Chapter 8 – Kings and Queen






“Oh my God! I’m dead,” Jason screeched out despite his sister’s warning. “Is that why everyone is wearing those weird pyjamas? This is heaven?”


“Jason,” Sookie tried to reach out to him in his personal imposed mindfuck but panic was overtaking his eyes.


“I should have known,” he mumbled to himself. “His name is Godric that’s like God in some language or shit. I told them Jesus was a vampire. They didn’t believe me.”


“Jason,” Sookie said sternly as she physically shook him out of his stupor. “You’re not dead. There’s a vampire ghost that only Godric and I can see. She was Godric’s other child.”


Relief flooded over Jason when he asked, “Is she pretty?”





“You and Maryann?” Lafayette questioned with his forehead wiggling up and down. “That’s seriously fucked up Sam and you know I’ve seen some fucked up shit.”


“Yeah well try living it when you’re seventeen and no one gives a damn about you,” Sam sighed unable to mask the hurt that loneliness had inflicted on him as well as dictated the choices of his life. Lafayette gave him a small pat but let the man be with his own pain.


“Flesh eating, tribute and mother fuckin’ bacchanals. That’s all we know about the bull headed claw lady with the bad juju,” Lafayette replied flipping through the pile of ancient tomes that had yet to yield a definitive answer to their problems. “Fucking maenad.”


“Mr Merlotte are the vampires coming back?” a tiny voice by the door asked.


“What makes you ask that Madison,” Sam asked pulling the young girl on his lap.


“The pretty lady told us secrets,” she whispered into his ear.


“You mean Sarah, cher,” Sam corrected as he brushed away the loose strands from her sweaty forehead.


Madison gave a small mischievous smile to Lafayette before whispering, “She looks like Barbie.”


Lafayette gave her a big grin in return. “Sure does sugah. Now why is you not asleep in one of them big ol’ beds.”


“I had a nightmare,” she said as her eyes focused on her fumbling hands at the hem of her nightshirt.


“How about uncle Lala make you some nice warm milk,” Lafayette offered the doe eyed girl. “You can tell us all about it.”


“Mamma always gives me a cookie,” she returned shyly. Lafayette stood up from his chair to walk over to the open plan kitchen.


“Uncle Lala will see if vampires stock cookies in their home,” he said as he rubbed the top of her head. When he had spoken the word vampires Madison shook in fear with a quivering lip. Sam and Lafayette gave each other a poignant look at the sight of it.


When the children had all first sighted Eric in the kitchen of Merlotte’s they had all been giddy with excitement. Madison in particular had become very fond of Godric in the short time he was in the home as he had indulged the children in a game of hide and go seek. Madison had clutched firmly onto the linen of the ancient vampire’s pants when the excitement of the chase had become too much for her to handle. They had been inseparable till Godric finally put her to bed.


“Don’t worry Madison, you’re safe with us,” Sam cooed at the frightened girl. She nodded bravely as she relaxed her shaken form in Sam’s lap.


Lafayette set to warm the girl a cup of milk in the microwave while he foraged around in the dark depths of the cupboards in search of cookies.


“Ha,” Lafayette mumbled softly to himself in triumph so Madison wouldn’t hear him. “Even vampires can’t say no to girl scouts.”


Madison nursed her warm milk blowing at it with a concentrated set in her furrowed brows willing it to cool by the force of her impatience. “Can I have my cookie first uncle Lala?”


“Do whatever feels right to you baby girl,” Lafayette answered as he moved the plate full of cookies in her direction.


“Vampires aren’t right,” Madison whispered as if she were reciting the pledge of allegiance while grabbing a cookie from the plate.


“Who told you that Madison?” Sam asked masking the aversion of the young girl’s hateful words. As a shifter he wasn’t the biggest fan of vampires. His feelings of distaste however were more directed at Bill Compton specifically rather than the species as a whole. Godric and the Northman had seemed helpful at least.


“Miss Sarah,” the little girl said as she munched away at her cookie carefully holding it over her napkin. “There’s going to be a great fire and then all the vampires and furry men will go away to hell. Oh and the omo,” she paused trying to pronounce the big word. “omo.. omosectimals?” Madison tried again before Lafayette rubbed her shoulder and looked pointedly at Sam as he supplied, “Homosexuals.”


“Yes, omosectuals,” she nodded up at Lafayette with a beaming smile, “Your eyes are all glittery. Will you make mine glittery?”


“Maybe tomorrow boo,” Lafayette smiled at her keeping up the cheerful façade to the indoctrinated little girl.


“Well hello Madison,” a cheery voice spoke as he entered the large open plan area in plaid pyjamas. “We were wondering where your little feet had taken you. You had me and Sarah all worried.”


“Sorry,” she whispered as a few crumbs fell from her mouth. Not willing to lose anything she desperately tried to pick up the tiny pieces with the limited dexterity of her small fingers.


Steve crouched down to be at eye level with the little girl. “Boop,” he said as his index finger pressed between her brows. She giggled at the feel of it. “You’re not bothering Mr Reynolds and Mr Merlotte are you? They have to read all these books to defeat a creature of Satan. You know who Satan is don’t you Madison.”


“Yes,” she nodded, her voice was as serious as it could be for a three year old. “He’s the bad man.”


“Very good Madison,” Steve encouraged. “Have another cookie.”


“Thank you, sir,” she said demurely.


“Well aren’t you precious,” Steve gushed at her. “You’re going to make some young man very happy one day.”


“Not a vampire,” Madison said still shivering from her nightmare.


“No. No more vampires for you little Madison,” Steve said with a placating smile. “Shall I take you back to bed?”


“I still have to drink my milk,” she protested with a little pout.


“Don’t worry I’ll bring her up when she’s finished up,” Sam offered in a good nature that didn’t reveal the utter revulsion he held for the man in such close proximity.


“As long as she’s not interfering with you gentlemen,” Steve replied standing on his legs erect again.


She’s not interfering at all,” Lafayette hissed as he deflected Steve Newlin’s hungry look roaming over his body. “Good night Steve.”


“You have a good evening gentlemen,” Steve greeted. He retreated back to his bedroom with a longing look over his shoulder directed at Lafayette.





Alcide had managed to redress himself and stood nervously with his back pressed against the cave’s rough honed wall. His earlier foul mood, which had surfaced with his rude awakening in the helicopter, had lifted instantly when Pam had wrestled the naked were from the clutches of the ancient vampire. He was merely cautious and reserved now standing idly by taking in the unusual surroundings.


Russell had quite the luxurious set up for a cave. Opulent soft furnishings in brocade velvet and candle lit chandeliers dominated the space. Pam noted he was tidy too, there wasn’t a speck of dust or dirt to be found despite living with wolves.


Pam and Logan had taken a seat on the sofa per Russell’s invitation after apologising he had nothing to feed them. It puzzled Pam where the ancient vampire, whose origins were clearly European, had picked up the manners and accent of a Southern Belle.


“You’re only the second person to find me since I relocated,” Russell informed her proudly. ”Tell me, how did you find me?”


“If you tell me how the first person found you,” Pam grinned at him.


“Quid pro quo?” Russell mused with a hearty laugh. “The Northman never did skimp on his teachings.”


“Well we could both don pink nighties, braid each other’s hair and call it twenty questions if that makes you more comfortable,” Pam deadpanned.


Russell looked beyond Pam leering at an uncomfortable Alcide before purring, “Well if the wolves all get one who am I to decline.”


“Sorry,” Pam replied although her face didn’t show an ounce of remorse she was supposed to portray. “Only brought two.”


“Shame,” he sighed with the dark pools of his eyes still resting on Alcide’s barely clad form. He turned his gaze back on an unfazed Pam studying her carefully. “You know, your happy face is the same as your mad face.”


“Thank you,” she said with great satisfaction. “So who beat me here?”


“Oh some lost little nugget,” Russell drawled out in his thickened accent. “I think it’s still back there somewhere,” he continued motioning to the darker depths of the cavern. “Now tell me how you found little old me.”


“As I recall there’s nothing little about you,” Pam intoned as her eyes gazed down to his crotch. She had never been at the end of it but Russell had hardly been shy about displaying it for all to see. Compliments were never lost on him either even if it made her gag internally to speak so appreciatively of the offending male parts.


“Indeed,” he smirked catching the eye of the nervous wolf again. “Handy that vault of yours isn’t it?”


“I have no use for the penises,” she shrugged indifferently which induced a string of cackles from Russell. Instantly without recognisable cause his mood flipped and he was in front of Pam fangs down hissing. Her expression didn’t flinch she only acknowledged his close proximity by blinking unnecessarily once.


“How. Did. You. Find. Me?” he seethed, the rage in his eyes unwavering.


“I had a little nugget to help me too,” Pam returned calmly batting her eyelashes at him in portrayed innocence.


“What kind of nugget?” Russell demanded more incessantly.


“She did eat an awful lot of those chicken nuggets,” Pam absently pondered.


“Tell me.”


“Promise you’ll help?” she said with an enticing grin.


“I will promise to listen,” he acquiesced as he took to his seat again. “Now tell me how you found me.”


“I had use of a telepath.”


“A true telepath?” he asked with glee, to which Pam gave an affirmative nod. “She can read our minds?”


“No she is only able to detect where our minds should be. She calls our brain signature voids.”


“Cold, dead and without contents,” he summarised. “She’s not far off. Quite handy this nugget.”


“Yes,” Pam agreed. “Even with the chicken smell.”


Russell smiled at her. Humour really was the only thing that sustained a vampire through the ages. The surly ones barely made it to five hundred. She was determined too; from this Russell knew she would make it to quite a respectable age. “I promised to listen, so listen I shall.”


“Wolfies leave the vampires to talk amongst themselves,” she commanded of the weres, who were only too happy to remove themselves from the snake pit. Russell gave a lingering look at Alcide’s hind till it disappeared from his appreciative view. Neither vampire spoke until the heightened hearing of the wolves were decidedly out of earshot. “I am here to ask you to reassert your crown,” she stated bluntly.


“You know full well that I laid down my reign permanently,” he dismissed with a gesture of his hands. “This is not Club Med.”


“Club Med?” Pam said aghast. “You truly have been living in a cave for over a decade.”


He didn’t chuckle at that. “You prepared that one,” he noted with disappointment. ”I expect better from you my china doll. Repartee is a dying art form.”


She nodded in deference. “How do you keep track of dying art forms with wolves for company?”


“They are quite spirited with their opinions,” Russell said in full seriousness. “And I do get a newspaper every day.”


“Well it makes sense that you are the last subscriber to a newspaper,” Pam smirked.


“Yes, that’s all those newspapers seem to be writing about; their own demise,” he contemplated with a hint of confusion. “Humans such strange creatures. How fares the great reveal?”


“It has its issues,” Pam said dismissively. “Let us get back to your crown.”


“Ah yes,” he grinned indulgently. “Almost thought you forgot poppet.”


“Vault,” she spoke out succinctly while simply tapping at the temple of her forehead in demonstration.


“Continue,” he said amused.


“You and I know that the crown may not sit atop your head but that it’s still yours. The Queen is nothing but a fancy placeholder.”


“I am retired,” he stated simply.


“Vampire royalty does not retire,” Pam said with steel in her voice as she recited the lessons of her maker. “They rule or they die. Nothing in between.”


“Now why is the Viking sending his precious progeny to me?” he pondered aloud, his fingers tapping away at his protruding chin. “What is happening in Louisiana?”


Pam refrained from commenting letting silence settled into the cavern.


“Of course,” Russell exclaimed with satisfaction. “The Viking is not too pleased with papa on the throne. Did he want the shiny crown all for himself?” The innocent pout on the King of Mississippi’s face did nothing to retain the ire that insulting Pam’s maker cause


“Eric couldn’t give a fuck about a crown on his head,” she hissed. “He doesn’t have a death wish.”


“So why did he send you here?” Russell asked with a glint illuminating his dark eyes. “You seem to have one coming in here all by your lonesome.”


“Because his fucking maker has a death wish and he’s taking all surrounding vampires down with him till there are probably none of us left!”


“He needs someone to take on papa then,” Russell summarised. “Who is it this time? Moses, Lillith, Allah or all of the above?”


“Fucking worse,” Pam exhaled in annoyance. “J.C. and the sunshine band.”





“Let’s get the fuck out of here,” he spoke against her lips. His right hand was cupping her breast as his other ground her behind towards his crotch. The soft cushions of his lips were slippery with their shared saliva as his assault on her would otherwise be described as rough as the soft bristle of his scruff moved over her smooth skin. Sookie moaned in delight before she took in the full meaning of his words.


She looked up to him in the endorphin induced haze uttering a confused, “What?”


“I hated this place before, I detest it now,” Eric said as he continued to kiss down the graceful arch of her neck.


“Where?” she asked breathlessly.


“Anywhere but here,” Eric answered as he took to her swollen lips again. “Europe, Asia, have your pick.”


“No,” Sookie said sternly as she caught her breath.


“I have money,” he said between a kiss to her chest, “We can go anywhere you like.” His agile fingers snaked down the front of her underwear dipping the pads of his fingers between her ever dampening folds. Before his thumb managed to reach her clit she yanked his hand out of her.


“Except home?” she demanded placing physical distance between them instantly cooling the heat that was flaming between them.


“Yes,” he replied honestly. “I cannot stay here. I may not be at his command as his child but he’s still my king if I remain.”


“So fuck everyone else?” she asked with dismay.


“Yes, the two of us it’s enough,” Eric said as he moved into closer proximity to reassert what they had started. She halted his progress by placing her hands to his chest but only because he allowed it.


“So you’re back to being a selfish asshole,” Sookie sighed.


He growled at her insinuation, “I am doing what is essential for our survival. That means getting the fuck out of here.”


“If you wanna go, then fucking go Eric,” she hissed out. “At least you cared about what happened to others at the start of this.”


“I care about you more,” Eric said softly as he kissed her again. She refused entrance for his encroaching tongue as she moved her face to the side. When he pulled himself away from her the rejection and hurt was written all over his face. Sookie never thought she had seen him look this pained before, not even when he knew of his impending final death.


“Not enough Eric.” Her tone left no argument to the stated fact. “There’s a maenad tearing through every single heirloom and room in my home. Meanwhile the entire town is desecrating my yard in some giant orgy. There is an entire population of children holed up in one of your homes without their parents. I fight for those I love. I thought you did too.”


“Maenad’s move on after they had their fun,” Eric shrugged. “She gets her tribute and leaves eventually.”


“That house has been in my family for generations. They may be just things to you Eric but they mean everything to me,” she said incensed at his lack of sympathy for anyone else.


“Things can be replaced. You can’t.”


“Can you just stop being an immaterial ass for like one second,” she seethed. “Don’t you care about what happens with Godric? I see the way you look at him. Regardless of what he is now, you care for him. You love him.”


“That is not the maker that I knew,” Eric said stoically. “He taught me there is no wrong or right, only survival or death. Now he thinks he told me a lie.”


“He’s not going to stop at Louisiana, Eric. The first bonfire is just the beginning.”


“How do you know this?” he asked sitting down trying to clamp down his emotions. Being around his maker and having to hide his inner turmoil had made it a near permanent exercise. Only during that day with Sookie had he been able to let go and he so desperately wanted to experience that with her again.


“Cecily,” Sookie said sitting down opposite him with her legs tucked under her. “She alluded Godric’s plans were bigger. Cecily is not the one telling him to do this, I think she’s discouraging him.”


“What else did she say?”


“She doesn’t say much. ‘Frugal with words’ my Gran would say,” Sookie reminisced with a small smile for her recently departed grandmother. Her softened features made them both let go of their heightened stance towards each other.  “She encouraged your release something about how she was born.”


“Godric was forced to make her by his own maker against his will. He promised he would never force my will because of it,” Eric said thinking back to the single time his maker had shared the titbit of information of his deceased sister. It only further supported his stand that the maker that had raised him had disappeared with the breaking of that vow. “Cecily didn’t want my end to be like her birth.”


“Is everyone really so enamoured with his teachings here?” Sookie asked. “It feels like a cult with the identical robes.”


“Being made vampire is not an easy exercise on the mind,” Eric explained having watched so many of the most formidable of his kind crumple under the pressure of unending time. “Someone offering redemption is always an attractive ploy. He’s not the first and he won’t be the last,” he spoke thoughtfully before continuing suggestively, “You’re not a fan of my clothes then.”


“Don’t you dare try to distract me with taking them off,” she warned as he started to lift the offending material to reveal the body that had made her reassert her commitment to fidelity in the past. “Cecily didn’t seem to like the required uniform much either.”


“I like her already,” Eric smirked lowering the hemline down again.


“You’re very much alike,” Sookie sighed admonishingly with a small shake of her head. At his questioning brow she continued, “She was horning all over my brother.”


“Not even I have experienced sex with a ghost in my thousand years,” he said thoughtfully. “Interesting.”


“Not happening buster!” Sookie said outraged. “Besides she’s your sister.”


“I see you still consider me yours then,” he returned with a satisfied grin.


“I’ll have to reconsider it if you insist on being a deserter,” she replied in a clipped tone.


He kneeled down in front of her taking her chin in his hand. “We will stay with Godric to resolve the issue with the maenad. Beyond that survival takes precedence over death.”


“Ok,” she sighed in small relief with the small victory. Their lips moved towards each other in an uncoordinated move. The feel of her hair whispered against his skin as their lips brushed against each other tenderly. Both seeking and granting permission at the same time.


The feel of the other prospered, their senses permeating them from one onto another. It was like a dam bursting as she laid down her shields with him while he relented control over the maelstrom of occupied thoughts that was his mental state since the demise of the former queen.


It was enough. The two of them and this kiss. They found the refuge they sought in each other.


“I can tell you what they’re saying,” Cecily offered.


“I don’t think I want to know,” Godric said looking at the monitor displaying the slight static over the black and white imagery.


“Love,” Cecily said nonchalantly while flicking away a piece of dust from her forearm.


“They seemed too upset to be speaking of love,” Godric observed thoughtfully.


“Have you not learnt anything for your two thousand years?” she admonished. “Love is not voluntary.”


He blinked at her. That was probably the most elaborate sentence he had ever heard her utter. It had never been a subject they ever discussed during their lifetime together.


The noise emitting from the telephone disturbed them. “Your Majesty, the Queen of Mississippi is on the line,” the nasal voice of his secretary informed.


“Put her through,” he replied automatically switching of the monitors.


“Godric, so good to hear of you,” she purred down the line. “I have yet to congratulate you on your newly acquired position.”


“It is good to hear from you too, your Majesty,” he offered politely.


“We are peers now Godric. We should be able to converse informally amongst ourselves.”


“Of course. My apologies,” Godric said as he swallowed his annoyance. He had always detested this vampire but he would need allies in the future, even reluctant ones. “To what do I owe the pleasure?”


“I seek an audience with you.”


“Are we not speaking already?” he asked unsure what the correct protocol was amongst royals. He had observed them from afar but never mingled among them. The royal vampire courts had always been riddled with deathly politics thus a penchant for survival dictated there was nothing to be sought there.


“We are,” she sighed. “Telephones are wonderful inventions but it lacks the essence of a true conversation. Wouldn’t you agree?”


“Perhaps,” Godric said not willing to encourage the conversation beyond necessary. “You wish to make a state visit.”


“Yes, we are neighbours after all. We should discuss things.”


“These things would be?” he asked uninterested. She was most likely coming to court him, her position was a weak one at best. He’d turn her down but host her out of politeness.


“You’ll find out when I get there,” she spoke suggestively. “I will see you tomorrow night.”


“You are coming so soon,” Godric said annoyed, the maenad situation still wearing heavily on his mind. “Perhaps a later date is more suitable?”


“I insist we meet as soon as possible,” she said with a threat in her voice.


“Very well,” Godric agreed wanting to get the business done as soon as possible now that he had committed to it. “I must inform you I will depart to the northern region of my state in the mid-evening.”


“I won’t take much of your time,” she responded and hung up the phone without a goodbye.




Jason woke to a tingling sensation as the sun warmed his bare skin. Goose bumps trailed down paths of his body as he felt the cold gusts of winds travelling up and down his bare skin. The feeling was foreign to him, being warmed hot and chilled cool all at the same time.


He moaned lazily. “I wish I could see you,” he whispered as he had finally come to discover the source of the strange sensations he had been feeling since meeting Godric. Jason was most thankful it wasn’t a response to the quiet ancient vampire but rather a female invisible one.


The skin around his ear tantalised in response and his morning greeting only further strained the fabric of his white briefs to full attention. His lips responded to hers, they felt full brushing up against his mind. He moved his hand towards his underwear but his hand was swept aside.


“Whoa,” he exclaimed marvelling at his unchanged hand in front of him as if it had just turned into a foreign object. He relented his participation of the act allowing the unknown sensations to wash over his body. Little pinpricks travelled down his chest making him groan in appreciation.


Tracks of tiny tremors travelled up and down his thighs the sensation of it all overwhelming. He bent his arm over his face shielding his eyes at the tease of it all, not sure if he could stand any more if he had to engage his vision into the experience. However, his eyes instantly popped open when the feel of cotton departed from his body leaving him bare and exposed.


“Fuuuuuck,” he uttered out wide eyed as he saw the white briefs move down his legs. His cock was weeping in pain as he desperately waited for some form of release with the taunt of her tease. It felt like tiny fibres were brushing away over his skin from his chest down to his ankles. He bellowed out in pleasure and pain as his erection was firmly grasped by the invisible force.


It moved tightly up and down the sensation turning from cool to hot. The cool morning air only added to the tension of it all as fever replaced chill intermittently. The pre-cum that trickled down lubricated up and down his length. He whimpered in agony as the phenomenon continued and increased in speed.


He felt his balls tighten while simultaneously his perineum was massaged by a wisp of energy. He could barely contain himself any longer despite never wanting the assault on his body to stop. Jason wheezed out a gust of breath as he felt a tiny invasion in his rear. Startled at the feeling he shot up hinging on his torso before he was firmly pushed down again. The vibrations forming in his lower abdomen coiling into an ever tighter constriction.


A final tug at his balls and he was seeing stars. He erupted like an unending geyser, howling out as an unprecedented climax overtook him. A sharp pain on his inner thigh quickly turned to an utter indulgence of a prolonged high. He looked down at it expecting to see two trickling spots of blood but instead he saw a young red headed girl savagely sucking at his inner thigh lapping up the last bit of blood before the wounds closed.


“Cecily,” he whispered as he reached his hand to feel at her. She moved her penetrating green eyes to meet his. Jason brushed aside the curtain of her hair that was hiding her other worldly face.


“You taste delicious,” she purred as a large grin overtook him.  Her eyes shifted back to his slowly dissipating erection. “Mind if I clean up?”


“Fuck yeah,” he replied completely content. Her tongue felt sensational as it lapped up the fruits of her labour. When she licked him completely clean he pulled her up to his face draping her still fully dressed over his naked form. He kissed her softly and she returned his amorous vigour with needy desire.


“That was the best head I ever received,” he whispered as he caressed her lips with his thumb.


She smiled shyly in return. “That was just a hand job, silly goose.”


“Better than anything I ever experienced,” Jason returned contented. “How come I can see you now?”


“We are bound by blood,” she shrugged indifferently. “Kin.”


Jason had no clue what it meant, nor could he care. He nuzzled himself into her mountain of hair. He held her lithe form in his arms feeling everything as flesh and air at the same time. Fire and sky. He checked his state of mind and assured himself he wasn’t high or dreaming. Convinced it was all real.


“Why are you here?” he asked of her.


“Where else could I be?”




A/N: For those of you who haven’t seen it yet: in celebration of my fanfic birthday this past Wednesday I wrote a silly little one shot called The Doctor is in that has Dr Ludwig setting right some of the wrongs of CH’s dead ever after. Please check it out if you like.






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  1. Wow I really liked this chapter..I do hope Pam convinces Russell to come back !He’s one of my favourite characters! Wow Jason and Cecily !! Can’t wait for more…Take care
    P.S. My thoughts and my prayers to all those who have lost their dear ones on that flight…


    1. Russell’s one of my favourites too. I love a good villain although the jury’s still out on whether this Russell is one or not… The Jason bit was just too intriguing not to write, so it was weird and strange but I had fun with it.

      Thanks for the thoughts and prayers, didn’t mean to bring everyone else down but I’ve never possessed a ‘crazy’ Sookie smile to mask moments like these…


  2. Ugh Newlin is such a creepo. Reminds me of the morons of the Westboro Baptist Cult and their indoctrination of their children.

    Russell is such a trip. gotta love him.

    Can’t blame Eric for wanting to get out. Sookie is unhealthily attached to that house. hmmm now what is the Queen of Misssissippi up to? Ugh so Godric is a voyuer too?

    ooooh Jason getting him some. LOL


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