Enter Eric… 6 Months to Live EPILOGUE – PART II!

Feedback came in as one a day so as long as everyone is keeping up that’s what I’ll aim for. Yes, you did read right, Eric’s back! As a general reminder, I wrote this as a series of moments in between the events as they occur, mostly in a conversation between two characters so time moves quickly. Guess who Eric will be talking to….



Epilogue Part II – Business

For those who like everything wrapped up with pretty ribbons and bows… 6 Months to Live EPILOGUE – PART I!

So there was a lot of ask for an epilogue on this while I was hesitant. If you’re curious as to why, basically it was pretty obvious where this would end up roughly, just lacking the specifics. That’s usually the point where I lose interest because there’s little surprise to be had but I did understand the necessity and desire for those pretty ribbons and bows. So I got creative and decided to approach it differently. The result is an epilogue in four parts in a drabble like fashion. It’s all done and returned to me by the wonderful msbuffy so I’ll post one a day or every other day depending on response. Let me know preferences and stuff at the end of the chapter…





Epilogue Part I – Lucky