin of his earlobe causing his cock and fangs to run out at their sharpest and hardest with a poorly contained hiss. He was only human, or rather vampire, after all. Satisfied, Sookie regarded the glistening incisors, tracing them with two fingers to which he couldn’t help but move along to the movement to make the sensation last while she ignored the erection below her that was desperate for any form of contact.


In a moment of feigned weakness, he whimpered at the loss of sensations that her fingertips had momentarily brought while robbing him of the scent and taste of promised blood and the primal taste of her. Seeking opportunity, she ran her tongue along his fangs, scraping the muscular fleshy organ along in a shallow movement that taunted him with the taste of a single drop.


A resounding growl resonated lowly from deep within his throat causing him to flip their positions and in a continual tug of war for leverage, they flipped and turned till they landed on the floor with a startled laugh and a loud thud, their bodies closer upon each other than previously. His erection poking softly into the soft of her belly, she guided his wandering hand down encouraging to rid them of the last barrier of fabric between them. “Want you,” she exhaled while her gaze grew heady again, the harsh aggressor she was moments ago replaced by that soft gentle creature he knew all too well.


He surprised her, not by flipping positions on them again, but by simply moving the crotch aside and slipping up inside without preamble. “My Faery,” he grinned while delighting in her sudden look of surprise. Not to go on undeterred, she shifted herself atop him daring him to say more, allowing that Faery nature to come to the fore once more. When he was about to utter something from his lips she squeezed her internal muscles around him, hard and tight, laughing with full content as his eyes lost focus while cursing in a string of languages she had no references for, picking up her stride atop him. Lifting up teasingly slow, a display of muscles strangling around his cock, before slamming down in one fell swoop.


“Need your fangs,” she spoke suddenly, stilling her movement in the process, and causing him to groan with the sudden interruption. She sat astride him staring at the wisps of pubic hair between them, tinted in the same honey colours, darkening where they met and mingled. She grabbed onto them, pulling slightly before she found him in the haze again and demanded. “Need your blood, need you.”


He arched his neck up in offering as his hands trailed over the curve of her behind, tracing the deep arch that held her spine in stasis in search of deeper depths. “Take it.”


“Up,” she demanded, wrapping her legs around his waist while he came up to meet her. He searched her wild eyes for recognition before she yanked at the short hairs of the nape exposing his neck to her once more.


“Greedy,” he grinned while her tongue traced the vein of his neck. “I like it.”


“Of course you do,” she whispered when trailing back up to his ear. “Have you ever let anyone this close, Vampire?” When he remained silent for longer than necessary she grinned against his neck as if her teeth contained a threat. “Didn’t think so,” Sookie cackled before striking deep, sinking bluntly with ferocity into his cold flesh till it sprouted a leak where she greedily lapped up the blood.


She pulled away briefly to regard him, and the feral sight of her stirred something inside him, balls tightened, a cock swelled, and itching fangs took their fill. The intolerable pressure that had been threatening to explode inside her deflated while her body set to detonate in its stead, shattering the remnants of congestion inside, toes curling tightly in a desperate ploy to contain the rush. The bond formed, tying them closer than ever before. A light show or any other physical manifestation remained absent, but the charge between them hummed and buzzed happily till their thoughts cleared and realised what had just occurred.


“You knew what you were doing!” she accused again when time caught up with memory and he had failed to answer her. “Is this what you did with Pam when she was newly turned? To keep her in line?”


“No!” he denied, but the newly established bond betrayed him. “I mean yes, but not in the way you think.”


“Dare tell me what I think!” she growled.


“I won’t,” he acquiesced while soothing the side of her arms and down her body. “Inspiration struck, fuck, I was gearing up for a bloody fight. It was a win-win.”


“So you thought to put me in line with sex?” she screamed in outrage, scrambling out of his hold. “You pretend to be vulnerable-”


“No,” he growled, keeping her body to him. “You’re partially right, with Pam I pretended. It was a rearing tool, she needed that falsity to understand her subservience as my Childe and the moment she figured it out, it was over. I never pretended with you, the bond would have told you so. My experience with Pam only served as inspiration for us to fuck out this imbalanced frustration. It wasn’t the method.”


She calmed briefly sensing the truth of his words, and despite how open he had been with her moments earlier in the throes of passion, he appeared even more vulnerable while awaiting her verdict. “Did you mean it?” she questioned in a tiny voice. “With nobody else?”


“Nobody else ever came this close,” he answered honestly. “Never truly been anybody’s but yours. It’s what you wanted to hear isn’t it, that I’m yours?”


She nodded, tears escaping her eyes, the unsettling undertones of her violent nature finally evening out to a modicum of calm. “I don’t really understand why you’d want me,” Sookie sobbed, her hitching breath threatening to swallow half of her words. “I’m this volatile mess.”


“It’s simple,” he whispered, cradling her to him before depositing her softly on the bed. He hovered over her briefly, thumbs wiping away at the tears while she awaited his answer. “When you let me in, throw caution to the wind, and stop hiding all there is to see. I come to understand, loving you isn’t care, duty, or responsibility. Nor is it compassion, obligation, or an advanced form of lust. It is just you, and it makes all the sense in the world.”


His fingers carefully extracted the lace pieces from her body one by one while her eyes followed his every move. “You fuck me like no other could, or like I ever would let another,” he complimented with a chuckle as her cheeks instantly flushed the same red of her singed eyes. “But when it’s like this,” Eric whispered reverently while sinking down into her with the gentlest of touches, rocking inside her with a roll of languid hips, her fingers instantly coming to trace every small tremor in his muscles that strained, causing him to tremble and shake with the sheer intensity of such a small yet powerful touch, encouraging him in with sweet murmurs and soft kisses, this ill afforded kindness. “It’s like you hold me with your heart, warmth beyond any feeling of heat. Sookie, how can I be anything but yours?”



A/N: Eternal gratitude to msbuffy.


So a lot of you assumed Alcide was Tara’s saviour… *snicker* Franklin Mott’s accent came through a couple of times but no one seemed to notice (or comment on it) so she’s gathered a bit of an odd set of allies around her…


…and yes, Sookie is still a little off kilter but she seems to be settling into her Fae nature, especially with the bond solidified in a third exchange. So thoughts?





17 thoughts on “Chapter 29 – Simple

  1. I expected Alcide to save her, but he did sound more like Franklin. Now she has both of them to keep each other in line. Sookie and Eric are growing ever closer and I’m not sure what is happening to her, some kind of Fairy maturity maybe. I’m sure you will tell us. Thanks for a great chapter.

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    1. Well Alcide is sorta helping her out but he was just a bit slower in coming to the party. Yeah Sookie is going through some changes but luckily Eric’s there to help 😀


    1. He always had an unhealthy obsession with Tara… Sookie is going through some changes and that’s all I’ll say 😉

      Thanks, Beehl is foolishly keeping his paws crossed while I laugh at his ambitious preening 🙂


  2. Franklin did throw me but I like it! Love the Eric/Sookie chemistry – that’s some pmt she’s suffering lol. Congratulations on the nominations -well deserved.

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    1. Yep Alcide’s moral character is a little grey in this but from canon he seemed the obvious choice, but I figured this was more fun 😀 Yeah poor Sookie and her changes… let’s hope it settles quickly. Thanks!

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    1. Yes I was sneaky like that 😁 Eric and Sookie always have to make sense to me together somehow so I’m glad to hear you think they’re complimenting to one another.

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