Chapter 6 – Stains







“Take it,” Jason said without hesitation thrusting his wrist in Godric’s direction. He reluctantly nodded and took in the deliciously sweet blood. Eric scented that it was not unlike Sookie’s, be it a less concentrated version. Considering how long his maker had not fed it would most assuredly taste like ambrosia. It was a shot in the dark from him but a shot nonetheless.


When Godric had his fill he instructed his child to seal the wounds. Eric noted his maker lingered a little in the sensation of the flavour but guilt soon took hold of his maker’s emotions.


“Why are there children here?” Godric asked when he finally took stock of his surroundings.


“We’re protecting them from the rest of the town,” Sam responded. “Can you get us out of here I have a supply truck out back. We couldn’t fight of the crowd with just the three of us.”


“Yes, we will retreat to Fangtasia,” Godric acquiesced, reasserting the sensations in his body as his full strength returned to him slowly. “But tell me where I can find Sookie Stackhouse first.”





Eric directed the truck to one of his larger homes that was nearest Bon Temps after convincing his maker Fangtasia was no place for children. The children had settled into the beds, which had never been previously used, whilst the adults congregated on the lower floor.


“I will see you upon you return,” Godric spoke to his son as he saw him out the door. Eric nodded and flew off towards New Orleans per his maker’s instructions. Godric turned his attentions to the other newly arrived guests inside.


“You have a beautiful home,” Sarah offered politely as she was eyeing the blonde man who seemed intent on emptying out the entire fridge with his stomach.


“It is my child’s home,” Godric offered with a polite smile. “I will tell him of your appreciations. I am glad you were able to come to our aid so soon.”


“It is lucky we were in the area when you told us of the children,” Steve responded whilst he appraised the cost of all the fixtures and furnishings of the room. With glee in his head he knew all these riches would soon belong to him and his church. It would go a long way to ridding the earth of this sin. “Sarah and I will look after them as if they were our own.”


“We can’t wait to have children,” Sarah gushed.


“It is quite the miracle,” Godric agreed as he gazed down at Sarah’s flat stomach and placed his hand on it. “Life born right inside here.”


“Oh yes,” Sarah gasped albeit at the sight of the blonde man spilling his glass of water all over his white t-shirt.


“For as long as I have been alive I have only witnessed a human birth once,” Godric noted with some sadness.


“Perhaps Sarah and I should get on it sooner,” Steve chuckled with a false smile as he forced Sarah’s body to pull her gaze from the fool’s performance in the open plan kitchen. “You could witness ours before the end.”


“I do not think we have that much time,” Godric said with some regret.


“The lord has spoken to you again?” Steve asked carefully. He didn’t put much stock in Godric’s conversations with God. However, if there was a voice inside the ancient vampire’s head telling him that it was his purpose to rid the world of vampires, Steve Newlin would happily attribute this as God with the vampire. The idea that God would actually speak with a vampire was preposterous of course.


“Not yet,” Godric clarified. “But I feel it cannot be long now that I have found the Cyrus.”


Steve nodded, “The Soldiers of the Sun are at your disposal to help rid the world of this creature of Satan.”


“Thank you,” Godric spoke humbly. He continued to show the Newlins around the expansive house and left them in their own bedroom. It was still hours before dawn so he joined the band of misfits downstairs after bidding the couple goodnight.


He asked them about Sookie and was pleased to hear them speak so highly of her. They were not so fond of Bill Compton. Especially Sam Merlotte, the feelings he harboured for the telepath and the vampire that appeared to hold here heart were hard to miss. They were all protective of her, Godric gathered she had a rough time growing up. It didn’t surprise him at all that the three other supernatural beings in the town would be so quick to come to her defence.


It was only Godric and the telepath’s brother that remained behind when the other two had retired to bed. Jason was never much of an early sleeper and he still felt the need to be able to come to the defences of the town’s children despite the apparent safety of the secluded mansion.


“Do you need something?” Jason asked as he was trying to figure out how the entertainment set worked. Whacking away at the multitude of buttons was yet to yield a satisfying result. “More blood?” he asked tentatively looking up to the ancient vampires sullen eyes.


“You should not turn down such a generous offer,” Cecily said her nose running along the posterior triangle of Jason’s neck. “This is the best blood I have ever smelled.”


“You can smell?” Godric asked almost dumbfounded by the mysterious ways of the apparition.


“Eh yeah,” Jason said confused. “Humans can smell and taste.”


“Of course,” Godric replied his eyes intent on Cecily who continued to stroke at Jason. “My mind wandered. Apologies.” Jason merely nodded as he continued trying to figure out the workings of the remote.


“Father this is right,” Cecily said as she doused herself in Jason’s natural perfume. “This is best,” she moaned in delight not taking her eyes off of her maker. Jason’s skin erupted with tiny goose bumps trailing behind her touch.


Her delicate porcelain hands caressed down his chest. “Papà he’s perfect,” she purred as her hands ghosted down to his cock. “We can have so much fun with him.”


Godric tried to steel himself as his fangs slowly willed themselves down at the prospect. He hadn’t been interested or enticed by sex in centuries. Quickly Godric started reciting the texts of his spiritual books under his breath in attempt to stifle the urge.


“Ever feel like something is watching you?” Jason said as he shifted uncomfortably wondering why he suddenly seemed to be responding sexually to the male vampire’s gaze.


“All the time,” Godric replied as he finally came back to himself.





In the light of day the helicopter hovered over the area where Sookie had first spotted the ancient void. They finally found what they presumed was his resting cave not far north from the original sighting and marked it on the map. The two werewolves affirmed that wolves could be sensed and smelt nearby. The helicopter and its exhausted occupants landed in Jackson just after sunset to pick up Pam and replenish their empty stomachs.


Sookie and her weres ate contentedly in the hotel restaurant as Pam partook in another round with the donors. Sookie was getting rather anxious to get back north and was heavily stocking up on gallons of coffee. However, she couldn’t begrudge Pam her spoils after having gone without for so long.


“What’s a sweet girl like you doing with the likes of Eric Northman anyway?” Alcide asked as he chowed down on his second plate piled high with food.


The hotel restaurant with a buffet proved to be an instant hit with the weres. They took to it with as much glee as Pam to her pool of donors. Sookie didn’t know anyone could eat this much but she was informed it was a were thing. How Alcide’s girlfriend could be so skinny with these appetites was puzzling to Sookie.


She wondered if Alcide’s mind just remembered her that way. Sookie knew a lot of people did that. Loved ones became more beautiful in the minds of their beholders. She’d been at the opposite end of it. She was honest about her own appearance. Pretty at best. In the minds of her fellow town dwellers she ranged from anything from life sized Barbie to freak of nature.


“Who says I’m sweet?” she sassed back whilst plunging her fork into a ripe strawberry.


“Your plate for starters,” Logan remarked dryly gesturing at her plate full of desserts. At her miffed look the two weres bellowed out in laughter.


“Not that’s it any of your business but the vampires of Louisiana need my help,” she spoke a little testily finding no humour in the situation. Sookie had to remind herself that she needed to be polite to the two men who had been nothing but helpful so far.


“You just don’t seem the fangbanging type,” Logan shrugged apologetically.


“That’s cause I’m not,” she returned, although Sookie had to seriously reconsider that statement at a more stable point in time.


Vampire aficionado perhaps?


“Why are you two so happy to work for vampires if you all hate each other so much?” she asked trying to turn the heat away from her person. Having heard Pam’s side of the argument she was curious to hear how the weres positioned themselves between their interspecies relations.


“Cash is green no matter who it comes from,” Logan said as he attacked a piece of sausage. Sookie smiled as she saw him playing happily with his children in his mind. A pragmatic attitude was indeed one she could respect in all situations.


“I don’t discriminate,” Alcide said with a small shrug. “I hate all the groups of supernaturals equally.”


Sookie looked at him with confusion. She knew he wasn’t really helping out of the kindness of his generous heart. His father’s debt was apparently large enough to cover days of helicopter hire if it had been necessary. It was only at Sookie’s insistence that Pam had agreed to pay Logan his usual fee and not the discounted cost rate Alcide would have been paying.


“You’re like a self-hating supe?” Sookie asked still baffled by his statement. Somewhere she had taken a little offense herself, her telepathy had made her an outsider all her life. As little as she knew of the supernatural world she did know that it made more sense for her to belong among them than with the humans she grew up amidst.


“When you’re a kid everyone wants a superpower,” Alcide answered eyeing a new pan of food being installed at the buffet table. “It’s not so fun when you’re the only one that actually does. One day you’re normal the next day you’re not.” Sookie understood the sentiment she had lived it herself after all. That was even without the support of family and a pack that understood.


“That still doesn’t explain why you hate everyone else,” Sookie remarked finishing up her éclair.


“Hate’s a little strong perhaps,” Alcide supposed with a tiny shrug of his shoulders. “It’s more the dislike of the obligations and etiquette that’s demanded of us. I didn’t choose this and I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy.”


Sookie nodded not probing him further as he disappeared to the buffet again. She had read from his mind that his dreams about puppies were no coincidence. It was the reason he was fighting with his girlfriend all the time. He refused to father children with her, not willing to bring another were into the world. Sookie wondered if his puppy dreams were his nature fighting him on his decision too or if it was just what happened to be plaguing his subconscious.


“Don’t mind Alcide,” Logan offered. “He’s a lot less doom and gloom when the Mrs isn’t riding him.”


Sookie gave him a polite smile. She didn’t give it much more thought as a familiar void moved into her telepathic range.


“Eric,” she gasped as she flung herself at his familiar form.


Pam was beside them in an instant completely unabashed as she stood there without a stitch of clothing on. Eric merely quirked his brow at her as the fresh blood still dripped from her fangs. He didn’t want to know what kind of mess she had left behind now.


“Master,” she greeted with a satisfied smile. The hotel was apparently well versed with vampires as in an instant Pam was handed a robe to cover herself. She placated the human staff by putting it on with a fangy scowl.


“I see you’re enjoying your new found freedom,” he smirked at his beloved progeny.


“Eric are you free?” Sookie asked holding on tightly to his chest. She had completely missed Pam’s grand entrance as she basked herself in the familiar scent of his body. “Did he let you go?”


“No,” Eric replied regretfully running his nose along the golden crown of her hair. He had vowed to enjoy every moment of time granted with her. The Corvette had never been tested to its farthest limits as it had tonight under his insistent foot. “Unfortunately I am here to bring you to New Orleans.”


“What?” she mumbled into his shirt with a hint of apprehension.


“Don’t worry you will be safe with me,” Eric explained as he soothingly ran his hands over her back. The only three beings that could have revealed anything of their usurping plans had been glamoured within an inch of their life. Eric had been annoyed that there was a loose end with a woman named Tara but according to her cousin she was lost to the maenad now. The visit to Bon Temps had proven to be quite effective in all. “There is a situation with Compton.”


Sookie stiffened in Eric’s hold at the mention of her boyfriend’s name. She chastised herself for not even asking after him or his fate. Worse, not even thinking about him.


“Perhaps we should convene somewhere more private,” Eric suggested as the dining room continued to stare at their strange assembly. Nor did he wish to discuss this any further in a public forum even if there were no other vampires within hearing range.


They moved to Sookie’s room leaving the weres to polish off the rest of their meal. Sookie sat down on the corner of the bed, to which Eric quickly sat beside her and pulled her onto his lap. She sat awkwardly as he ran his nose along her neck taking in her unique smell that he finally could place. It was even more satisfying than he could remember.


Not interested in their little reunion Pam started pacing the floor and briefing her maker on their progress in locating Russell Edgington. Eric was impressed that they had been able to find a possible location so quickly. He commended Pam on her ingenuity of using a helicopter in conjunction with Sookie’s telepathy. When Pam was finished getting him up to speed he dismissed her to leave with the weres to seek out the oldest vampire on the continent.


She enquired with her maker in Swedish what Godric wanted with Sookie and he informed her on what he wouldn’t be able to tell Sookie right now. Before leaving Pam took Sookie aside in the hallway out of Eric’s hearing range under the gesture of a private goodbye.


“Sookie I like you,” Pam started with an admission never before gritted out so insincerely. Knowing Pam for a few nights now, Sookie understood this was probably the most sincere she would ever get.


“I like you too, Pam,” Sookie responded whilst quickly adding, “Just not in that way.”


“Yes, you keep reminding me,” Pam said rolling her eyes at the little telepath who was yet to succumb to any of her offered charms. “I’m telling you this to keep everyone safe. View me as your council.”


“What are you trying to say to me?” Sookie asked worried, wondering if Eric was speaking the truth that she would truly be safe with him. After all his own safety was not a guarantee yet.


“The things you told me about the mouseketeer,” she warned forebodingly. “Keep them to yourself unless Godric asks you about it. Under no circumstances tell Eric without his maker present.”


She looked at Pam with brows furrowed, “Why?”


“Because as your council I advise you to do so.”


Sookie huffed in annoyance at her inability to share. “Trust me on this honey pie,” Pam drawled out in her exaggerated concocted Southern accent. “You’ll understand when the time is right.”


“Fine,” she exhaled. “Make sure you find that vampire, I’m counting on you.” Pam simply nodded attentively before whizzing off to her own room.


“Goodbye, to you too,” Sookie grumbled after the already departed form.


Eric stirred from his downtime when Sookie returned to the room. He smiled at the sight of her, this point of light that was giving him hope beyond what he could have ever expected. Sookie didn’t think she’d ever seen him smile like that. Smirk annoyingly, yes in copious amounts. This was different, it was like a smile reserved just for her. Sookie couldn’t take any joy from it though, as her mind was still plagued with thoughts of Bill. Their comfortable silence that kept them suspended in inaction was momentarily interrupted by the familiar sounds of Eric’s phone.


“You have found her so soon?” Godric asked not bothering with a greeting to his son.


“Yes, master,” Eric responded keeping kind eyes on a worried Sookie, “She is here with me now and has agreed to come meet with you.”


“I fear we have much to make up to her,” Godric said with regret. “I have located Sophie Anne’s files on Ms Stackhouse.”


“It is as we feared then,” Eric returned with disgust.


“It is worse than I thought,” Godric explained as his eyes fell over the extensive file. “I am glad you told me of Sophie Anne’s activities before I became aware of this. I would not have been able to live with this stain resting on our kind had she succeeded. I fear her death would not have been as compassionate as I had allowed it to be.”






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    1. Glad you continue like this, never thought this would be the story most people respond to. Not everything is as predictable as I always think. Thanks for taking the time to read.

      PS I keep checking for those pics of Finland on your blog whenever I see that red rose pop up. Really curious about that part of the world, I’ve been to Helsinki many times but have yet to travel up north to see the northern lights up close. Every winter I vow to go up there but I have yet to find myself there.


  1. Ugh Steve and Sarah. Hate those who use their religion, or their brand of religion, in their hatred and discrimination of others. Wonder why Eric decided to “find” sookie. hmmm


    1. Hi there, glad you to see you devouring the stories on my site. I noticed you stopped reading here which alerted me to the fact that the next button had not been updated. I just changed some of the appearances of my site because the previous theme I used had a very handy drop down menu in the right hand corner but a lot of people overlooked it and it made navigating the site difficult. So just in case that happened to you there are 3 more chapters to this story and I’ll be posting another one by end of day.


      1. Cool beans. Actually stopped reading cause it was time to go home. Will read more in a little bit. Love me some vampy stories. Luckily the SVM/TB group on FB pointed me to you.


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