Chapter 7 – Guilt






“You have found her so soon?” Godric asked not bothering with a greeting to his son.


“Yes, master,” Eric responded keeping kind eyes on a worried Sookie, “She is here with me now and has agreed to come meet with you.”


“I fear we have much to make up to her,” Godric said with regret. “I have located Sophie Anne’s files on Ms Stackhouse.”


“It is as we feared then,” Eric returned with disgust.


“It is worse than I thought,” Godric explained as his eyes fell over the extensive file. “I am glad you told me of Sophie Anne’s activities before I became aware of this. I would not have been able to live with this stain resting on our kind had she succeeded. I fear her death would not have been as compassionate as I had allowed it to be.”





“Fuck,” Eric growled out as he hung up the phone. Only barely containing himself, his maker would interpret it as anger over Sophie Anne and Bill’s actions. In truth the anguish was retained for himself. The two month old top of the line smartphone didn’t stand a chance at survival as the thousand year old vampire hurled it to its death against the solid wall.


“What’s wrong?” Sookie asked hesitantly when the last of the pieces fell to the floor and a deafening silence fell upon the room.


He sighed as his head dropped into his hands. “It’s all my fault,” he whispered out in the most defeated tone Sookie had ever heard come from a man. The Big Bad Ass Vampire Sheriff of Area five was gone and in his place sat an innocent child bearing the responsibility of the world on his fragile shoulders.


She carefully reached out to hold his shaking wrists as she moved between his turned out legs by the edge of the bed. “Tell me,” she said softly. “Please?”


“He’s doing this because of me,” Eric said barely containing his anger. Her tentative touch being the only thing that stopped him from detonating at full blast. “I was the one that told him about my queen’s dealing. She was selling of our blood to pay her debts. I had no choice to obey as her sheriff. This is what made him come to New Orleans.”


Sookie moved his wrists away from their hold of his face placing them around her own waist so she could hold him in an embrace. With the news of her meeting Godric, Eric had assumed she would be the one that needed comforting tonight but here her generous heart was giving him more than he ever thought to deserve.


“It’s all my fault,” he whispered into her golden hair that was scented with the memory of the lingering sun and kerosene. Despite the nasty fumes of the helicopter it was like heaven to him in combination with the call of her blood to his parched fangs.


He wanted nothing more desperately than to take her on this soft bed that smelled of just her so he could forget for a fleeting moment that his world was falling to pieces faster than the splintering of his former phone. Eric couldn’t be afforded that privilege while his maker was awake and he would be unable to hide the scent of her on his body in Godric’s vicinity. This is as close that they would be able to get for a long while and perhaps forever.


“Listen to me,” she said firmly as she pulled his face up towards her. “Whatever he does, it’s his choice. His doing. His judgement before God. You are a victim in this.”


“I’m not a victim,” he said with distaste, barely containing the snarl he wanted to express with the accusation. By informing his maker of Sophie Anne’s actions Eric was convinced hehad set all these actions in motion. “Never a victim.”


“A survivor then,” she offered gently, the anger at her unintended insult not phasing her in the least. “We’re going to see this through for the greater good.”


“Such vast words from such a small being,” he replied as he received a kiss on his forehead. His body calming under her touch and her words. Godric had taught him to be a survivor above else and now Eric understood that could even include his own maker.


“I prefer it to small words from such a large being,” she smirked back in return, satisfied to see a barely breaching smile on his face. “I assume he’s expecting us.”


He affirmed her suspicions and they departed, making it back to New Orleans within two hours. She held her hand on top of his the whole journey as it rested on her knee. They listened to the radio but barely spoke a word.


It was just past midnight when they were received in Godric’s throne room. The room was filled with a whole host of vampires in white linen tunics and matching pants. Sookie thought she had entered a cult and considering the religious teachings Godric was preaching she probably wasn’t that far off in her assessment.


She recognised Godric instantly, she remembered Pam’s comment about Russell radiating power. The same could be said for the ancient vampire who appeared to be a young teenager. He looked kind and perhaps a little melancholy, almost ethereal. When she had heard Sam, Eric or Pam speak of the creature named Godric this was the last image she had conjured up.


“My liege,” Eric said as he kneeled down in front of his maker’s throne. “May I present to you Ms Sookie Stackhouse.”


“Ms Stackhouse,” he greeted “I have heard much about you.”


“Likewise,” she replied curtly.


Godric chuckled lightly. He understood his child’s attraction for her, she had a spirit that was both fire and ice. Radiating together in a light as clear as crystal. She didn’t take kindly to his amusement as she continued to stare him down desperately trying to watch the words she was holding. She wanted to scream and yell how wrong this all was but that would help no one.


“Please sit,” he said motioning to a seat beside him. She sat down demurely thinking it was a bit of a déjà vu moment reminiscent of her first encounter with Eric and Pam. “I trust your travel went pleasantly.”


“As much as possible with a vampire at the wheel,” she responded forgetting to filter her thoughts just like she had her first night in Fangtasia. Eric had sincerely frightened her to death with his high speed driving skills and Bill had hardly been an improvement when encountering the force of the law during a drive. His choice of music was also one she had yet to warm to.


“Some things never change,” Godric said knowingly with a small chuckle. “Are you in need of anything? To drink or eat perhaps?”


“No thank you,” she declined with an ice to her tone. Sookie reasoned if he wasn’t letting Eric partake in nourishments than she wasn’t planning on accepting any hospitality from him either.


“I brought someone here to see you,” Godric offered with a polite smile.


His genteel nature was unnerving Sookie to no end. He was supposed to be this horrible creature that was here to ruin everything she had come to cherish. He was pretending to be kind. He seemed nice. Almost human.


“Yes, Bill.”


“Bill Compton is also here, but I was speaking of someone else.”


“Jason?” Sookie gasped as she saw her brother awkwardly enter the throne room in one of the white linen uniforms. She glared at Eric wondering if his words of safety had been merely a ploy as her brother was now being dangled before her like a guarantee for her compliance.


“I thought you could use some support,” Godric supplied.


“What in heavens for?” Sookie asked as she pulled her brother to sit beside her after greeting him with a small hug. She wanted him close and out of these clothes and safely tucked away in Bon Temps.


“I would like to speak to you about Bill Compton and the previous regime,” Godric started.


“All right,” she agreed tentatively. With Eric unable to reach out and assure her she decided it was best to simply placate the ancient vampire. Who knows what he could inflict on the ones that she cared most for. “Is he here?”


“We will begin momentarily if that is all right with you.”


“Sure,” she replied with a small shrug wondering why he bothered with the courtesy.


“Eric please take your seat,” Godric commanded whilst he motioned a guardsman to bring in Bill Compton.


“What’s going on? I thought I was just here to talk,” Sookie said nervously as they strapped Eric with leather clad silver chains. Two vampire guards stood beside him, the sight before her did nothing to calm her nerves.


“We are,” Godric replied cryptically as Bill was wheeled in, strapped in a similar confine to Eric. Godric took that moment to open the court case initiated by W.T. Compton in accusation of E. Northman.


Sookie latched on to Jason for what was going to happen. She feared for the life of both the vampires bound in silver in front of her. Nor was she eased for her own and Jason’s safety. She willed back a tear not wanting to show the vulnerability that was festering inside of her. Eric had promised her she would be safe with him but it all seemed a lie now.


“Don’t worry Sook,” Jason whispered to the trembling form that his sister had become. “Godric’s a friendly vampire like Eddie.”


Sookie really didn’t want to know how Jason knew a vampire named Eddie in this moment in time. She steeled herself to remain calm and in some semblance of control, at least to the outside world.


“Ms Stackhouse please tell the court how you came to meet Mr Compton,” Godric asked.


As Sookie set out to retell the story of how they met she noticed Jason getting extremely annoyed at her solo heroics in saving the vampire from the pair of drainers. Most vampires looked at Bill with disdain when hearing that he would allow himself to be captured so easily. Sookie didn’t pay attention to that her eyes could only travel guiltily between the two bound vampires.


When she retold the events of the next evening she was shocked when she heard what could only be described as an explosion accompanied with a load roar. Sookie folded her body over in protection on instinct at the deafening sound and Jason quickly covered her with his own body. Hisses were heard around the room as pieces of silver chain claimed impact on the vampires present.


“Stand down!” Godric commanded at the seething vampire ready to attack Bill Compton. When Sookie looked up at the ravage in front of her she saw multiple vampires writhing in pain. Pieces of masonry had crumbled down along the wall with the impact. This was what Pam was talking about then. Hearing how she and Bill met had literally made Eric explode in anger setting silver chains flying into the air with great impact.


Eric retreated back to his former position barely, containing his rage as he headed to his Master’s wishes. He was rewrapped in a double set of chains which only made Sookie tremble with pain at the sight of it. A new set of guards flanked him albeit at a considerably further distance to the one maintained previous. Wounded vampires were removed to the infirmary and the court resumed its session when everyone finally managed to calm down.


“I don’t understand,” Sookie whispered to her brother. He shrugged just as confused.


“Did Mr Compton tell you he was originally sent by the Queen of Louisiana to procure you because of what you might be?” Godric asked as the court settled into silence again.


“What?” she asked with shock on her face. For the first time that night she met the eyes of her vampire boyfriend. Until that point the shame of what she had done with Eric had stopped her from doing so in fear that her guilty eyes may betray her doings. “Bill is this true?”


“I did not know why she wanted you.” Bill spoke desperately. “As I grew to know you, I purposely kept you from her,”


“Ms Stackhouse the questions should be asked by me,” Godric interjected what appeared to be becoming a private conversation.


“Sorry,” she whispered with a small voice.


“Let us continue,” Godric said. “Your files with Sophie Anne do indicate you were delaying delivery.”


“My file?” Bill asked confused. Godric held up a file marked confidential from the palace archives in demonstration. Eric watched with satisfaction, as the vampire seemed to pale at the sight of it. A rare sight indeed.


“Was he ever going to tell me?” she whispered to herself but it was heard by all vampires in the room.


“You may answer Ms Stackhouse’s question Mr Compton.”


“I hoped to someday.” Bill said the anguish legible over his entire face and body. “I swear it.”


What about you letting the two drainers beat her within an inch of her life so you could feed her your blood the night you met? All to attain the services of a telepath,” Godric strangled out with the words that held such disgust in his mouth. “Were you going to tell her that?”


“Oh, my God,” Sookie gasped out as the whites of her eyes seemed to be overtaking the pupils that they surrounded. Bill fought against his confines but he possessed nowhere near the strength of Eric as the room erupted into murmurs of outrage and indignation.


“Order,” Godric bellowed out looking sternly at the two vampires who both immediately submitted to the power only one as ancient as he could expel. “Ms Stackhouse, are you alright to continue?” Sookie nodded as she desperately tried to hold back the tears that were threatening to fall.


“Your file indicates that you, Mr Compton proposed to seduce Ms Stackhouse when she proved unresponsive to your heightened glamour,” Godric spoke at the civil war veteran who remained mute but started to spill tears of blood instead. “I quote, ‘The subject has remained untouched in her twenty-five years and seemed responsive to my charm. I believe by courting her she will soon be doing my bidding as I please. She has no hope of a love life with a human man, I am her only choice and she will surely take it.’ These are your words Mr Compton?”


The cold description of her inexperience when they first met, while accurate, was crushing to Sookie’s fragile heart. The tears started flowing as she still held onto some hope that these were all lies, a ploy of Godric’s to bring her to her knees. A punishment for what she and Eric had done during the day in the supply closet of Fangtasia.


Deep down she knew that in her interactions with Bill something had always felt off. There was always a detachment there that she had accredited to his nocturnal ways but that didn’t exist with Eric. It didn’t even exist with Godric. It made her mad as hell.


“Is it true?” she demanded to the eyes of her first love.


“Yes,” he admitted barely uttering the word.


“Motherfucker!” Jason screamed leaping out of his seat ready to attack the offending vampire. Godric was impressed how far he had made it before the vampire guards intercepted him.


“Release Mr Stackhouse to me,” Godric said gesturing towards the seat he had occupied before. Sookie pulled her brother down beside her and Godric spoke to him gently, “Remember Jason your sister needs you beside her.”


Jason nodded at Godric barely containing his itching fists. Sookie latched on to one and he pulled his other arm around her back holding her tight to him.


“He manipulated me into falling in love with him,” she said to Jason the tears falling fast as he tried to comfort her by drawing circles on her back. “He stole my innocence.”


There were no words for Jason to describe how he felt about the vampire that had deceived his sister. Only his body could adequately respond, with violence, so instead he listened to Godric’s words and channelled it into the soothing of his sister. Jason was perhaps not the most sincere when it came to the other sex but they always knew what to expect from him. He never deceived a woman into his bed, they knew what they were there for and they knew it had nothing to do with love.


“Sookie, please. It is who you are, not what you are, that I love, and will love always, until I meet the true death,” Bill pleaded.


“Love?! You don’t even get to use that word,” she screamed as the hot tears were no longer contained. Her outward grief set the room to disorder again as the drama continued to unfold. “I want nothing to do with you.”


“Jason perhaps it is best you escort your sister outside for the moment,” Godric suggested with kind eyes as Sookie’s body seemed to collapse upon itself.


“I don’t know what you are thinking,” Jason said outraged jumping from his seat glad to be finally channelling some of that tempered rage. “But my sister ain’t no prostitute!”


“Jason, honey,” Sookie sniffed pulling at his hand. “He means to take me out of the room.”


“Oh,” Jason returned perplexed. “Right. Let’s go then Sook.”


“Court is back in session,” Godric announced as soon as Sookie and Jason shut the door on the throne room.





“All right wolfies,” Pam sing-songed. “Let’s go find us an ancient vampire. I’m really beginning to like this chopper. Perhaps I should get one in pink.”


“I’ll give you a contact card,” Logan smirked at the blonde vampire.


He was actually quite enjoying the company of the blonde vampire. She was snarky but it was usually at Alcide’s expense who was being a miserable shit. So Logan figured it a well-founded treatment.


Pam continued to probe Logan what all the buttons did on their way back up north. Logan patiently told her what each and every single button did whilst still concentrating on flying them there safely.


“This really doesn’t sound that hard. Let me try,” Pam demanded.


“In your dreams sweet cheeks,” Logan chuckled. “Just because you can’t die doesn’t mean we have too.”


“Wolves,” she drawled out exasperated, “always so scared to die.”


“Vampires,” Logan returned, “always so damn happy to kill everyone.”


“You bet,” Pam said with a wink of an eye and a cluck of her tongue.


“You’re alright for a vamp,” Logan said as he started descending the chopper to the intended landing spot.


“You’re not too bad yourself, wolf,” Pam retorted thinking Sookie would be proud of her improved conversational skills. “Though you still smell.”


Logan chuckled all the way through the landing pretending to waft his scent towards Pam. She didn’t laugh with him but was amused nonetheless.


Firmly on the ground the front passengers lowered the headsets from their ears. “Watch this,” he said to Pam as he pulled up the volume on Alcide’s previously muted headset since he was soundly asleep again. “Bitch in the back. Let’s go,” Logan yelled through the speaker.


Pam cackled hysterically as Alcide shot up and banged his head on the low ceiling.


“For fuck’s sake, Logan!” Alcide yelled as he got out of the helicopter nursing his injured head with the back of his hand. “Not cool, man.”


“I owe you a dance,” Pam said to Logan with another wink of the eye.


“I won’t shower for a week in anticipation,” he returned with a big grin.


“I’ve come to expect nothing less from you,” Pam returned with a wrinkled nose as both men transformed into their wolf form so she would be sure to have the last word. Logan just barked at her when his transformation was complete in retort.


“Good luck with getting yourself heard with that wolfie,” Pam crooned whilst condescendingly petting his head. “Follow me,” she announced as she sped through the dense forest.


When they were a few hundred yards from the cave entrance Logan shifted back to his human form. Pam tossed him his clothes still holding Alcide’s set while waiting on him to transform back.


“What’s with him?” she asked motioning at Alcide who seemed to refuse to shift.


“He’s still pissed about the headphones,” Logan shrugged.


“Whatever,” Pam said with a roll of her eyes as they walked towards the entrance. The wolves that were guarding the mouth of the cave let them through recognising their fellow canines and watched the three with caution.


The cave was dimly lit but all three supernaturals had no issue seeing through the darkness. Pam could sense Russell’s presence as he assuredly could hers. He didn’t seem to move at all so she continued down the cave.


“Pamela Swynford de Beaufort,” a voice rang through the cave. “As I live and breathe.”


“Hardly,” Pam smirked.


“I knew I liked you,” he said as he kissed her on the cheeks three times. “Now were you the one making all that noise over my head?”


“Guilty as charged,” Pam said with a fangy smile.


“Well that explains it then,” Russell mumbled to himself. “No fires this time.” He paced up and down the opening in the cave and counted out loud when he reached five he looked at the invading threesome again.


“You brought me a puppy?” he said with glee speeding over to Alcide.


“Sure take him,” Pam quipped before putting on her stern mommy voice and wagging her index finger back and forth, “but you have to promise to feed him, bathe him and walk him every day.”


Russell was now wrapping himself around the wolf’s torso petting at the bottom of his jaw, cooing at the feel of his soft fur. He pulled his face towards Pam and spoke in a most innocent voice, “Really I get to keep him mommy? I think I’ll call him Lola.”


Within seconds Alcide shifted back to his human form whilst screaming, “Oh hell no!”


Russell took in the naked tan and muscular physique of the were firmly held in his embrace and exclaimed with newfound glee in his eyes, “Ooh this is even better than a puppy!”





Jason and Sookie were brought to a modestly decorated bedroom with drab grey bedding. Linen Sookie noted, she had never discriminated against the material before but she hated it on sight from now on. Sookie cried softly in the arms of her brother who hurt along with her. He had never liked Vampire Bill but he had never thought a man was capable of this cruelty on someone as vulnerable as his sister. He felt like a failure in not being able to prevent the damage that this had caused on his baby sister.


When she quieted down some Jason asked, “Hey what was that Eric guy doing there anyway?”


“You know Eric?” Sookie asked looking confused.


“Yeah he helped us out with the maenad,” Jason spoke as if it was the most common everyday occurrence.




“Shit you weren’t there,” Jason remembered before continuing to retell the events of Bon Temps that had been going on in her absence. It momentarily took Sookie’s mind away from the trials of the evening but it only caused her more sadness as she took in the destruction that was taking place in her hometown.


“Now all the kids are being taken care of by Steve and Sarah Newlin in one of Eric’s homes,” Jason finished up explaining how he got to meet Eric.


Sookie groaned with the images that came along in Jason’s mind with his last sentence. Close contact was never a good thing for a telepath. “You had sex with Sarah Newlin,” she hissed.


He gave her a guilty look even though he wasn’t feeling it. “What was I gonna say?” he asked incredulously. “No?”


She shook her head disbelievingly. Some things never changed. Men, she thought, they were all dogs. This night was surely proving that maybe she briefly thought that maybe Pam had it right after all. A knock on the door announced the end of their quiet retreat.


“Sir Godric asks if you are able to return to court,” the page at the door asked.


After Jason confirmed Sookie was good to go he asked for a few minutes so she could compose herself again. Sookie freshened up her face in the bathroom trying to avoid the haunting look on her face in the mirror without success. Jason held his hand firmly grasped in hers as they walked the long and empty hallways back to the throne room. Before they entered Sookie turned towards her brother holding him back from entering.


“Jason promise me if Eric was part of the scheme you’ll get me out of here and never speak of it again,” Sookie pleaded.


“Sure Sis,” Jason said as he pulled her to him in a soft embrace. He gave her a soft peck on the cheek. “If you want I’ll stake all their asses.”


“That’s sweet Jason, but no,” she said with a small headshake.


“I am glad you can join us again Ms Stackhouse,” Godric spoke sympathetically as Sookie and Jason sat themselves down beside the throne again. “Is the court ready for their ruling?”


“We are Sire,” a vampire from the front row said as he bowed towards the king.


“What say you?”


“The proof presented by William Compton was deemed unsubstantiated. Eric Northman was purposefully left out in the procuring of the telepath by the former queen. A witness of the palace has confirmed specific instructions were given to keep the telepath away from the area sheriff. We deem William Compton’s claim that the sheriff of area five aided or conspired with Sophie Anne Leclerq unfounded. We advise reparations be made to Sookie Stackhouse for the actions of Mr Compton and the former queen,” the vampire with horn rimmed glasses finished.


“I thank you for your council. Jury you are dismissed.”


The vampire with the glasses stood up as eleven others followed him out of the throne room. Sookie was surprised there had been a jury. In their identical wardrobe she had no idea there was a distinction between them and the rest of the crowd.


“Do you have any questions for Mr Compton?” Godric directed at Sookie.


“I would like to know who told him about my telepathy,” Sookie asked of Godric refusing to look at Bill any longer.


“Yeah, who’s the fucker who ratted my baby sis out,” Jason demanded.


“That would be me,” said a timid voice from the crowd.


“Come forward my child,” Godric commanded. The crowd parted letting through a young blonde woman.


“Hadley,” the Stackhouse siblings gasped in unison.


Hadley kneeled to the ground and Sookie only then noticed a void existed where her thoughts had once spoken to her.


“I seek your forgiveness cousin,” Hadley said with red tears streaming down her pale face. “I wished to entertain my queen with stories of our childhood. I did not realise until it was too late of her true intentions.”


Sookie cried at the sight of her cousin whilst Jason gritted his teeth in disgust.


“Does she have your forgiveness Ms Stackhouse?” the king requested.


Sookie thought long and hard as she looked at the submissive form kneeling before her. Hadley always talked a mile a minute with little thought so it would not be unusual for her to innocently reveal her gift. She looked healthy, happy almost. Sookie thought of their beloved grandmother and the happiness she would feel at the sight of a Hadley free from drugs. Not dead in a gutter as they had all assumed.


For her Gran Sookie replied yes. When Jason looked at her with disbelief she whispered it would have been what Gran wanted. He nodded in acceptance though only the fact that she was a female had prevented him from beating her to a pulp. Hadley returned to her seat, her white robes stained with the red tears from her face. She wore them like a badge of honour, the symbol of forgiveness, as she walked her bare feet down the aisle with a beaming smile.


“We should discuss the reparations,” Godric said encouragingly towards Sookie.


“You wish to monetise something he took from me, something he could never return, pay off deceit,” Sookie seethed the tears that had fallen for the sight of Hadley turning hot in anger. “I don’t know what’s more insulting! Being sold off to some queen or for my virginity to carry a price.”


Godric saw the grave mistake in his offer and he felt a deep sense of shame. It was such a natural thing among the supernatural for blood offences to be settled with cash or more blood. He should have known that to the human spectrum of emotions that would never sit right.


“This is not to excuse what Mr Compton and Ms Leclerq have done to you,” he offered hoping to appease to her. “Ask anything and I will give it to you.”


Sookie sat quiet for a moment as she looked at Eric still bound by the silver chains. Deep sympathy radiated from the blue depths of his eyes, if she wasn’t so angry she would have sobbed at the sight of it.


“I wish to have something that can never be returned,” she spoke evenly with her decision made. Her gaze moved from Eric to Godric who strangely held a similar expression. It was unnerving to Sookie to be receiving the same sympathy from the vampire she held in such bad light. “He took something from me that was mine to give only once. I want the same.”


“Ask it and I will grant it.”


“I want you to release Eric to me,” Sookie said staring him down intently as she watched the sympathy in his eyes flicker to fear.


A chorus of gasps travelled through the room at the nature of her request. The shock greatest lay on Eric’s face but Sookie missed it with her continued standoff with his maker.


“No!” Bill screamed at the realisation that Eric was being saved in his stead. “Sookie he’s just using you.”


“Mr Compton you will refrain from commenting,” Godric warned at the young vampire breaking the intense stare Sookie held on him. Bill dropped his head in submission regretfully as the king returned his attentions to the telepath.


“You wish to be his master?” Godric asked with brows furrowed.


“No,” Sookie replied with a grace she did not know she possessed. “I wish him to be free. To be free of your command.”


He stared her down hard, that’s when he saw the care and yearning that plagued his child, resided in her just the same.


“You will care for him?” Godric asked softly.


She gave a small shrug, “You know how he is.”


He returned her with a small knowing smile. “I do.”


With a flick of Godric’s wrist Bill was escorted out of the room while Eric was released from his bindings. Sookie walked over to him and moved her hands over him looking for any damage they may have incurred.


“This is right,” Cecily spoke as she appeared beside Godric’s throne. “Remember how I was born.”


Godric refrained from answering, though he wished to deny her statement, feeling it was so wrong in every bone of his body. The voice of the prophecy had told him to sacrifice his son, now he realised it would not be beside him. This was the true sacrifice, letting him go.


It meant Godric would be facing the end alone and that scared him because as soon as Eric was released, he would be as empty as he was when he first found him. It was a state he had never wished to revert back to.


Sookie turned around to see the dainty red headed vampire speaking beside Godric. She didn’t question where she came from. Vampires seemed to appear out of nowhere and startling her all the time. She was merely surprised that she wasn’t in the standard issue white garbs.


“Please stand before me,” he instructed Eric, who proceeded to kneel before him instead. It was a last gesture of submission to the one that had granted him this existence. The sight of it reminded Sookie of a warrior receiving a knighthood. Perhaps the elevation of status was not so farfetched in comparison. “There are centuries of faith and love between us,” Godric spoke in a language Sookie didn’t understand as he intended this to be a moment shared only between his child and himself.


“Father. Brother. Son. Let me go,” Godric spoke with reverence. “I release you of my command.”


The two vampires who had known each other so long stared at each other intently as their bond fizzled to nothing but a faint and small tie that would only dissolve further with time. Alerting one of each other’s presence and nothing more. Godric felt great sorrow at the loss of it. The emptiness that had plagued him with the loss of Cecily resided within him once more and now another had added to it.


Eric experienced the pain equally. In a short period of time the bonds to his progeny and maker had dissipated. Never had he felt so empty in his existence as a vampire, he was somewhat shocked at the experience of it. Freedom was granted to him but it made him feel more vulnerable than ever before. He looked towards the telepath standing beside him and realised what she had granted him; privilege of self.


Eric stood from his kneeling position now his maker’s equal for the first time in his existence. He nodded at his maker with a small bow then mouthed the words thank you at Sookie. He did not enjoy the circumstances but she had granted him life. She beamed brightly at the sight, relief flooding over her that the worst of the threats were over. Pam was out of harm’s way. Eric was safe and therefore so was she.


“Everyone is wearing your clothes,” Cecily observed playing with the tassels on the corner of the throne. “Doesn’t change anything.”


Godric didn’t answer in such close proximity to Jason. He had already slipped in front of him once. He could not afford to be deemed as insane in front of a crowd of witnesses.


“She’s the only one who carries any light in here,” she said pointing at Sookie, before a mischievous grin overtook her fine features. “Well my brother holds a torch for her in equal measure.”


“You didn’t tell me you had a vampire sister,” Sookie whispered to Eric as he moved besides her enveloping her small hand completely in his.


“I’ve never met her,” Eric shrugged maintaining the same noise level. “When should I have told you?”


“She’s right there,” Sookie hissed.  “It’s really rude to talk about someone like they’re not there.”


Cecily waved at Sookie and she returned it. Eric looked at her curiously waving to Godric who seemed equally confused.


“I had two sister’s one human one vampire,” Eric whispered back. “I assure you they are both finally dead.”


Within a blink of an eye Godric stood in front of them startling Sookie into Eric’s side.


“You see her too?” Godric asked with wonder.


“Of course,” Sookie said assuredly wondering why everyone was questioning her on this. “She’s right there. Can you tell her to please stop sniffing my brother?”


“What is happening?” Eric asked not seeing anyone near Jason. Godric proceeded to order the room to clear out immediately. As Jason stood to leave Cecily followed him around hungrily until Godric bid him to stay alongside Sookie and Eric.


“Cecily,” she introduced as soon as the room stood empty.


“Sookie,” she nodded back politely like she had seen vampires do. She was too preoccupied with the new vampire who seemed to be emitting an ethereal light to notice Eric and Jason’s worried expressions. Godric gave Eric a look that told him to refrain from commenting and even though there was nothing forcing him to do so he heeded to his maker’s silent command.


“I like him,” she purred as her fingers lingered over Jason’s forearms who chuckled a little at the ticklish feel of it. Sookie rolled her eyes at Jason, as he seemed all but ready to be seduced by any woman who graced him with her presence.


“I like him too,” Sookie replied, “alive.”


She giggled at the telepath. “Me too,” she purred contentedly as she ran the tip of her nose along Jason’s clavicle.


“Jason if you want her to stop, tell her,” Sookie said to her brother who thought she had officially fallen into crazy territory.


“Who are you talking about?” Jason asked.


“Me,” Cecily quipped contentedly basking herself in Jason’s scent.


“How come you and Eric never met before?” Sookie asked, as Jason seemed to be happy to bask in Cecily’s attentions for now.


“I’m dead,” she said raising her head up from her ministrations to briefly meet Sookie’s eyes through a curtain of her red hair. Jason confusedly repeated to Sookie that Eric and he had met a few nights ago but she didn’t seem to be hearing him anymore.


“You all are,” Sookie returned pointedly. “It’s not really a valid excuse.”


“More dead,” she said with a knowing smile.


“Sookie,” Godric said softly. “You are the first being to see Cecily besides myself in over 1700 years.”


“You’re dead dead?” Sookie stumbled out in shock. Cecily just grinned wide in acknowledgement.


“I’m not dead Sookie!” Jason screamed.


“You can’t see her,” she said with eyes wide as saucers as the realisation hit her as Godric’s earlier words finally registered that she was seeing a ghost.


“Explain,” Eric gritted out his patience running thin with the bizarre conversation happening around him.


“Cecily has been haunting me ever since her death,” Godric sighed. “She did not start speaking until recently.”


Sookie scrutinised the apparition in front of her. “Are you the one who has been speaking toGodric of prophecies?” she demanded.


She shook her head with a waterfall of giggles escaping from her and red locks of hair flitting about. “No,” she exhaled. “That’s all him,” Cecily continued with discriminating eyes directed at her father. “He’s far from done yet. This is just the beginning.”


“Will someone tell me what the fuck is going on?” Jason said incensed. “I’m not dead am I?” he said with a little uncertainty patting away at his chest as if to check he was still there.


“Jason don’t freak out please,” Sookie said in preparation.


“Oh my God! I’m dead,” Jason screeched out despite his sister’s warning. “Is that why everyone is wearing those weird pyjamas? This is heaven?”


“Jason,” Sookie tried to reach out to him in his personal imposed mindfuck but panic was overtaking his eyes.


“I should have known,” he mumbled to himself. “His name is Godric that’s like God in some language or shit. I told them Jesus was a vampire. They didn’t believe me.”


“Jason,” Sookie said sternly as she physically shook him out of his stupor. “You’re not dead. There’s a vampire ghost that only Godric and I can see. She was Godric’s other child.”


Relief flooded over Jason when he asked, “Is she pretty?”







19 thoughts on “Chapter 7 – Guilt

    1. Glad you enjoyed the loveable idiot. Pam and he are the best comical sidekicks, although I don’t think I’ll ever be able to write something from his POV it would just end up a blank page…


    1. Yes I kind of threw everyone into the darkened deep end with the beginnings of this story making everyone cautious but I hope that pressure is alleviated somewhat with this chapter. I like to go back and forth with tone throughout the story, much like the show. Magen? I assume this was meant to be imagine or I’m lacking in FB terms? Yes, you’ll see next week that Pam and Russell make quite the compatible comical duo…


  1. WOW! That was excellent, everything all wrapped up in one! I don’t think it’s possible to have Jason & Pam in a chapter and NOT laugh! You did so well with this chapter… Russell is always great comic relief too; “I’ll call it Lola…” LMAO!! Revealing Bill & QSA’s plans for Sookie in Godric’s vampire court is quite original and a refreshing change. A vampire ghost, huh? I hope she stays around Jason for a whiIe. Imagine the possibilities. Interesting that both vampires were shackled…the growling of the spectators as Bill’s crimes were revealed was just so awesome! HA! Even his peers won’t play with him! Two thumbs up! I’d give you more if I had them!


    1. Aw.. thanks msbuffy. Yes I’m stacking up the comical characters and interestingly enough Russell and Pam make a great duo when he’s not trying to kill her and her maker. Russell killing Eric’s human family won’t be part of this fic and Russell’s role will become clear soon enough.

      Poor Alcide/Lola, I feel so horrible that I’ve not only killed him in another story but in this story he’s a whining were who’s the brunt of all hijinks. Now that he’s truly dead on the show I kind of have a bit of remorse over my poor treatment of him, especially since he’s the only one who made a lick of sense in this season so far.

      Cecily will be running after Jason for a bit and it’ll be well… interesting.

      A lot of reviewers seem to think this was the end I was building towards but I have to say it’s barely the beginning. The inception of this story was twofold a Godric who didn’t reach for suicide but rather redemption and finding it with the FOTS. The other part was a reverse damsel in distress story, as much as that can be entertaining in other people’s work, I wanted Sookie to be the hero for a change and Eric the one caught in a situation he could no longer control and now it’s becoming clear Godric needs a bit of saving.

      I did briefly think of you when posting this chapter wondering if I needed to put a no food and beverages warning on this one but I see your keyboard is still working so I think I’m safe 😉


      1. LMAO! “No food & beverage warning” The keyboard was safe today! I finished my coffee before reading!


  2. Another great story! Wow, I can’t believe you just started posting a little over a month ago! I think this story is equal parts interesting, intelligent, funny, sexy and heartfelt. I love it and cannot wait for more!


    1. This story is really my take on a show that I came to love. It’s not a classic E/S centric story, I pick and choose what suits and put my own spin on it in a different context and I really wanted to explore Godric in a different light. I always felt it was glanced over a bit that Godric was at the FOTS willingly and well it sparked this.


  3. You certainly packed a lot into this chapter! Where should I begin – I loved the snark between Pam and Logan; the dialogue was hilarious. I love that Eric was so angry about Bill that he broke his chains. And you got Sookie to ask for Eric’s freedom! Plus now she can see Cecily’s ghost, so maybe she can help Godric find his way again. And Jason banged out Sarah Newlin. Maybe Sookie can read their minds for Godric.


  4. Perfect chapter! Loved Eric getting released from Godric’s insanity (his level of self-hatred is quite something) thanks to Sookie… Comic relief courtesy of Jason was brilliant… Cecily is a minx!!! Only thing that would have made it better would have been doucheBill’s final death but hey, hopefully soon?

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